A Random System Everyday Chapter 2125

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Chapter 2134 Phoenix Ruins is turned on again

An Qing is really served.

This person also has the power of Phoenix.

What can he have?

No matter how lucky a person is, is it such an exaggeration?

"Can it be?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

This is a good opportunity for Ye Tianyi.

Phoenix Ruins, not quite clear to what extent, but definitely not bad!

At that time, I met Feng Yao for the first time. She came out of a place similar to Phoenix Ruins, and then burned herself to the ground, pa pa pa directly with Ye Tianyi.

And this Heavenly Phoenix Holy Fire was also learned from Feng Yao dual cultivation that time. Han Ya'er was still very happy after knowing that they had sex. After all, they were dead opponents, and their opponents were shot by others. , Of course she was very happy.

Although I am a friend now, it is still the opponent who refuses to accept anyone.

This Heavenly Phoenix Holy Fire very difficult to deal with, can absorb all the flames in the world into it. What kind of effect you absorb, Heavenly Phoenix Holy Fire can have this effect, ten kinds, A hundred kinds will do!

This is also one of the reasons why Ye Tianyi fire attribute is so strong, but not strong enough, because Ye Tianyi hasn’t deliberately improved the power of Heavenly Phoenix Holy Fire for a long time. He wants to make it stronger. In this case, the battle strength is stronger.

I don't know what to get here, but Ye Tianyi doesn't want to let it go as long as it is an opportunity.


An Qing nodded, said: "When the time comes, there are a lot of people who go in. When the time comes, go in with me, and no one else will What are you talking about."

"Did you go in to find your sister?"

"Yes, for no other reason, I also went in Phoenix Ruins, temporarily with my ability. There are no more areas, so I won’t go in for other reasons."

"Then...you stay here and take a look at Little Zi'er for me? I’m afraid she’s in danger, You are my trustworthy. I will look for your sister."

Ye Tianyi said.

An Qing beautiful eyes looked towards Ye Bei.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, anyway, even if you go when the time comes, will you and me walk together? Or everyone walks together, it's the same."


An Qing nodded.

It just so happened that her mother didn't want her to go, but she insisted on going to find her Elder Sister in person.

"Many thanks."

"It's okay, you just need to follow the people who went in with you after you go. I don't know what will happen in the follow-up. I would like to ask you more Attention."


Ye Tianyi nodded.

Then Ye Tianyi looked towards Little Zi'er and said: "Little Zi'er, you stay here and play with Elder Sister. If you want to eat, tell her, I have to go. "

Little Zi'er cleverly nodded his head.

"Big Elder Brother, Little Zi'er will be good."

"Really good."

Ye Tianyi smiled and rubbed her Little head.


"I said Second Brother, Phoenix Ruins is opened once a year, and only a few days ago this year, how can it be opened a second time? It violates Phoenix Platform His ancestors have been trained."

Pin Yanshan fanned a fan and said to a middle-aged man.

"In special circumstances, this matter has also been discussed by the Elder Council. The probable reason is that we have detected the power riots in Phoenix Ruins, and we need to enter another group together with the previous group of people to check it out. Fan reason."

An Yuntian said.

This An Yuntian is An Qing’s father, and Phoenix Platform is currently the Sect Lord.

Although this is not the main reason, it is just an excuse to go in again, but it is indeed quite important.

"The power riot? What could be the reason?"

"It may be good or bad. In recent years, Phoenix Essence Whitesoul has produced fewer and fewer products. I don’t know if this is the reason. If it can be resolved, it will be very beneficial for the follow-up development of Phoenix Platform."

Ye Tianyi and An Qing are on the side.

This is a place a bit like Heavenly Pond. It is a big pond with clear water and even exuding spirit strength. They stand all around, surrounded by mountains, the most attractive What is noticeable is that there is a huge Phoenix statue standing on top of a mountain.

"What is Phoenix Essence Whitesoul?"

Ye Tianyi asked curiously.

"Our Phoenix Platform was built on Phoenix Ruins many years ago. Look at this pool. This is called Phoenix Pool. The water in it has spirit strength and can nourish one party. It doesn't matter, the important thing is the Phoenix peak. Have you seen the Phoenix statue?"

Ye Tianyi looked over.

"This Phoenix stone statue is the entrance of Phoenix Ruins. You can enter after opening it, but if you don’t open it normally, power will leak out. Phoenix Essence Whitesoul is formed in the mouth of this Phoenix stone statue, and finally Phoenix Essence Whitesoul will automatically fall into the Phoenix pool. Putting half a month in the Phoenix pool will completely form the Phoenix Essence Whitesoul."

An Qing paused, continue: "Basically an arse hoenix Essence Whitesoul It means that an Immemorial Divine King Boundary can be born. Those who have almost no hope of advancing to the Immemorial Divine King Boundary in this life will definitely be able to advance, and some of the talents can be promoted earlier. This is also one of the reasons why the Phoenix Platform can be powerful. In addition, Immemorial Divine King Boundary can be promoted to Half God and especially high boundary, such as Eternal Supreme, Divine Venerable and Paramount God, and other boundary can be promoted by Phoenix Essence Whitesoul. It is a matter of time."

"That's really amazing."

An Qing nodded.

"Yes, under normal circumstances, Phoenix Essence Whitesoul can produce one in three years, but in these years sometimes there may not be one in five years, and even the last time an arse hoenix Essence Whitesoul appeared. It's been nine years."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"Then what are you looking for in Phoenix Ruins?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

"Phoenix Ruins is a small world, where there are many treasures and heaven and earth spiritual objects. This is the first and second, there is Phoenix's power inheritance, and there should be many Phoenix there. The Remnant Soul is here. We have found twenty-five on the Phoenix Platform over the years, but there must be more. It’s just that some places are too dangerous to explore completely."

"There is a monster beast. "

An Qing nodded; "Yes, except for the monster beast, the flames there are very powerful. You should also know that Phoenix flames basically have the effect of ignoring spirit strength. Both temperature and flame are so, so people with high boundary may not be able to bear it if they enter."

"so that's how it is."

"I got it there too The power of, will be added in the follow-up, it is for other things, like after you enter, to see if luck can get Phoenix magical skills, flame blessings, etc., inheritance can't be done."

"Understand Now, many thanks."

"You're welcome."

On the other side, the conversation with those powerhouses is over.

"Then immediately, Phoenix Ruins will be opened again, everyone who is ready to enter Phoenix Ruins, please."

An Yuntian said to dozens of powerhouses.

Of course, there are more people from his An Yuntian forces. They know what they really do when they enter, and they will not disclose it.


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