A Random System Everyday Chapter 2126

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Chapter 2135 An Xin'er

The situation of Phoenix Platform is similar to that of many forces.

With such a large foundation, the natural impossible that controls it is a family.

An Family has three veins, An Qing and their An Family is lineage, and Pin Family is also lineage, and finally lineage is Huo Family.

There is not much blood relationship between these three.

Phoenix Ruins were discovered by these three companies back then, so the three companies cooperated and established the Phoenix Platform.

until now is also very harmonious.

But don’t forget, it’s not a family after all.

In the Phoenix Platform, these three companies can be considered independent. Sect Lords take turns. They look like a family on the surface.

Regardless of whether it is the Elder Council or whatever, in order to find a balance, the three are all out. Anyway, no matter what is impossible, let one of them be fully controlled, or even more can not be controlled.

Always adhering to this concept, their Phoenix Platform hasn't had any setbacks in so many years.

But, sometimes even if it is a family, he may be my relatives like Elder Brother, and they may be brothers and sisters, let alone Phoenix Platform.

So, how can the three bowls of water always be flat?

And this generation, An Family’s genius An Qing and her Elder Sister are exceptional, suppressing many other geniuses of the same age!

This may also be why they are being abused.

With a phoenix sound, a door was slowly opened, and red rays of light erupted from inside.

"Everyone, come in."

An Yuntian said.

"Okay! Then we will go."

"Be careful of everything."

Then the powerhouses walked in one after another.

An Qing and Ye Tianyi also walked over.

"Father, my friend also wants to go in."

An Qing said to An Yuntian.

An Yuntian looked towards Ye Tianyi.

Other people are also looking here, but they didn't pay much attention.

The three houses are too big, there are many people they don’t know, and there are many disciplines, they also have the opportunity to enter the site, so Ye Tianyi stood there, not many people thought about who he was, anyway People from Phoenix Platform, I don’t know normal.

An Qing then said: "He saved me on the road. He also knows the current situation and the crisis of Elder Sister. He wants to try."

"so that's how it is ."

An Yuntian looked at Ye Tianyi, patted Ye Tianyi on the shoulder, and said: "Be careful, thank you after you come out."

"Senior, you are polite ."


Then Ye Tianyi also walked in.

The gate is closed.

"Everyone, I hope they can bring good news, let's go back."

An Yuntian said.

The crowd dispersed.

"An Qing niece."

Pin Yanshan laughed over.

"Uncle Yanshan."

An Qing gave a salute.

"Well, it’s been a long time since I went out, how is the harvest?"

"The harvest is not bad, many thanks Uncle Yanshan cares."

"Very good! Keep going! You are the hope of Phoenix Platform." Pin Yanshan patted her shoulder.

"Uncle Yanshan is serious."

"Let's go, go back."


An Qing turned around Leave.

Pin Yanshan looked at her from behind, with a smile on her face, but behind her smile was vicious.

"I actually did not expect you to come back alive."

Pin Yanshan then walked away.

In a room, there are two people sitting.

One is the current Pin Family patriarch Pin Yanshan, and the other is Huo Family patriarch Huo Yunba.

These two people are drinking tea and talking about something.

"An Qing survived."

Pin Yanshan took a sip of tea and said.

"Very good. At the time, we planned to kill her, but in my opinion, it’s best for her to come back alive. If she died, she would be less worried. Being alive allows us to carry on The next step is to plan."

"But this step plan is too bad, just in case..."

Pin Yanshan brows tightly knit.

"Don't you just start to take risks?"

"I hope they can succeed."

That's right!

Their plan is simple!

Kill An Qing and her Elder Sister An Xin'er.

An Xin'er must die, An Qing does not necessarily need it.

But it’s best to die, save trouble.

As for why...

Their sisters are related to the opening of a very powerful force of An Family, and the dead one cannot open it. Then when the time comes, fight, An Family The strength is greatly weakened.

That's right!

Phoenix Platform, Huo Family and Pin Family are teaming up to kill An Family completely.

It is very difficult, but there is no way, it must be done!

Two-on-one is not a big problem.

But after all, when the time comes, you may go to the An Family site to fight, so you have to make more preparations.

There is no way, Phoenix Essence Whitesoul of the Phoenix Platform is getting less and less, An Family has another two top genius, they can control other things, twelve Elder Council Elder, a family of four, get Resources, split equally among the three, and so on.

They can keep balance.

But the emergence of genius is beyond their control!

Especially these sisters make them feel very flustered, their potential is too exaggerated.

The key also got Phoenix Divine Strength.

With fewer resources, An Family will be stronger in the future. They can only kill An Family. In this way, the three families were divided equally, and now the two are divided equally, they can get more!

As for the weakening of power, that is certain, but over the years, their development is good, even if they lose an An Family, the two families add up to so many years of heritage, the accumulation and win of powerhouse , It is still Divine Level forces.

This is the best opportunity. Because of the emergence of Monstress, sect can’t fight each other. They don’t have to worry about being attacked, but you can’t control my family fight, right?

"An Xin'er will definitely die. She is defenseless and absolutely can't live. As for An Qing, although this step is very dangerous, playing well is a lore."

Pin Yanshan said.

"An Qing brought the news to An Family that we killed him. For many reasons, An Family was not easy to tear their faces, but they had to save An Xin'er, so they sent the powerhouse to Phoenix Ruins again. We’ve taken it all, and the rest is that all powerhouses where An Family enters Phoenix Ruins must be taken."

"If they die, An Family’s power will be weakened by one more point. We can do it directly."

"Even if someone does not die and comes out and brings news, then we should do it too, so Brother Huo, get ready, wait until the day they come out of Phoenix Ruins. It is the time when we started working on An Family."


Rays of light flashed, Ye Tianyi came to a world full of desolate and red eyes.

This world spirit strength is very abundant, but there is no sense of life. There are volcanoes everywhere, and some trees are fiery-red trees with high temperature, but this location shouldn’t cause any problems. .

A total of nearly a hundred powerhouses, including Ye Tianyi, are in the same location.

These powerhouses belong to three families.

They also went separately as their families.

An Family has only one mission, save An Xin'er.

"I don't know where Xin'er is now. There are twenty-five an arse hoenix ruins, and there are other new Phoenix ruins that may be explored. Let's look for them soon."


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