A Random System Everyday Chapter 2127

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Chapter 2136 Phoenix Seven Stars Grass

Chapter 2115 Phoenix Seven Stars Grass

No one of them pays attention to Ye Tianyi, because they don’t know Ye Tianyi. I would think that it was definitely not a member of their family, so I didn't bother to say a word to Ye Tianyi, and they walked away one after another.

"Good place."

Ye Tianyi exclaimed.

This kind of place is rare, and Ye Tianyi feels that he has been to so many places, and only two can compare here.

One is Heaven and Earth Blood Spirit Pond, and the other is the place where they lived with Mu Ling'er. There are several decades of heaven and earth spiritual objects everywhere for more than ten years.

That place is also so far, Ye Tianyi has never felt that he has encountered a second place that can be surpassed.

Here, Ye Tianyi feels that it is naturally impossible to reach that level, but it is definitely very difficult to deal with.

Everyone else left, leaving behind a Ye Tianyi.

He wants to explore here.

According to what An Qing said, our landing point for an arse hoenix Ruins is at the extreme edge. As for what direction it is, there is no way to explain it here. They just call it the south, and the more we go north. It's hot, the twenty-five an arse hoenix Ruins are all in the north. As for the east and west, they are relatively short and can even reach the end, and they have all walked through and found nothing.

So, what Ye Tianyi has to do is to go all the way north. As for where he can go and what he can find, it is unknown.

"No matter what you can get here, I owe her a favor, and I will stay here in the future."

Ye Tianyi then sat on the spot and started Heavenly Secrets Deduction.

Ye Tianyi completed the system mission and gained an ability called Heavenly Secrets Deduction.

This Heavenly Secrets Deduction half a month can be used once, and its intensity is quite high. At that time, Ye Tianyi used it to deduce the messenger accounts or positions of the girls from Lower Plane. It has also been successful, but There are many failures.

It may also be that they are in a special place, or they are all quite strong, and Ye Tianyi hasn't used it much afterwards.

But now, Ye Tianyi wants to give it a try.

After all, they are so close to each other, and the Elder Sister of An Qing is not so exaggerated as a cultivation base, after all, they are young.

So Ye Tianyi should be able to give her to deduce.

Time slowly passed.


Ye Tianyi let out a long relaxed breath.

"Still alive. ”

The distance between the Elder Sister of An Qing and Ye Tianyi from Ye Tianyi deduce. The distance is several thousand kilometers, which is quite far, but Ye Tianyi doesn’t know the details.

After all, there is no familiar place here.

Ye Tianyi can go there, but at most narrow the range to a radius of ten kilometers.

It’s still difficult to find a person in a radius of ten kilometers.

Yes, I should hide.

Then Ye Tianyi hurried over there quickly.


After about two days, Ye Tianyi came to a place.

All here are volcanoes, even some volcanoes erupt right next to you.

The surrounding temperature is very high, and the heaven and earth spirit strength is also very strong. .

"This should be one of an arse hoenix Ruins. "

Ye Tianyi looked at a ruin, and he even saw a few people come out from here. As for who it is, Ye Tianyi doesn't know who it belongs to.

"Is it here? "

A few people also came here and asked what.

"Not there, I have found other people who came in. "

"What's the situation now?" "

Someone asked.

"It's done, An Family's powerhouse is almost dead, but that An Xin'er didn't catch it. "

"What? Those powerhouses can die, why didn't she succeed as An Xin'er? "

The old man said: "This woman seems to have been prepared for a long time, although we still succeeded in the calculation, but we still ran away for her, and did not achieve a one-shot death, mainly... …"

"Is the Young Master softened? "

"It's not soft-hearted, it's Young Master who wants to live. Young Master wants to kill An Xinya after doing that. Because of this, so... there is no immediately. Killed her and ran away for her. "

"Hey, Young Master has something bad at this critical time. "

"But you can understand, that An Xin'er is so beautiful, and Young Master has really liked her for many years. When he learned that he was going to be killed, Young Master never allowed it, but in the end it didn’t. The way is compromised, so it’s okay to let Young Master have a taste before killing her. "

"But don't worry, the exit has been watched by our people, and we will find her for the rest. She is seriously injured. We are everywhere here, Pin Family and Huo Family People, even if there are another group of An Family people, they can only kill all of us little by little. Even if we want to run, the exit is blocked by us. We have an absolute advantage in terms of number. "

"Okay! Go find it! "


They then walked away.

Ye Tianyi also passed by here.

"According to deduce, it is estimated A few hundred kilometers ahead, but..."


Ye Tianyi stood in place, and his shoes had already begun to make a "Tzzzzzzz" sound.

Tzzzzzzz ——



Ye Tianyi then releases a touch of spirit strength to protect oneself.

The temperature here is already very high, and the surrounding area is twenty-five The remains of an arse hoenix are all nearby.

There are also many monster beasts. Ye Tianyi must proceed with caution.

There is no release of space power, because Ye Tianyi knows that once oneself is released, There are three families around, and they will easily miss the existence of Ye Tianyi. Even if their target is not Ye Tianyi, once they are targeted, it will not be conducive to Ye Tianyi's actions.

After a few hours, Ye Tianyi has come to a place that seems to be a higher level.

Here, there is a forest. The trees are all fiery-red, which seems to be burning at first glance. With flames.

A very high mountain attracted Ye Tianyi's attention.


Ye Tianyi looked up.

At the top of the mountain, there is a Phoenix phantom, which is not very eye-catching, because the luster is a bit shallow, if you are a little farther away, you should not be able to see it, just in the vicinity several hundred meters, you can see it from a few kilometers away.

"It’s not Phoenix Seven Stars Grass, right? "

Ye Tianyi thought of this possibility.

The look I have seen so far is quite similar,

This is a very rare and very powerful one. heaven and earth spiritual object!

Once the Phoenix phantom is formed, then at least one hundred thousand years of Phoenix Seven Stars Grass.

This thing is really yours and basically you can’t find it The existence that arrives is too rare, because there are too many conditions to derive it.

High temperature, abundant spirit strength, and...Phoenix's corpse.

Be a Phoenix The corpse cannot be derived from the environment of high temperature and abundant spirit strength. There is another condition, that is, when the Phoenix falls, it may seek resurrection. The soul tries to survive. It either reshapes the fleshy body or possesses others, but fails. Yes, there is a soul there.

Many years later, the soul couldn’t help dissipating, but the power of those years led to the birth of the Phoenix Seven Stars Grass.

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