A Random System Everyday Chapter 2133

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Ye Tianyi stood up.

He obtained these have been very worthwhile.

This trip is not in vain.

As for Phoenix Essence Whitesoul, Ye Tianyi do not want this stuff, and temporarily do not need this thing, no no it.

The phantom that Phoenix has dissipated.


overwhelming majority are in the body of An Xin'er.

Now, An Xin'er the lovable body, Flame Power kept surging, with the ebbing of time, which forces slowly began to converge again, and then they gradually quiet down .

"call -"

An Xin'er eyes closed exhaled one mouthful of impure air, and long eyelashes slight movement, the beautiful eyes slowly opened .

That beautiful eyes some really attractive.

She is pleasant to the eye Ye Tianyi.

is the first reaction alert.

From this she fell into the lava just, she has been in a state of unconsciousness, her consciousness in the spiritual sea, for anything outside of all do not know all, even a man came to her to kill, she can be killed, I could not resist.

Even Ye Tianyi doubt, that Phoenix is not too worried about this, worried that he would Ye Tianyi An Xin'er to kill, while Phoenix may not be able to stop, so she chose the gift Ye Tianyi some strength , Ye Tianyi appease the mood?

Ye Tianyi not know.

"I was called to come to you An Qing."

Ye Tianyi An Xin'er road to the sentence.

An Xin'er apparently did not fully believe Ye Tianyi direct words.

Ye Tianyi continued: "Phoenix Platform An Family there should be aware of the internal problems Phoenix Platform, and this with you people should have hands, I was an outsider, just with the An Qing to Phoenix Platform. "

" What is the relationship you and Qingqing? "

An Xin'er black brows slightly wrinkle asked.

"relationship? has not happened, and now is up to friends."

An Xin'er conclusion is dubious, fully convinced that Ye Tianyi naturally impossible to say.

She then look around all around, walk two steps.

Suddenly, she felt oneself body good light ...... there is no sense of friction.

An Xin'er bowed his head ......

Ye Tianyi looked down to see her, then turned and silently.

"ah -"

scream came.

Ye Tianyi face helpless expression.

No matter how these women what type of encounter something you like here yelling.

An Xin'er discovered that not even a trace shield oneself.

damn ah!

Would not it be said that she was ...... see the light?

and quickly put the laundry An Xin'er looked towards Ye Tianyi, pretty face with a blush.

He is now back to find oneself.

I do not know how, and to see him back to oneself, An Xin'er even more angry.

This is how a man like this?

Just consequently read, and now she screamed, turned not read, what is the point?

But then I thought, if he continues to watch it even more ridiculous, right?


An Xin'er pass by Ye Tianyi.

" sorry ah, I was not intentional, I just have to get the power that Phoenix, also in cultivation, only to wake up earlier than you look at nothing."

Ye Tianyi said.

An Xin'er Ye Tianyi did not continue with this topic, after all, she was not simple, also quickly calm down.

"You have won?"

She was a little surprised looked towards Ye Tianyi.

An Xin'er of this in itself is an impasse, she did not expect, after this jump, even rescued.

here turned out to be a an arse hoenix Ruins, which is not like her knew Phoenix Ruins.

And just, she could only meet the requirements of the Phoenix senior, and she was rescued, the other those few powerhouse naturally living being scalded to death.

When did he just come? How also gained?

"What you inheritance?"

An Xin'er asked.

"certainly can not compare you, I also dip your light to get a point advantage, Phoenix nirvana and holy light body care."

"What an arse hoenix nirvana?"

An Xin'er asked puzzled. ". Phoenix Nine Heavens"

" should be banned: Phoenix Nine Heavens, right?"

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"You have the power to Phoenix is it?"

An Xin'er asked.

"get a friend to help."

An Xin'er nodded.

"What the outside? Yes, there should be a personal right before?"

An Xin'er Pin Tianhao remember that it is not down.

"was a man, very young it?"

An Xin'er nodded.

"I was killed."

An Xin'er; "......"

" promise, which is his body, but of the . "

Ye Tianyi pointing to a position.

did not feel like much of a problem.

" many thanks."

An Xin'er indifferently said sentence.

"Why you want to thank?"

" He came to kill me, but also a scourge, able to kill him naturally to thank."

An Xin ' er Road.

Ye Tianyi shrugged bladder, two of them walked out.

because they get a powerful force, a force protection around a fire in this body, should not last long, but the current high-temperature here can not hurt them.

"Do you know what out of this situation? They should be looking for me, the best point guard against it."

An Xin'er Road.

In fact, she was not much for Ye Tianyi also wary, because if he is a bad guy, then when she was still in cultivation, the man woke early step, naturally he can kill her, but did No.

So, An Xin'er quite believe Ye Tianyi, just do not know who he in the end, had to ask her specifically younger sister.

of course, that can go out.

"looking, but they come in a number of powerhouse, part of which you An Family who estimated that the situation is not very well, with the people you are dead yet?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

"are basically the plot, in this environment, they suddenly shot, even die, was seriously injured by their eye absolutely no desire to fight."

"That really a bit tricky, it is estimated that they have been placed at the exit of the manpower. "

an Xin'er stopped, black brows slightly wrinkle in what seems to think.

"No, casually encountered a Immemorial Divine King Boundary will be killed."

Ye Tianyi course, there are ways, but Ye Tianyi impossible exposure own ah.

However, he did not want to continue to stay here, and this has also been obtained, it Phoenix Essence Whitesoul, they might go out, this An Family thank him will give him a.

As for other forces, is difficult.

But ......

There are ways.

"I'd have a way."

Ye Tianyi Road.

" en?"

An Xin'er puzzled look Ye Tianyi.

have this situation, he is not a boundary tall person can have any way?

"What do you do?"

Ye Tianyi said:. "In looking your way, I provoke a Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon"

An Xin'er: "......"

"? is not a guard dog Phoenix Seven Stars Grass of Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon bar"

" you have this know? "

Ye Tianyi surprised asked.

An Xin'er could not help but mouth twitched.

"can You're quite something."

She could not help but muttered.


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