A Random System Everyday Chapter 2132

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Chapter 2141 Divine Skills

This person's status is not low, and the forces behind him are very strong. As a top genius, he is directly linked to the bloodline, and he has fewer good things than Ye Tianyi imagined.

"Forget it, it doesn't matter."

Ye Tianyi put the space ring away, and looked towards the lava below.

I didn't know what happened here just now, but there must be a force that broke out here and caused damage.

Behind the body of an arse in Tianhao, because it lacked the protection of strength, it began to be quickly dissolved by the high temperature here.

"Really strong big power, what the hell is here."

Ye Tianyi didn't dare to go down.

Even though he has the power protection of Fire God Bead, jumping off the lava is another matter.

He doesn't have the courage.

"Why does this spirit strength keep rising?"

Ye Tianyi suddenly felt something wrong.

The strength of the spirit strength itself is extremely high, but now Ye Tianyi feels that on this basis, the spirit strength is still continuously improving, as if something is about to explode.

Moreover, the current situation is quite scary. Before being outside, Ye Tianyi could see a large amount of spirit strength burrowing out of the gap between the rock and the ground, that is to say, spirit strength. Ran out from here.

And now, not only Ye Tianyi feels that there is something under the lava that the spirit strength is rising rapidly and bursting out. At the same time, the direction of the spirit strength has also changed, and the spirit strength outside starts to move here. Drilled inside.

Ye Tianyi was originally going to leave, because no matter how he stayed here, he couldn't do anything else, and Ye Tianyi didn't dare to look at it.

But this sudden change made Ye Tianyi decide not to leave for the time being.

Furthermore, it is estimated that it is difficult for people outside to notice the changes here.

Ye Tianyi is waiting here.

See what can happen.

After a while...

The lava below suddenly turned and Ye Tianyi became interested.

Slowly, a silhouette rose into the air from the lava.

Ye Tianyi looked over.


The next second, he couldn't help being sucked in a cold breath.

This is a woman!

A woman who is not covered at all, she is very fair. At this moment, her eyes are closed, as if she is receiving the inheritance of some power, her hair is flying, and her lovable body all around bursts out dazzling. The red rays of light.

The main thing is that the beauties of this level don't wear anything in front of you, who can stand it?

"This should be An Xin'er, right?"

Ye Tianyi looked at her appearance, she reached the air in front of oneself and stopped moving, so she gave Ye Tianyi a kind of It's like the illusion that I came to him specifically to show him.

As for why I think this is An Xin'er, because she is beautiful, An Qing is very beautiful, she said that her Elder Sister is more beautiful than her, so Ye Tianyi feels no problem at the moment. The key point is that she has several points of similarity with An Qing.


A phoenix sound came, and from below, a Phoenix flew up.

This space is very large, and the appearance of a Phoenix did not give Ye Tianyi a feeling of crowding.

The Phoenix flew over An Xin'er and flapped its wings.

But Ye Tianyi can see that this is not a real Phoenix, it is more like a Soul Body.

That Phoenix also saw Ye Tianyi.

She slowly flapped her wings, and every time she flapped, a number of powers like silk fluttered out, came to An Xin'er's side, entered her body, and a part of it flew to her. Ye Tianyi's side.

"What does this mean?"

Ye Tianyi brows tightly knit and looked at the red silk-like power around the body.

He can feel that even if it is just a strand, there is an extremely powerful force in it.

"It's giving me strength?"

Ye Tianyi felt those non-hostile forces pouring into oneself's body, Ye Tianyi was secretly surprised.

This Phoenix's soul is absolutely conscious of existence, then she is clearly giving An Xin'er strength, why should she give it to him again?

Ye Tianyi didn't quite understand.


This powerful force, Ye Tianyi, should not be for nothing.

Then Ye Tianyi wholeheartedly began to accept this increase in power.

Time slowly passed.

That's it, one day passed.

It is not easy for people outside to find this place. They have to observe that the stone has been moved, but who would observe so carefully in such a large place?

Unless they have the same Common People Pupils-like abilities as Ye Tianyi.

The silhouette of the two people slowly fell to the ground with the red light from above the void.

After falling, they sat there together in a state of closed-door cultivation, subconsciously beginning to absorb this newly acquired power.

Ye Tianyi's boundary came directly to Divine Sovereign Boundary.

Divine Dao, Holy Dao, Divine Void Boundary, Divine King Boundary, Divine Sovereign Boundary, Divine Venerable Boundary, Divine Monarch Boundary, Heavenly God Boundary, Three Cloudsouls Boundary, Seven Whitesouls, God Boundary, True Boundary, Immemorial Divine King Boundary.

Of course, the boundary here is not that important, but after going back, the power accumulated here will still slightly improve the boundary.

So in fact it is also important.

But now, what is more important is the power that Ye Tianyi gained.

I don't know what An Xin'er got, but Ye Tianyi got two kinds.

The advancement of Heavenly Phoenix Holy Fire has been improved.

Now the power of Ye Tianyi's Heavenly Phoenix Holy Fire has been directly increased to a level, and at the same time there is an additional power called Holy Fire Protector.

This is a force that urges Heavenly Phoenix Holy Fire to wrap around the body to achieve defense.

The effect is very simple, because Heavenly Phoenix Holy Fire itself has the ability to melt spirit strength, so it can break the defense.

Then this power is now acting as a defensive power. If other people's power comes over, it can be defensive.

Naturally, it is too strong to be able to defend.

But for now, the intensity is still very high.

This is not important!

For Ye Tianyi, this is not as important as the second point.

The second power...

It is a martial skill!

From Feng Yao, Ye Tianyi learned Phoenix lineage's top martial skill Phoenix Nine Heavens. There are nine styles, and the ninth style Phoenix Nine Heavens is strongest.

And now, Ye Tianyi also understands that Feng Yao has been cultivating not Phoenix Nine Heavens, but its advance version, ban: Phoenix Nine Heavens.

Yes, in Ye Tianyi's mind, this martial skill is just one more word, but its strength is already the difference between heaven and earth.

The same moves, the intensity of Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

There are even Tenth Heaven's moves, but Ye Tianyi can't let it go.

Just forbidden: Phoenix Nine Heavens is not available for non-Phoenix lineage.

Feng Yao can be used, Ye Tianyi can't.

So Ye Tianyi can't understand, why oneself can be used now, he really doesn't understand, even if he has the power of Phoenix, it's not really Phoenix lineage.

Ye Tianyi said, at the time I felt that Phoenix Nine Heavens was very strong and strong, but as Ye Tianyi came into contact with more and more awesome people, Ye Tianyi less and less felt that this move would be The magical skills of Phoenix lineage.

I understand now.


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