A Random System Everyday Chapter 2134

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Chapter 2143 Ye Tianyi plan

Ye Tianyi touched the tip of the nose.

"how it really mine?"

An Xin'er said: "This Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon, we already know it's there, and it also knows our presence, but we do not interfere, it also knows that we continue to enter the powerhouse too many, do not want to be distracted, just guarding a Phoenix Seven Stars Grass, with its powerful cultivation, you provoke it ... ... after'd give us attracted no small trouble, but how do you provoke it? generally speaking, it is stolen provoke its Phoenix Seven Stars Grass ...... "

Speaking of which, an Xin'er suddenly realized what her beautiful eyes looked towards Ye Tianyi.

Ye Tianyi nodded, dry cough was heard.


She served.

true regressed.

"Then what?"

An Xin'er asked.

Ye Tianyi said: "This Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon kept kill, it does not know that I stole, is to see who will attack."

An Xin'er can understand.

That is, after all, people very precious thing, of course, had been stolen anger!

Moreover, they themselves invisible to reach an agreement, Ye Tianyi equivalent to this agreement to break up.

That it even more angry.

Ye Tianyi then continued: "So, the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon lead to the exit of the word, with its powerful, those estimates had no desire to stop us, they might, then, this can help somehow Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon's hand, pulled them to kill. "

" does not work. "

an Xin'er shook his head.

"First, what we have in front of that powerful Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon attempts to bring him able to lead it? It will be able to casually to kill us."

"second, even if we did, the exit of the need to boot more than one minute of time to understand, it is no problem to attack other people, then we led away from there, on what basis it will ignore us? and a lot of other people apart run, they will always be able to completely happy with someone to attack us. "

An Xin'er retorted.

"does not know how to try it?"

" You're right, but at least you have to have a way to try it? You just go Nine Headed Blue Flame in front of Dragon seduce him? it is a coercion will be able to instakill you, and you have space? Well, even if there is space useless, there is the kind of level that you just created space, it casually a thread of aura could crush your space. "

An Xin'er Road.

"How many of you know Phoenix Seven Stars Grass?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

"not much, but heard a lot, and Phoenix Seven Stars Grass appearance at a glance easy to identify."

Ye Tianyi then extend the hand, that Phoenix Seven Stars Grass presented in Ye Tianyi palm.

powerful forces broke out.

Subsequently, Ye Tianyi the Phoenix Seven Stars Grass Little Ye wherein a sub-picked.

"If that happens to also recognize it?"

An Xin'er; "......"

She probably guessed that people want to dry Well up.

"You have dark attribute? Then how do you approach it?"

An Xin'er know before this man to be doing nothing more than close to the Pin Family and Huo Family man, put a little something on their body, that Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon certainly perceived.

With this approach so that, with the power of Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon's murder.

So, he needs to get dark attribute stealth job.

But there is a critical precondition ah, he boundary is not high, why stealth close Immemorial Divine King Boundary can not find it?

"I have a way, but I have to go out ah, they are not impossible to put a person out of their family, whether I oneself or for you, I had to go out, you stay here first it. "

An Xin'er do not know what way he could, but she was not a good choice to stay here.

"stay here or forget, will not be safe here, with you now."

She was really a bit curious to see if this person can make anything Come.

"okay, let's go."

Then the two went out.

Soon, Ye Tianyi found several human silhouette.

because they are aware of the existence of Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon, and Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon also mad, so they do not dare to go to An Xin'er release of spiritual consciousness, as will Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon was found.

is also because of this, Ye Tianyi with An Xin'er not far away they can not find.


Ye Tianyi released with invisible rays of light in the dark attribute of the attribute to achieve absolute stealth effect of light.

Even so, it is only stealth, it will be more people discover the boundary.

So An Xin'er next looked puzzled, she still can feel Ye Tianyi breath.

Ye Tianyi come up with a medicinal pill clothes down.

Then again, An Xin'er side felt as if the man suddenly disappeared in general.

This is what is completely gone.

"good strange."

An Xin'er but added to the interest.

I do not know what method is used, but this hidden skill is really useful, any martial artist are so powerful stealth capability needs.

"do not know what the hell the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon's Phoenix Seven Stars Grass was stolen, and made the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon rage, it exists now in this level of recovery kill us, we find that victims are afraid to release An Xin'er spiritual consciousness, had in hiding. "

they chatted.

"An Xin'er estimate is that, you think about it, we can not release the spiritual consciousness, naturally she An Xin'er benefit the most, she better in hiding, hateful, we find it. "

" it is not let's go out here looking for us also very dangerous. "

" out? now how to go out? outside my Pin Family with Huo Family will wait for us the news, but an Xin'er not dead, it can not go out, the overall plan will be upset, it does not matter, we have to be careful enough. "

" ...... "

after a little while.

"go the next step."

Ye Tianyi appear in the silhouette An Xin'er side.

" spiritual artifact it?"

she asked.

"do not tell you."

Having Ye Tianyi walked away.

An Xin'er unfathomable mystery also follow Ye Tianyi go.

because they are now the way people, and the only way people, the same as other people An Family man, An Xin'er can not find, can of course find the best, if not found, it Ye Tianyi only with peers.

"What's your name?"

An Xin'er asked loudly.

" Lin Tianyī."

Ye Tianyi lightly saying.

" en."

An Xin'er did not think about.

great movement was a side, Ye Tianyi know there is definitely the place Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon is located.

especially like Long Xiao heard a roar, it would be more certain.

Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon shot dead a powerhouse, it completely crushed, roared towards the sky cry to vent their own anger.

However, this time, it felt the movement behind him, turned and looked, saw a fear of death is actually coming toward him.


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