A Random System Everyday Chapter 2130

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Chapter 2139 I do not believe you dare jump

An Xin'er Black Brows Slightly Wrinkle watching the road to ruin.

She accidentally discovered this place when she was on the run. It is most likely a new Phoenix relic.

But didn't expect, she was still found.

Originally thought, this may be a chance to survive. Didn’t expect encountered a dead end again.

She was seriously injured, the enemy is behind her, and she is still in a dead end now, and the temperature is so high, all these kinds of things together are destined to absolutely not run and survive.

This is still a desperate situation.

"Here, the heaven and earth spirit strength is extremely strong, even thicker than the few other Phoenix relics I have been to. I am afraid there is a strong fire attribute heaven and earth spiritual object, but... I didn't find it."

She took a look and didn't see it!

"Could it be..."

She jumped and landed on a rock floating in the air, then looked towards below!

Because there are all rocks below, it is not so easy to see the line of sight, but she felt it, and it was only possible in the lava!

The ordinary lava is impossible to have the current temperature even if the heat is increased tenfold, so she concluded that there is definitely something in the lava!


The lava here is not ordinary lava.

Using her cultivation base to release the spirit strength and enter the ordinary lava without any damage, but this lava, I am afraid she will be burned directly when she touches it.

At this time, several silhouettes appeared from the passage where she had come before.

A handsome man who seems to be in his twenties, about the same age as her, is surrounded by a total of three elders, who all seem to be very powerful.

"An Xin'er, you can't run away!"

The man saw An Xin'er, his eyes lit up suddenly, showing an expression of excitement!

"There is no retreat here. Now you are obedient, this Young Master will not kill, and many of them are reluctant to kill you. Don't worry, this Young Master likes you, and this Young Master will not kill you. Yours!"

The man said!

Yes, he is Pin Tianhao, the genius of Pin Family.

It is also famous in Heaven List!

He likes An Xin'er for a long, long time, but the falling flowers are yearning for love, but the heartless brook ripples on, he has nothing to do.

Now, even if An Xin'er has to die, he can't bear it. He also wants to take a break and take possession of this woman before An Xin'er dies.

Perhaps this is not real liking. Real liking he will not bear the heart and let An Xin'er die in the end. He just has too strong desire for An Xin'er.

Huo Family did not find An Xin'er, but he was found by Pin Tianhao. He took three powerhouses of the Immemorial Divine King Boundary to chase An Xin'er.

Now, he only wants to possess An Xin'er.

Of course, if there is any way to make An Xin'er immortal and remain his woman without danger, that would be the best, but it is estimated that there is no such way.

An Xin'er beautiful eyes condenses, silhouette, and then gallops down, jumping on top of the rocks!

"Quick! Chase her!"

Pin Tianhao snorted!

I have already caught up to this point, and there is no way out. Can't let her die!

But it is estimated that An Xin'er will not just die so willingly!

"Young Master, be careful! This is not simple!"

The three powerhouses called out Pin Tianhao.

Pin Tianhao also stopped!

It's really not simple.

"The temperature here has been ridiculously high, and the heaven and earth spirit strength is very strong. I am afraid that there are top heaven and earth spiritual objects, but at the same time I am afraid that there are powerful monster beasts, which are very dangerous. !"

An old man said!

"But, no matter how dangerous it is, it should be that An Xin'er is in danger. We chase her, and no matter how bad she is, let her attract the target first. Can't we just stand here indifferent?"

Pin Tianhao is in a hurry.

An Xin'er, right here, you can get it right away, who can stand it!

That in case...

In case she finally had no choice to jump off the lava, wouldn't he Pin Tianhao get nothing?

"This...the Young Master, please stay here, we will go over!"

An old man said.

Pin Tianhao nodded: "Be careful!"


whiz whiz whiz ――

Then those three powerhouse jumped and followed!

It's very high, but it's not critical. The point is...Here, you drop ten meters, and the amount of temperature increase is very exaggerated!

The temperature is so exaggerated that it makes the three Heavenly Dao Boundary powerhouses feel a little difficult!

"Miss An, don't run anymore, you may be able to save your life if you stop, but if you continue down, you will definitely die!"

A powerhouse is in the void of the stone Jumping up continuously, jumping down continuously, approaching An Xin'er and shouted.

The lava below is not close to this high place.


Don't say ten meters down, even if you jump one meter down and stand on a rock, you will feel the temperature rise geometrically.

It's an exaggeration.

An Xin'er is naturally impossible and just sits and waits for death. Even if she knows that she will die down below, she is also impossible to stop.

Knowing that it is death, she is absolutely impossible to give her life to others!

Even if she is dead, she will oneself end oneself.

She did not reply.

Hot, so hot.

She is completely wet.

If it weren't for the spirit strength body protector and treasure body protector, she would have died long ago!

But now, she really can't hold on.

It was an injury in itself, and it was difficult for her to persist.


An Xin'er stepped directly on the empty man, and then the silhouette fell down!

This time, she landed a lot of distance, but she finally regained her consciousness, successfully grabbed a stone, and stood there with lingering fears!


She already...can't stand the heat!

She can't go down anymore! It seems that there is still a hundred meters below the surface of the lava, but what did she do in the past?

She is now praying, because oneself has the fire attribute, so even if the boundary is worse than them, but it has the advantage of the fire attribute, she is praying that those people will not be able to pass her distance!

However, the Immemorial Divine King Boundary is after all the Immemorial Divine King Boundary... It won't help if she has spiritual artifacts.

The Immemorial Divine King Boundary gradually approached.

An Xin'er is a little desperate.

Pin Tianhao is very excited!

But he was panicked again.

"Three seniors, be careful not to let her die, and don't let her succeed in suicide!"

Pin Tianhao yelled.

So close, the most recent one!

In the past, in front of An Xin'er, he always pretended to be a gentleman, trying to talk to her, trying to please her, now, he doesn’t have to act anymore, he directly takes possession of this woman in the simplest way !

Even if he couldn't last a lifetime, he was satisfied just once.

This woman is so beautiful.

"Young Master, don't worry, I don't believe she really dared to dance!"

An old man coldly snorted said.

For her top genius, she is even more reluctant to die, the future is bright! She has been working on this psychological construction for a long time.

After hesitating, there will be no chance.


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