A Random System Everyday Chapter 2140

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Chapter 2157 Evil Emperor Site

What Ye Tianyi wants to do is simple.

There were so many people at the time that made Ye Tianyi particularly angry.

At that time, Ye Tianyi was not easy to fight back, there were too many of them!

But now, Ye Tianyi has to slowly calculate all these accounts.

Yang God Hall, Vast Cold Palace, Heavenly Secrets Pavilion, there are so many.

Ye Tianyi didn't mean to kill them all, but some accounts are always to be settled.

"Then, it's almost time to start."

Ye Tianyi returned to the yard with Little Zi'er.

It just so happened that An Xin'er and An Qing also came together.

They will see if Ye Tianyi is out of the customs.

"Young Master Lin."

An Xin'er looked at Ye Tianyi and said.

I know Ye Tianyi is Ye Tianyi, but she still habitually regards Ye Tianyi as Lin Tianyī, so that there will be no problems.

"Many thanks to you, I don't need anything else heaven and earth spiritual object."

Ye Tianyi said.

"Well, then you and Little Zi'er will stay on the Phoenix Platform to cultivate well. Just ask us if you need it."

An Qing said.

"Phoenix Platform does not need to stay."

Ye Tianyi said.


She was taken aback.

Ye Tianyi said: "In the two months here, I basically finished what I wanted to do. Then I have other things to do. After all, staying here can't improve oneself. "

"You can also learn the martial skill of our Phoenix Platform, aren't you Nine Provinces Continent all for this top martial skill? I definitely have a way to help you get it. "

An Qing said.

Ye Tianyi shook the head: "I have learned about these things. The martial skill of Phoenix Platform is not suitable for me. Phoenix Nine Heavens is enough, and I have my own plans for the others."


They are also nodded.

"When will you leave?"

"Don't be too slow, go now."


They glanced at each other.

So in a hurry.

"Didn't you say that the Evil Emperor site is about to be born? I plan to go and take a look."

Ye Tianyi said.

This is what they said to Ye Tianyi before, and Ye Tianyi always keeps it in mind.

This is a place Ye Tianyi must go, and it is also considered unexpected harvest.

The Evil God site is the site of an Evil Emperor from a long, long time ago. It is actually quite easy to think of who it is.

This place was created by Ancient Era, and people outside only came in more than 300 years ago.

So, either a certain Evil Emperor came and fell here in the past three hundred years, or it was Ancient Era.

And Ancient Era... there is only one... the Evil Emperor who created Evil Sect.

About this, Ye Tianyi is really unsure, and has never heard of it, and has never heard of Monster Empress.

"Evil Emperor, I just read the record in the ancient book. In a long time ago, a powerful senior created a sect called Evil Sect, which is one of the highest powers of the continent. One called Immortal Palace can compete with it." An Qing said.

"Is this Evil Emperor the site of that person?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

"Who can know about this, such a long time ago, no one knows whether the existence came here back then, but what I know is that Evil Sect is not available to us , So I thought, if that person came to our continent back then, he would have to build Evil Sect here too? After all, those who came at that time were his existence, and there should be a lot of people who know his name."

"According to this, he is basically impossible."

An Xin'er said: "It's not necessarily true. Our continent is also because you could come in hundreds of years ago. Later, the sect of Evil Sect and the identity of Evil Emperor were brought up again. I heard father talk about this. After all, if it is the Evil Emperor, then it can be called the Number One Person of our continent or even the number one person. One of the oldest and most legendary, even in your Nine Provinces Continent, it is estimated to be the same."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

Immemorial is old and also in the position of god.

This god position is Paramount God, one of the most powerful Paramount God.

“That’s why this time the Evil Emperor site is so concerned. In fact, according to the survey, this site is probably the oldest Evil Emperor’s."

" How do you say it?"

Ye Tianyi raised his brows in interest.

"Because this site emerged a few months ago, what it brings is the endless ancient heaven and earth talisman. This ancient heaven and earth talisman is all for our Phoenix Platform top powerhouse. Mysterious and ancient, so if it is a site built within a few hundred years, there must be no such heaven and earth talisman. You also know that these things are closely related to the owner of the site."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"Without this possibility, a certain Evil Emperor who came here from Nine Provinces Continent within 300 years, we feel that it is also impossible to have the strength of this level of heaven and earth talisman. Is it the one of Ancient Era who fell in the last few hundred years?"

Ye Tianyi faintly muttered to oneself.

"That said, it is really very likely that it is that."

Ye Tianyi only knows that the Evil Emperor and Divine Emperor established Evil Sect in that period. And Immortal Palace. Later, Evil Sect fell apart and turned into one hundred and eight sects.

It’s really hard to determine the exact year. It may even be difficult to remember for several decades. It’s hard to remember a hundred years, so maybe it’s because the founder of Evil Sect left Nine Provinces Continent. Eventually Evil Sect fell apart.

Ye Tianyi is still very interested.

Ye Tianyi has always been interested in the power of the Evil Emperor, and that person may also be the founder of Evil Sect, the first generation of Evil Emperor.

The inheritance of Evil Emperor that Ye Tianyi got is not much!

Evil Emperor Three Styles and Evil Emperor Art, that’s it.

Monster Empress told Ye Tianyi that these two tricks are enough for the time being. Ye Tianyi knows that there must be more, and Monster Empress will definitely teach him in the future, but the first generation of Evil Emperor must have other s things.

Maybe there are still ones that haven't been passed down?

Ye Tianyi, no matter which Evil Emperor it is, he has to check it out.

"About Evil Sect, I also learned something from the population of Nine Provinces Continent. That should be one of the most powerful sects of your continent, right?"

Ye Tianyi nodded; "It is."

"It's a pity that it is said to have fallen apart, but even if they fall apart, the one hundred and eight sects handed down are still very strong, especially some of them are continuous peaks, enough Imagine how powerful it was before."

"Regarding this Evil Emperor site, there will be many people and powerhouses and forces going to the continent, and some people will go to the Phoenix Platform, but because the Phoenix Platform has just experienced Because of this matter, there may not be many people going there. Qingqing and I might have gone as well, but I should not go this time either."

An Xin'er said.

"Will so many people go?"

"Yes! Because the heaven and earth talisman has been discovered by many people, they also know the profound mystery and powerfulness among them, they think That would be a very difficult to deal with place."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

So, maybe you can see many old acquaintances.


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