A Random System Everyday Chapter 2128

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Chapter 2137 Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon

Chapter 2116 Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon

For Ye Tianyi.

Phoenix Seven Stars Grass is definitely a very helpful thing.

In addition to improving the fire attribute a lot, Soul Power has improved a lot, and even comprehending some powerful things, the most important thing...

There is a medicinal pill in this world. A kind of medicinal pill may exist more in theory, but it is theoretically feasible. It is a kind of Tenth Rank medicinal pill, but it is a very top existence in the Tenth Rank medicinal pill!

This is a medicinal pill that can bring people back to life.

That's right!

You heard it right, it's resurrection!

Similar to Nirvana Rebirth of Phoenix.

But, naturally, I won’t say that you can be resurrected after you die, no!

It's that I will take it for you before you die. After taking it, there is no effect, but after you die, the power of the medicinal pill will burst out, and Nirvana will be resurrected directly!

All the dark diseases, pains and injuries of the body during his lifetime disappeared.

So, instead of promoting oneself, Ye Tianyi hopes to be able to refine such a Nirvana Divine Pill.

If this is Phoenix Seven Stars Grass, then Ye Tianyi must get it.

"It's just... logically speaking, people from this Phoenix Platform often come in. It's also a place where the 25 an arse hoenix relics are concentrated. People from this Phoenix Platform should have noticed this too."


So Ye Tianyi doesn't understand. Even if they don't know what's on it, they are naturally curious when they see it, so they will definitely check it out, right?

That wouldn't be a coincidence. Ye Tianyi came in this time. It happened that Phoenix Seven Stars Grass only appeared in such a scene in 100,000 years, right?

"Go up and have a look."

Scene Ye Tianyi is impossible to let it go.

Then Ye Tianyi climbed to that mountain.

No space is used, because Ye Tianyi knows very well that if it is Phoenix Seven Stars Grass, or as long as it is a heaven and earth spiritual object, it must be guarded by a powerful monster beast.

Once the spirit strength is released, can the perception of the powerful monster beast be casually noticeable?

Ye Tianyi climbed up slowly.

This is a big mountain. As expected, when Ye Tianyi climbed up, he saw a fiery-red plant standing there.

The appearance of this heaven and earth spiritual object really looks like a Phoenix with open wings, it is very beautiful.

On top of it is a phantom of an arse hoenix formed by it.

"It really is Phoenix Seven Stars Grass."

Ye Tianyi showed a surprised expression.

This kind of condition is difficult to form. If it is the easiest place to form, it is definitely here.

There are a lot of Phoenix relics here, and a lot of Phoenix has fallen, so the chance here is very high.

But Ye Tianyi didn't lose his mind just because he saw Phoenix Seven Stars Grass. He knew there must be a powerful monster beast, but Ye Tianyi couldn't see it now.

However, it is the best news not to see it. At least that monster beast is not next to Phoenix Seven Stars Grass, right?

Phoenix Seven Stars Grass, which is at least 100,000 years old, cannot be picked by Ye Tianyi's ability, but Ye Tianyi can't help it.

"Phoenix Seven Stars Grass is relatively mild. Under normal circumstances at the 100,000-year level, even if it is not Immemorial Divine King Boundary, it can be picked, then I only need..."

Ye Tianyi A burst of power burst out of his body.

The last Zhang Tian curse.

The talisman on him is basically used up and there is no time to prepare, but the Heavenly God spell is enough.

The strength soared, Ye Tianyi quickly walked towards Phoenix Seven Stars Grass.

As soon as Ye Tianyi's power erupted, a volcano directly erupted not far away.


angry roar broke the relatively quiet atmosphere of an arse hoenix Ruins.

"What's the matter?"

Not far from the surrounding area, a few kilometers, dozens of kilometers can be heard, they all look at the source of the sound.

"It's the monster! Who provoke him?"

"Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon, who provoke him?"

"Damn it! Shouldn't Ah, is it going to fight other powerful monster beasts? We from Phoenix Platform are absolutely impossible to provoke this Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon."

"Quick! Get out of here! Don’t stay here for long. !"

"Damn it! I wonder if An Xin'er has no choice but to anger the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon. In this case, maybe she can still have a glimmer of survival "

"It makes sense! What you said makes sense! Otherwise, no one on Phoenix Platform will provoke the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon, except for An Xin'er who seeks a glimmer of survival, she only has this Only by chaos can we have the opportunity to escape alive."

"Then let’s go over! Under the condition of ensuring safety, find An Xin'er!"




They know the existence of Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon, naturally they also know the existence of Phoenix Seven Stars Grass!

It's just that they don't know that Phoenix Seven Stars Grass can refine Nirvana Divine Pill, but it is only theoretical for Ye Tianyi.

So, in their eyes, although the effect of Phoenix Seven Stars Grass is powerful, it is not enough to provoke Flame Dragon to get it!

So here, including Phoenix Seven Stars Grass is something they will not approach or touch.

As everyone knows, it was just something Ye Tianyi did accidentally.

On the other side, Ye Tianyi successfully picked Phoenix Seven Stars Grass from Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon.

"Dare to head this Venerable thing, die!"

A trembling roar of heaven and earth came.

Then a huge fiery-red Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon with nine heads flew out of the volcano.

It's just that it didn't see Ye Tianyi. When he came out, Ye Tianyi had already released the space and ran away, and his Phoenix Seven Stars Grass was gone.


The angry Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon can only furious incompetently!

"I want you to die! You have to die!"

He roared, and then a huge silhouette hovered in the air, looking for all the targets he could see. He didn't know it was Who stole Phoenix Seven Stars Grass, but he only needs to kill all the humans here, and he will definitely be able to retrieve Phoenix Seven Stars Grass.

"Not good!"

A few powerhouses who came from a short distance saw this angry Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon inwardly shouted. It’s not good, they didn’t Expect, this Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon has no goal?

This caused them to be spotted by the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon as soon as they came over. Following the angry roar of the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon, he rushed directly to those people.


Their pupils shrank violently, shouted badly, and ran away one after another.

However, how could they have run past the powerful Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon that completely crushed them?

Because the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon is very smart, they have also reached an agreement that they will not interfere with each other, and the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon does not want to be disturbed.

Now, Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon thinks that these humans have broken this situation, so it will naturally hunt all humans.

And Ye Tianyi has gone further north.

Go further north to find the An Xin'er, or see if you can meet the more powerful Phoenix ruins.

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