A Random System Everyday Chapter 2142

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Chapter 2159 Why are you here?

Ye Tianyi looked at Little Zi'er.

It seems that she is slowly recovering her memory.

Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing...

Ye Tianyi is not sure.

"Little Zi'er, can you remember anything else?"

Ye Tianyi asked again.

Little Zi'er shook his head again.

"It's okay, eat."


Ye Tianyi looked at the Heart of Eternal in his hand.

Little Zi'er said that this sword is very difficult to deal with very difficult to deal with. It must be very difficult to deal with, even if she doesn’t say Ye Tianyi, she knows it!

Using Twelve Principles and the five divine beads as the Strength Core is simply too exaggerated.

This thing is not something Ye Tianyi thinks can exist in this world.

So, it can be confirmed from this point that Little Zi'er may not belong to this world.

After spending a lot of fun with Little Zi'er for a few days, Ye Tianyi also saw some people come here one after another.

Because a long distance in this sea is the Evil Emperor site.

And this piece of Sea Territory is also special. There is a saying.

This Sea Territory seems to have a very powerful force. Simply put, there is a lot of Heavenly Punishment Thunder. In this lot, any flying existence will be locked by Heavenly Punishment Thunder and then killed directly.

Even if you are a Paramount God, you have to be hacked to death under the power there.

So there is only one way to go to that place, by boat!

Even if you are Paramount God, you have to take a boat!

Because you can't fly, and above the sea, you expose yourself to Heavenly Punishment Thunder, and you are also courting death.

And naturally they will not be ordinary boats!

You can take an ordinary boat, but your boat will capsize.

So, someone came here half a month in advance, just to build a ship.

"Little Zi'er, I will send you back to Phoenix Platform first."


After that, Ye Tianyi put Little Zi' er sent back to the Phoenix Platform, there are sisters An Xin'er, Ye Tianyi is still very relieved.

After that, Ye Tianyi returned to the beach again.

This is two days back and forth. When Ye Tianyi comes here again, there are crowds of people everywhere!

There are youngsters, they also come for great opportunities, there are top powerhouses, some act alone, and some act in groups with sect.

Overwhelming majority still have own teammates, more or less, three or two for the few, dozens of them, and hundreds of them.

"Isn't this Fort Lord Su? You Su Family Fort also come?"

Su Chi smiled and said: "This Evil Emperor site is related to Ancient Era Gods Era, who doesn’t want to go there Take a look?"

"But this Fort Lord Su came with Ling Qianjin, presumably he wanted to show Ling Qianjin if he could have a chance to gain a strong inheritance."

Su Yuning Weiwei gave a salute and said: "Junior just wants to come over and see if he can get some benefits. After all, this kind of place depends on chance."

"Yes, I don't know that. Will Ye Tianyi come."

Su Yuning smiled slightly and said: "Maybe, but he also knows that there will be so many people, and he may not come. After all, so many people are Going to the Evil Emperor ruins, the chances of wanting to get any benefits are even lower. Maybe he won’t take this risk."

"Yes, then I won’t bother."

Then the powerhouse walked away.

"It seems that he thought Ye Tianyi contacted you."

Su Yuning nodded.

"Has he practiced?"

Su Chi asked.

He knows that the relationship between oneself and Ye Tianyi seems to be pretty good, and Ye Tianyi is now on the run. He is outstanding and needs some treasures, and probably needs her daughter’s Five Moons Chamber of Commerce. Get something.

Su Yuning shook the head: "He really hasn’t contacted his daughter."

"I know you have a good relationship with him, don’t worry, Su Family Fort is not hostile to him, even though He is behind him, but we have all been in contact. In fact, I am more convinced and more willing to try if there is a more peaceful way without having to fight the Monstress."

Su Yuning said "In fact, no one knows why she had to slaughter the world many years ago, so if she doesn’t go violently this time, we have to make things the worst, that’s the worst outcome."

Mainly she has been in contact with Little Zi'er. Little Zi'er is so flawless and innocent. She saw Little Zi'er like that. Even if she knew she was the person she used to be, she still felt that she was such a little girl. How can such a thing be done?

"Prepare, we will be set off in a few days! Now the more important thing is the Evil Emperor site!"



Ye Tianyi came to the rear and looked at the many ships on the sea, close and numerous people, and also saw a lot of acquaintances.

This time it was exciting.

But he also has to find a boat.

So Ye Tianyi can't get a boat alone, right?

A familiar silhouette appeared in Ye Tianyi's sight.

Li Xian'er.

There are several familiar silhouettes beside Li Xian'er, Shen Qianlian, Shen Xia and the others.

It seems that Myriad Poisons Sect also came here as a group.

"Ziran, what are you looking at?"

On the other side, Chen Mo walked up to Zi Yanran and asked with a smile.

"It's okay, just see how many people there are."

Zi Yanran lightly saying.

"This time the competition will be extremely fierce. If it is really the Evil Emperor, his inheritance is not that important. What's more important are some secret techniques of Gods Era. Yes. We are very important to them."

Zi Yanran nodded.

Ye Tianyi should come, right?

He will definitely come!

He is absolutely impossible to give up this opportunity because there are many "acquaintances" here.

And Ye Tianyi is thinking about it at the moment.

Where is he going?

It is better to join a certain group, so that Ye Tianyi will not be particularly noticed.

Myriad Poisons Sect?

No, going to Myriad Poisons Sect is too easy to expose.

And don't approach Li Xian'er anymore, you will be noticed more easily if you approach her.

"en? Su Yuning?"

Ye Tianyi saw Su Yuning.

This woman Ye Tianyi is also more trustworthy, but...he is not sure because of this incident, she will choose to betray Ye Tianyi because of righteousness.

Forget it.

Ye Tianyi should get a boat by oneself.

Then Ye Tianyi came to the port.

"Boss, are there any ships?"

Then Boss shook the head: "I've bought them all. All ships of all levels are all finished. You have also seen all the ships here. It's human, so many people don't have to buy, they can only build quickly."


Ye Tianyi then walked away.

It's a bit difficult!

I can only join a small fleet.

"Young Master Lin."

There was a voice behind him, Ye Tianyi turned his head and saw An Xin'er.

"Xin'er girl? Why are you here?"

An Xin'er lightly saying: "I heard about the situation here, I feel that Young Master Lin may not act so well , Plus Phoenix Platform, my father, they also brought some people over, I think it is necessary to come over."


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