A Random System Everyday Chapter 2135

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Chapter 2144 What's the situation?


The Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon roared.

He felt that oneself was not only deceived, but now he was also greatly provoked.

Other people are there desperately fleeing his pursuit, and now there is someone who dares to walk in front of him. What is this not a provocation?

Then it patted Ye Tianyi directly with a paw.

Ye Tianyi said at this time: "senior, I am not the one who stole your Phoenix Seven Stars Grass, but I know who stole it."

The huge paw stopped there. In front of Ye Tianyi.

In the distance, An Xin'er couldn't help being shocked when he saw this scene.

This man is really bold.

Is he not afraid that this paw will really be photographed?

Moreover, even if he thinks he says this, this Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon will stop, but what if it doesn't stop?

True terrifying.

To be honest, in this scene, An Xin'er couldn't help but admire him again.

His courage is very human.

Lin Tianyī......

Who is it?

A partner of oneself younger sister?

Oneself younger sister has a high vision, he looks very ordinary, and the boundary is not high... Only Divine Sovereign Boundary Fifth Rank, and it seems that he has just been promoted to Divine Sovereign Boundary, probably because of Phoenix inheritance.

Not excellent.

Everything is quite ordinary, but the courage is really powerful.


Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon said angrily.

Ye Tianyi pointed in a direction.

"Over there, I saw someone dividing something. The spirit strength is very strong. It must be Phoenix Seven Stars Grass. I'm afraid the senior should hurry up. They seem to divide the leaves of Phoenix Seven Stars Grass. I have given it to many people. I am afraid that if it is too late, Phoenix Seven Stars Grass will have been swallowed up."


Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon roared.

Then Ye Tianyi continued: "There are three people here this time, An Family, Huo Family and Pin Family. An Family is not a stealer. Wish for Senior can let it go after seeing it. "

"Do you dare to make an offer with this Eminence?"

Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon has nine huge heads and 18 pairs of eyes staring at Ye Tianyi.

A few heads even fell very close in front of Ye Tianyi.

"I think that senior is so powerful, so I won’t blame someone who is determined to be irrelevant, right? Besides...I also helped the senior. I also want to protect myself and protect An Family from taking risks. Finding the senior and saying this is for oneself. If the senior thinks I deserve to die, then Junior has nothing to say."

Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon slowly put away his claws.


Then it was angry roar and moved towards Ye Tianyi and galloped away in the direction pointed by it.

Ye Tianyi has a smile at the corner of his mouth.

An Xin'er came over.

"Let's go, next one."

"Are you not afraid of accidents?"

Ye Tianyi said: "What can happen? This Phoenix Seven Stars Grass Although it is on me, I can be sure that it will never reveal any aura. It is eager to find Phoenix Seven Stars Grass, and I am the only person to give him a clue. When the time comes, he will definitely be able to see the clue, then he will Believe what I said."

This is fine.

Then let's take a look at the specific effects of this plan.

On the other end, several people are still looking for An Xin'er there.

"Jiuye Venerable, what's on your body?"

One of them also discovered a strand of Phoenix Seven Stars Grass that Ye Tianyi had secretly put on the body of Jiuye Venerable. Leaves.

"en? What is it?"

That Jiuye Venerable took a wisp of grass that a powerhouse took from his clothes behind his back.

"What kind of heaven and earth spiritual object does it look like? After all, this thing feels that there is still some spiritual strength, maybe when it was accidentally caught."

Nine nights Venerable said.

"This breath feels quite special, that is, I am not sure what it is. I feel that the grade may not be low. It is strange that if we accidentally encounter a heaven and earth spiritual object with a high grade, it should be somewhat different. Perception is it."


At this time, angry roar came from the horizon.

It's just a strand of Xiaoxiao's leaves, but the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon can feel its breath after getting close. This breath is so familiar.


"Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon is here! Run!"

"Damn it! Why did this thing suddenly come to us! Run!"


They have no desire to fight Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon at all.

However, in the face of the powerful Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon, what can they do?

If they can't run, they will definitely die!

"Damn human beings, dare to steal Phoenix Seven Stars Grass from this Eminence! Hand it over!"



On the other side, Ye Tianyi and An Xin'er used the same method as before to secretly glue the leaves of the little by little Phoenix Seven Stars Grass to others.

In fact, there is only a little leaf on the body. Normally it is not easy to be found. As for the heaven and earth spirit strength......

It is not easy to perceive, because the surrounding is heaven and earth spirit strength.

And even if you feel that there may be other heaven and earth spirit strength around you, but you can't see such a small thing behind you unless your partner sees it.



Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon shot two Immemorial Divine King Boundary to death.

This Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon has Eternal Supreme, Immemorial Divine King Boundary Eighth Rank cultivation base, and the highest boundary of these people is Half God. The gap itself is so big, Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon is still The strength of the monster beast body is terrifying!

"Say! Who stole Phoenix Seven Stars Grass."

The claws of the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon pressed on the last living Nine Headed Venerable covered in blood.

"No...I don’t know, sir, you calm down, we are also victims, and we don’t know who stole your Phoenix Seven Stars Grass. We are also looking for this person..."

"A bunch of nonsense, you have Phoenix Seven Stars Grass on you, and you dare to talk nonsense here!"


That Jiuye Venerable was stunned. .


He suddenly thought of that piece of Little Ye.


Is it the leaves of Phoenix Seven Stars Grass?

"No...no...sir, I don't, I really don't. Someone framed, someone really framed..."

Then he was trampled directly to pieces.

Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon roared, looking at the small leaf floating down in the sky, reaching out its paw to catch it.

"I'm about to grab you...the corpse! Roar--"

Then Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon rushed in another direction.

He wants to kill all the people who have been divided into this leaf!

Kill all!

Everyone here, kill them all!

"Xin'er still didn't find it, but it feels like nothing happened. The Pin Family people we met before have not left yet. They seem to be looking for something. It feels like they are still looking for Xin' er, otherwise they must have already left."

An Family several powerhouses looking for An Xin'er are walking around.

"Hey, I hope it's okay, huh?"

Suddenly, they felt a powerful imposing manner, and when they looked up, their pupils shrank sharply.

The Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon has come to them.

"It's over!"

They heart startled.

"Which family are you?"

Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon roared and asked.

"An...An Family."

Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon saw that they were An Family and did not have the breath of Phoenix Seven Stars Grass, so let them go and fly To the horizon.

Several people live in place.

What's the situation?

Does this monster kill them?


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