A Random System Everyday Chapter 2136

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Chapter 2145 it kill those who

a few people watching Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon left, they forced ignorant as the one.

"This is how one thing? Why does not he attack us?"

An Family , said several people puzzled.

"right ah, why do not you attack us? Really strange, not to say that only Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon mad yet? see any of us going crazy, who were not spared, why not him an Family moving our people? "

odd strange, really strange strange.

"Well, at least, is a good thing, we can not even think about the rush to find Xin'er that girl now."

"ah, OK."

then they quickly pick up the pace.

Do not worry Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon to kill, so that they do not have so much fear.

on the other side.

Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon once again felt a glimmer of Phoenix Seven Stars Grass breath.

He caught up with two people.

" Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon, Run!"

a powerhouse eyes shrank, and quickly shouted loudly.

"This guy how will appear here! He is not just the west still do?"

" Run!"

They have no ability to follow Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon battle!

Fortunately, there is a space in their hands talisman!

two people directly disappear in place.

"roar -"

Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon a roar.

atmosphere directly to the two locks, then quickly recover the past.


And then one has gone in.

They're looking for An Xin'er, while Ye Tianyi looking for them.

A lot of people in them who have posted a Xiaoxiao leaf debris Phoenix Seven Stars Grass, allowing Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon to kill.

An Xin'er and Ye Tianyi and is now hiding in a cave yet.

An Xin'er is very shocked, totally did not expect, this Ye Tianyi this thing to actually pulled off.

really outrageous.

I do not know that Huo Family Pin Family and many people died, but should be a lot of.

The two families, they are not good to go back!

because their plan is the case, An Xin'er did not kill, they go back a good account, the two programs is normal and should An Xin'er An Family people here basically killed the future, they go out!

and then directly attack An Family.

Now, if fragmented a few people out, that people from outside to ask them what happens inside, how to say to them? Will not work!

If the other side does not feel right once again send people come in, then the plan will be disrupted.

And they do not go out there is a reason, though Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon in after them, but here such a big place, and each of them believe that they want to find easier said than done it?

"Now left at the exit of the toughest."

Ye Tianyi pondered loudly.

"using the same system, to the exit of people secretly affixed Phoenix Seven Stars Grass leaves the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon attracted in the past not on line yet?"

An Xin'er Road.

"die, Phoenix Seven Stars Grass can not pick up the leaves, otherwise I will not be enough."

Ye Tianyi Road.

" en?"

She looked puzzled Ye Tianyi one.

Grass doing with Phoenix Seven Stars?

Then Ye Tianyi continued:. "Even to leave a man at the exit, where the estimated number of people, the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon attracted in the past after they fled, Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon chase one of the others also look for opportunities to come back slowly, this powerhouse of catch-up, and it would go to the horizon. "

" too, so, even if each of them affixed to Phoenix Seven Stars Grass leaves, Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon can only chase a. "

An Xin'er pondered loudly nodded.

"for exports to the event and then destroyed ......!"

An Xin'er Road;. "This export does have a chance of being destroyed, but it is difficult."

this Phoenix Ruins inside the monster beast out what is not, only they can.

"I have to think of a way."

Ye Tianyi pondered loudly.

it at this time, a position outside of the air broke out a similar, like fireworks rays of light, far far away, but they can see.

"It is?"

An Xin'er looked at, said: ". Phoenix Platform convened signal, it should be export orientation"

"should not you An Family convened by it?"

An Xin'er said: "it should not, at this time of the An Family powerhouse impossible will convene, they look forward to two other people do not know their position, to find me, and put them together even more impossible. "

Ye Tianyi thought, and suddenly eyes shined.

"it seems, is to convene in two other powerhouse, lest they also know Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon in the massacre of their people, they clearly have to do something, but they is not good to leave here, because you are still alive, so they recruited powerhouse come together to try first Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon exterminate "

An Xin'er nodded:"! should be so, and the reason they choose to exit at convened, is worried in case they are called in other places, we took the opportunity to return to exit. "

" Well, this is our opportunity ah. "

Ye Tianyi twisted twisted neck.

"But ......"

An Xin'er mused, said: "Even An Family does not come, they add up to two people, I am afraid there are dozens Immemorial Divine King Boundary, although the boundary generally not particularly high, but dozens deal with a Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon, while they are holding a lot of spiritual artifact, which Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon I am afraid it can not hold it. "

"Besides Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon has been hunted for so long, its strength is probably not much."

Ye Tianyi said:. "nothing, and have a look"


exit, more and more powerhouse gathered here.

"how is it? Why should we come together? This also how to find that An Xin'er."

says a powerhouse.

"white eyebrow Venerable is proposed."

They looked towards that white eyebrow Venerable.

white eyebrow Venerable slowly stood up from the ground, his two white eyebrows long, even going down to the height of the nose.

"you! Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon is kill us, we have a lot of Pin Family, Huo Family of fallen man, we have work to do, but the premise must guarantee doing well this Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon broke our original plan, so I called everyone to now, in order to Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon to get in out! "

everyone looked at each other.

"That was Eternal Supreme level of Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon ah."

"To be honest, we even have the ability to Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon in out, if after that an Family man came and our ability to go with the powerhouse where's the battle of an Family? "

" right! unless an Family can come here to join the fight! "


everyone everyone talking at once.

white eyebrow Venerable said: "you do not worry, Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon now spend a lot of physical strength and spirit strength against him is far less difficult, but there are thousands of miles old man whisk in hand, deal with it touches excellent results! For an Family, you rest assured, this an Family, but inside there are our people, the first batch of an Family almost died, this second batch, I guess we do not have much alive. "


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