A Random System Everyday Chapter 2123

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Chapter 2132 Phoenix Platform An Family Crisis

I randomly create a new system First Volume every day. Chapter 2132 Phoenix Platform An Family Crisis Ma Yu took over the space ring.

"Many thanks for your escort."

An Qing said.

"It should be."

Ma Yu then looked towards Ye Tianyi and said: "Brother Tianyī, we'll meet again some day."

He also Did not say too much hypocritical words.

"we'll meet again some day."

Then Ye Tianyi took An Qing and Little Zi'er and disappeared in place.

At the next landing, Ye Tianyi stopped.

This place is also close to Bright Moon Empire, but they did not enter, and they did not dare to continue to use the space, for fear that there might be people not far away, and once released, they can perceive Space Power.

"What did you mean by what you just said?"

Ye Tianyi then looked towards An Qing.

An Qing beautiful eyes looked towards Ye Tianyi.

She didn't hide anything.

"I know you are Ye Tianyi."

Ye Tianyi was not surprised.

Because of the phrase "I can take you to a safe place" by An Qing just now, Ye Tianyi thought of this.

Little Zi'er blinked some big eyes not knowing what to do and looked at Ye Tianyi, and then silently leaned behind Ye Tianyi.

It's so cute.

I also seem to know that oneself made a mistake.

But on the contrary, instead, it is possible to have a chance to keep the secret. If he left at that time, An Qing might reveal the news instead.

Ye Tianyi is not sure.

An Qing said: "I heard those rumors and saw you and a little girl. Although not as handsome and beautiful as the rumors, appearance changing is a very simple thing. Go to Bright Moon Empire, as well as your boundary and space..."

Indeed, it is not so easy to be suspected under normal circumstances. It is too easy to bring Little Zi'er mainly.

"Then what?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

An Qing then said: "To be honest, I admire you very much, and you are a good person, as for her..."

An Qing looked towards Little Zi'er and said:" I don’t know what it will be like in the future, but I know that if I stand in your position, I will do the same, and I will protect everything."

"But you are not me, and you are not with me. Position." Ye Tianyi said.

"I am from Phoenix Platform."

An Qing said so directly without answering Ye Tianyi's question.

Phoenix Platform, Ye Tianyi has heard of it. It is a powerful force like Vast Cold Palace like thunder piercing the ear.

"Phoenix Platform has natural restrictions that can block Heavenly Secrets Pavilion deduce, I think they must have deduce your position is looking for you, you can meet Phoenix Platform with me, and I will arrange a place for you on Phoenix Platform , As long as you keep a low profile, it is absolutely safe."

I have to say, Ye Tianyi is really moved.

Ancestor at the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion estimates that he will be able to deduce again after a period of training, and he will surely too!

Oneself's own situation coupled with Phoenix Platform's restrictions, they probably can't help it, right?


"Then how can I trust you? After arriving at Phoenix Platform, you secretly inform others that we are no longer a turtle in the urn?"

Ye Tianyi said.

An Qing lowered his head and thought.

Of course she knows.

"I can swear by my life."

An Qing thought of something, then took out a dagger and directly cut out a hole in the palm of own hand, and then she seemed to be talking in her mouth. After some incantion, the blood was drawn away, and the blood formed a pattern in front of him.

"This is a contract of blood, you should have heard of it."

Of course, this Ye Tianyi knows.

Swear by the contract of blood, once the oath is violated, the consequence is death!

This thing cannot be dismantled, there is only one way, because the blood contract can only last for three years!

After the blood contract is over, An Qing's face is pale, and there is too much blood flowing out.

Her gasping is a little heavy.


Ye Tianyi then nodded.

"Since Miss Qing is so sincere, then I won't say much, let's go."

"many thanks."

"Count Yes, you should take a rest first."

Ye Tianyi then handed her a medicinal pill, and then the Creation Principle was released.

An Qing's injuries are recovering quickly.

"Creation Principle."

An Qing can naturally understand these, after all, her identity is not an ordinary Phoenix Platform person.

This person is really amazing, with so many powerful abilities, there is still room, and the Creation Principle.

He was born Heaven's Chosen Son.

"en. ”

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"Many thanks."

An Qing felt his own situation recovered quickly, and felt relieved.

"I have to go back to the Phoenix Platform quickly, otherwise I will die."

An Qing said to Ye Tianyi.

"I know, Phoenix Platform should have a way to suppress the power of the riot in your body."

An Qing nodded.

This power is very powerful, but because it is too powerful, it is dangerous.

"How far is it from Phoenix Platform?" Ye Tianyi asked.

"Hundreds of thousands of kilometers."

"It's still very far, so I have to ensure that I travel tens of thousands of kilometers a day. I am afraid it will be difficult with my cultivation base."


"I will show you the way. There is a place that is tens of thousands of kilometers away. There is a Transmission Array heading to the Phoenix Platform. The place is my residence. It was previously placed for emergencies. Only me and The family knows."

An Qing said.

"It's not your family that killed you?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

I have seen too many such Ye Tianyi.

"It can only be relatives, not family members."

An Qing said.



Two days later, they came to the wasteland.

An Qing opened Transmission Array.

After stepping into the Transmission Array, they disappeared in place.


Appear again, that is on a peak, that is a beautiful garden, there is also a big hot spring, surrounded by clouds and mist, next to it is a Small lake.

The garden is full of beautiful flowers, and butterflies of various colors fly around. Little Zi'er was very happy when he saw it.

There is no who.

"This peak is called Clear Sky Peak. My sister and I live on this peak. Occasionally my parents will come. Usually only some maids are taking care of it. Others can’t come up without notice. Come with me."

An Qing brought Ye Tianyi and Little Zi'er to a small courtyard.

It's not too small. I can live with more than a dozen people.

"No one lives here, you can live here, I have to go out first, and I will arrange something for you later."

Ye Tianyi nodded: "Okay. "

An Qing released the blood contract, Ye Tianyi is still very relieved.

"Huh—I can finally rest and rest."

Ye Tianyi entered the room and lay directly on the bed.

Little Zi'er is also lying beside Ye Tianyi.

"So tired."

Yes, they are too tired these days.

"Take a good rest, go to sleep."

Ye Tianyi also wants to sleep well, too tired these days.

unfathomable mystery feels very safe here.


On the other side, An Qing went to another peak.

She is very anxious.

"Second Young Lady, you are back."

Several maids saw An Qing and said quickly.

"Where is mother? Where is father?"

An Qing asked quickly.

"Sect Lord is in the great hall, and Mrs. should be in the back garden."

"It's okay, by the way, don't tell me about my return."


An Qing then walked quickly over.

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