A Random System Everyday Chapter 2137

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Chapter 2146 Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon is going to die?

The number of their two families here is much more than that of An Family!

This is their advantage.

And they still have someone in the dark.


They glanced at each other.

"Everyone! Now we are playing cards, but there are still people in An Family who are in the dark. These are done by them. All we have to do is to eradicate the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon, and then Here is quietly waiting for the An Family people to come and get rid of them all. If they don’t come, some of them will find and some will wait here, they will definitely die."

white eyebrow Venerable continued: "If They are hard to waste, it will not consume us, we can keep a part here to guard, and the other part to go out to fight! Even if An Xin'er is not dead, but she can't get out here, An Family can't open the great array, you guys Don’t worry, the outsiders are almost ready to plan. They will never allow anyone to enter the Phoenix Ruins again!"

"white eyebrow Venerable makes sense. Our advantage is so big that we can’t let it go. A Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon disturbed our plan. After all, it’s not a real dragon. What would it do?"

"The old man was madly chased by a beast, and he has never suffered like this in his life Chi! Just a beast, can it turn the sky upside down? We have so many above Half God, and there are so many dusts on spiritual artifacts and thousands of miles, afraid of it? I agree!"

"Yes Fight! Let’s make some preparations quickly and prepare to deal with the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon."


Ye Tianyi and An Xin'er are not close, because they have already known When the cards are played, spiritual consciousness can be released.

Above the head, a huge and terrifying Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon flew over and galloped furiously towards the exit where the powerhouse was located.

"If he knows that you are the one who stole Phoenix Seven Stars Grass, he might kill you if he died."

An Xin'er lightly saying.

"That's not necessarily true. Now we are on the same front."

"You obviously fooled him into the same front."

Ye Tianyi shrugged bladder.

Suddenly, a powerful force in the distance has burst out.

As soon as the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon flew over, the nine heads directly directed at those powerhouses spit out a powerful force similar to dragon's breath.

This destructive power is simply full.

But to be honest, two or three powerhouses are not his opponents at all, but dozens of them work together, dozens of an arse rinciple, dozens of domains, many spiritual artifacts, extremely strong battle strength, and Nine Headed. Blue Flame Dragon is not a real dragon after all. Even if he can take some away, the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon must eventually lose!

In theory!

The key Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon is now exhausted!

However, it is estimated that the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon is very angry now, and it feels the provocation of their unity, plus it itself looks down on the so-called weak creatures like humans, even in the face of so many people , This Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon is definitely going to work.

No, dozens of powerhouses leaped into the air and fought with Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon in all directions.

The huge body of the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon has now become a cumbersome deal with dozens of orderly powerhouses.

However, being powerful is powerful existence after all, and its oppression force is still extremely strong.

"Everyone, pull and fight, don't try to fight this beast, find an opportunity to give Fatal Strike."


A group of powerhouses pulled the powerful Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon to fight.

Time slowly passed.

This Phoenix Platform’s powerhouse is naturally impossible, no one is not injured, and a few were even killed directly.

However, this Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon is not so good.

There are also many wounds on his huge body.

But this is not critical, because after all, there is no such serious wound.

It was just a long battle, which really exhausted its physical strength.

At first Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon facing so many powerhouses, he still suppressed them, but now, it can be clearly seen that some of his reactions have become somewhat rigid.

These powerhouses have also begun to counterattack.

In fact, 90% of these wounds have just appeared on the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon.

Moreover, what makes the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon the most uncomfortable is that there are always people attacking it from all directions. This power is not enough to cause serious damage to him, but he will definitely hurt.


Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon roared.

"A sword penetrates the heart!"


A sword entangles the blue rays of light and shoots directly at Nine Headed Blue from a distance Flame Dragon.

The Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon burst into red rays of light, but this sword actually penetrated its red rays of light directly, and a sword of Xiaoxiao penetrated the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon. body.


There was a roar from the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon.

This sword may not hurt him so much, but it is definitely the biggest injury!

"Good opportunity!"

Seeing this scene, everyone eyes shined.

Then they all attacked the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon.

This Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon is very powerful, but his physical strength is getting weaker and weaker. The most important thing is that there are so many powerhouses in humans, and he can easily kill them, but when the number of opponents increases , Many times he can kill but can't kill it!

He was simply consumed like this.

Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon knows that oneself may not be able to fight anymore.

He goes back to cultivate and comes back, and he will definitely take their lives!

"A group of humble humans, when this Eminence returns, you will all die without a burial site."

Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon roared.

He wants to go, these people can't stop him.


"white eyebrow Venerable."

Someone yelled.

"hmph! is here!"

white eyebrow Venerable coldly snorted, said: "The animal is just a beast after all, and it's just a brute force. You think you are Is it invincible? Since you are here, don't even think about leaving."


He took out the Qianli Whisk, and the Qianli Whisk directly grew longer, the white floating dust Rush to the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon.

in an instant, the whisk opens, and countless strands of whisk spread instantly, almost wrapping up the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon.


Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon is struggling, but his extremely powerful power is a little hard to break free from the dust.

"Baili Venerable!"

"Come! Absolutely weak!"


A powerful Principle The power is shrouded in Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon.


white eyebrow Venerable coldly snorted standing in the void looking at the Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon that has been completely unable to break free.

"If you are in a good state, you can't be trapped by this thousand miles of dust, but you dare to challenge me and other dozens of people in such a tired state, it's too impudent! This is it! Your end!"

"Despicable human! Despicable human!"

Nine Headed Blue Flame Dragon angrily roared.


They couldn't help laughing.

"After you die, you will know what this is called!"


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