A Random System Everyday Chapter 2139

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Chapter 2156 Exit

An Xin'er and An Qing agreed to Ye Tianyi and would not tell these things.

Strength Principle is the same.

As for the others, they can guess it at best, anyway they are impossible to say it.

"The senior, what is it like?"

"An old man."

An Yuntian nodded.

He has nothing to doubt.

"I see, you guys go and rest soon."


Then the second daughter left.

"Sect Lord, do you think it will be who?"

A few of them got together and asked.

"It’s really hard to think of. In short, it must be a very top powerhouse, and possibly a hidden top powerhouse."

"But I think he is this The existence of level, shouldn't you take a look at these resources of our Phoenix Platform? Although he may indeed need some, but... I always feel that for this kind of existence, he doesn't need to be like this."

"Yes ! I always feel that he helps Phoenix Platform more and more because it has something to do with our An Family, rather than mainly for resources."

"Sect Lord, did our An Family since ancient times ever Have you ever met a top powerhouse, or had a good relationship, maybe even An Family helped him?"

An Yuntian brows tightly knit thought.

"I'm really not quite clear about this. I will check it out after solving these things."

Then they left.

Phoenix Platform, Pin Family and Huo Family were all kicked out.

The people of An Family went to control their former territory.

As for those disciplines, An Family will reassign them later.

That's it, two days have passed.

In two days, the Phoenix Platform situation has basically stabilized.

An Xin'er and An Qing came to the small courtyard of Ye Tianyi together.

No one knows about the existence of Ye Tianyi and Little Zi'er.

No one came in this small courtyard, and Ye Tianyi and Little Zi'er did not go out either.

Even if Ye Tianyi went out before, but the Phoenix Platform is so big and there are so many people, no one will really notice Ye Tianyi.

"Did Young Master Lin wake up?"

An Xin'er looked at Little Zi'er and smiled and asked.

"The Big Elder Brother hasn't woken up yet."

Little Zi'er said while sitting there blinking his big eyes.

"Then we will come back later."

An Xin'er glanced at Little Zi'er twice.

Is this the Monstress called Killing God?

To be honest, she feels really little by little and not terrifying, on the contrary, she is very cute and likes her very much.

Even An Xin'er has a feeling at this time, exactly...who is to blame?

"It's okay, I woke up."

Ye Tianyi's voice came, and he walked out.

"Big Elder Brother."

Little Zi'er ran over immediately.

Their two daughters also gave a salute slightly.

"Young Master Lin, we brought some of the things you want."

An Xin'er handed a few space rings to Ye Tianyi.

Ye Tianyi took it.

"Thank you, this is the list I want. You can bring it all."

An Xin'er took it and took a look.

"Overwhelming majority is okay, some of them are a bit difficult, and I will try my best."

"many thanks." Ye Tianyi said.

"no! We want to thank you!"

Ye Tianyi then said: "By the way, do you have time for spiritual artifact? The stronger the better."

"Naturally, I will take it."



That's it, two months have passed.

This is two months in reality, and four years have passed since the time of Ye Tianyi's spiritual artifact.

In the past two months, everything has returned to calm.

Continent has not stopped to pursue Ye Tianyi's actions.

It's just that they have gained nothing in these two months, and little by little has gained nothing.

Phoenix Platform has not even discovered the existence of Ye Tianyi and Little Zi'er.

Because they are also busy with their own affairs for the past two months, and Ye Tianyi and Little Zi'er are all in the spiritual artifacts of time.

Heavenly Secrets Pavilion.

A lot of powerhouses may have met each other, and they came here together.

"There is no news about Ye Tianyi and Monstress?"

"Your Excellency Cold God, we have done deduce several times, and there really is no news from him."

Cold God brows tightly knit and sat on the seat.

Venerable Nine Flames said: "This Ye Tianyi deduce his last position is close to Bright Moon Empire. I seriously suspect that he is in Bright Moon Empire, but Bright Moon Empire is also looking for him, but There is no trace. In the past two months, he and the Monstress seem to disappear completely."

"Normal, without the deduce of Venerable Heavenly Development, it is not difficult to completely disappear with his ability. The world is so big, so easy."

Yang Lin said.

"How is Venerable Heavenly Development now?" Cold God asked.

"cough cough ——"

Venerable Heavenly Development coughed and walked out.

"Venerable Heavenly Development."

Everyone one after another saluted.

Obviously, their bigger purpose in coming over this time is to hope that Venerable Heavenly Development will deduce Ye Tianyi again.


Venerable Heavenly Development sat down and said; "About that kid, the old man just deduce it."

" Where?"

They asked quickly.

Venerable Heavenly Development shook the head: "Deduced not."


They showed an expression of disbelief.

Hearing this, Han Yuening didn't know why, but sighed in relief.

"Isn’t he still able to deduce his position in general before? Now I can’t directly deduce it?"

Venerable Heavenly Development said: "In the past two months, he might have done something Prepare to make deduce more difficult."

"What should we do? Then, don’t we have a clue from now? Can’t deduce to his position, he still has space attribute, this world So big, if we want to find them like a needle in a haystack, don’t we have to wait for the power of Monstress to awaken?"

"It’s really not possible, we just take Ye Tianyi’s partner and let Ye Tianyi walking right into A trap."

"No! Then Ye Tianyi's partner is an innocent person."

"How do you know that she is innocent? Is there no relationship between her and Ye Tianyi Is there any contact? I don’t believe that she knows nothing."


Venerable Heavenly Development said at this time: "In fact, there is always a way, Ye Tianyi, his purpose of coming to Totem Continent is to promote oneself. Now he can't promote oneself even if he hides. He must need it, so he will inevitably show up. As for the Monstress, in fact, it does not have much overlap with Ye Tianyi. Just imagine, this Ye Tianyi He will definitely go back to Nine Provinces Continent, and Monstress is impossible to go back. There is always a solution to this matter. Wait, let everyone in the continent pay attention to it."

"Hey, also It can only be so."


On the other side, Ye Tianyi finally left the customs.

This time, Ye Tianyi doesn’t have to worry about powerhouse chasing after them. As long as they don’t come here, Ye Tianyi can make them pay the price!

And now, it's time to fight back.


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