A Random System Everyday Chapter 2129

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Chapter 2138 The Crisis of An Xin'er

Ye Tianyi stopped here after the space stopped.

The temperature here has reached a very high level. With the cultivation base of Ye Tianyi Divine King Boundary, it is necessary to release the spirit strength at this position at all times, otherwise, he will be slowly burned to death.

The temperature in the air is too high.

The moment Ye Tianyi's space fell, his clothes burned directly.

The skin of the body made a Tzzzzzzz sound instantly, the hair was gone, and the body was almost completely burnt.

The pain at that moment made Ye Tianyi almost fainted. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and directly released a stronger spirit strength to block the scorching heat. Otherwise, if he fails to withstand the burning and faints, then he will be dead. .

If Ye Tianyi died in this place, dying in this way, he would die uncomfortably.

Even though his soul can be retained, everything becomes nothingness.

"No wonder they have a hard time going deeper. This scorching heat is already the limit of Divine King Boundary. According to the consumption speed of my spirit strength, it can last one minute at most, and the higher boundary will not last long. , I’m afraid that at least True God Boundary can stay here for a longer time."

Ye Tianyi groaned.

Although the scorching heat here cannot stop the footsteps of the Immemorial Divine King Boundary, but...

The ground is full of flames all the time, bursting out suddenly, if it is directly sprayed, Ye Tianyi Feel it for a while, I'm afraid it will be over.

The spewing power ignores spirit strength, which means that your defense spirit strength directly ignores. This is the power of Phoenix fire, and here are all flames related to Phoenix.

As for the scorching heat in the air, it can still be defended with spirit strength.

Ye Tianyi took a look, the frequency and intensity of this spewing, it is true that Immemorial Divine King Boundary does not dare to stay here all the time, the most important thing is...

Can't fly.

Ye Tianyi doesn’t know if someone higher in the boundary can fly. Anyway, Ye Tianyi can’t fly. The reason for the inability is not the principle of forbidden air. It’s more like the scorching heat in the air caused something. The reason prevents them from mentioning the spirit strength flight.


Ye Tianyi's body was burning with a flame, and he instantly became comfortable.

"Even if you are the fire of Phoenix, fire type Supreme, but Fire God Bead can hold even the fire of Phoenix, so with this Fire God Bead, I don't need to worry about any intensity of fire here. "

Ye Tianyi pondered.


Under the power of this Fire God Bead, even if the flames sprayed from the ground rushed to Ye Tianyi's body, he was unscathed!

Moreover, here is the world of flames, the power of this Fire God Bead will never be used up! Absorbing Flame Power here all the time.

Therefore, Ye Tianyi is almost invincible in a sense in this flame world.

"Probably this is the location."

The deduce before Ye Tianyi, An Xin'er should be within ten kilometers of this area. As for whether he has left during this time, Ye Tianyi I don't know, since I promised An Qing, Ye Tianyi has to take this matter seriously, and see if I can get any good things by the way.

Ye Tianyi’s silhouette is walking slowly here. He still doesn’t know that the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon outside is slaughtering. People who haven’t met are lucky. For example, Ye Tianyi must still be nearby. Someone.

Ye Tianyi hid behind a rock.

There are a few powerhouses who came here as if they were also looking for An Xin'er.

"Where are the people?"

"Just now I saw the signal is in this position, I should have discovered that An Xin'er, the sound transmission talisman can’t be used here, and I can’t follow They contact, look for it, it should not be far away."

"Well, let’s find it separately."

Because some things like sound transmission talisman are not available here, so many people simply don’t use it. I don’t know about the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon.

"It seems that the people of An Family are almost dead before."

Ye Tianyi groaned.

The two families I met on the road, I simply didn't meet the people of An Family.

Think about it, they are not vigilant, maybe they do, but it’s just because they don’t believe in the family, but when they walk together, the two families negotiate a sudden attack, even if they can’t do it. One strike certain kill, hurting them, coupled with the number advantage, they will die even if they are Immemorial Divine King Boundary.

"Common People Pupils."

Ye Tianyi releases the Common People Pupils and glances all around.

This Common People Pupils not only has the ability to detect monster beasts and martial artist cultivation bases, but is also extremely sensitive to spirit strength. In such an environment, Ye Tianyi can see the direction of spirit strength.

That's right!

Ye Tianyi is not looking for this An Xin'er now, so he has no ideas, so he can only follow along. Ye Tianyi tries to see if he can follow the direction of the spirit strength to see if there is anything around treasure.


Ye Tianyi saw a special place.

It seems to be underground, and there is a place in front of the spirit strength that madly seeps out of the ground. Therefore, there should be a channel leading to the ground, and there should be treasure in the ground.

Ye Tianyi walked over.


At that location, Ye Tianyi saw a huge rock. This spirit strength was drilled from the gap where the rock pressed the ground.

Moreover, this stone shows signs of being moved.

I can't find it normally, because Ye Tianyi pays extra attention to it, so it is easy to see.

Ye Tianyi pushed the stone, and as expected, a cave below appeared there, and the heaven and earth spirit strength spewed out.

Cultivation in this place, the effect is absolutely amazing.

Ye Tianyi jumped down and released his strength to move the stone to the spot, sealing the hole.

"It's big."

After jumping down, Ye Tianyi looked at the huge passage in front of him, extending in all directions, and every passage was unimaginable!

The temperature inside is extremely high, Ye Tianyi wants to try how high the temperature is, and releases the power of the Water Attribute, and then...

It's like a direct fire, ice The moment it comes out, it all melts into water and then into steam.

Ye Tianyi walked forward.


At this moment, a woman wearing a veil and a white dress, holding a white sword in her hand, and covering her chest with the other hand, is Run inside!

Passing through this passage, she came to a position!

It seems...there is no way.

She frowned and stared forward.

In the front, there is an unimaginable space without any passages. Below, all is lava.


She glanced all around!

Here is like the inside of an unimaginable volcano. There is no sky when you look up. They are all rock walls, but the space is unimaginable!

The weird scene is that in the huge space of this place, although there is no road, there are unexpected stones floating in the air, as if there is power to make these stones tangled and complicated. there!

Hovering all the way to the top and the surface of the lava!

An Xin'er looked up and took a look. Although there are so many small rocks floating in the air, there is absolutely no way at the end of the front. In other words, if there is no mechanism, here It's the end!

It's over.


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