A Random System Everyday Chapter 2143

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Chapter 2160 is here.

I randomly add a new system First Volume every day. Chapter 2160 is here. An Xin'er is here purely because of Ye Tianyi, in order to make Ye Tianyi better. Take action.

I have to say, it is true.

Ye Tianyi is on Phoenix Platform, it is better to follow the people of Phoenix Platform than to follow anyone.

No one from Phoenix Platform knows Ye Tianyi and will not be targeted.


Ye Tianyi said.

"It's okay! Come with me."

An Xin'er took Ye Tianyi to the place where the Phoenix Platform was located.

There is a very large ship standing above the sea.

Phoenix Platform has about a hundred people, including young talents and top powerhouses.

"father, this is a friend I know, I want to ask him to go with Phoenix Platform."

An Xin'er said to An Yuntian.

An Yuntian looked at Ye Tianyi a few more times, then laughed, and said, "Okay! Since he is a friend of Xin'er, he is also a friend of Phoenix Platform. Anyway, there are many places. Come on."

"Many thanks Senior."

Ye Tianyi gave a salute.

People from a big ship next door saw this scene.

"Who is that person? How do I walk with An Xin'er? It looks like he is still on the Phoenix Platform boat?"

It was a man with white hair. , Looks really handsome, there is a kind of chic and elegant and some cold and arrogant feeling.

As you can see, there are a few people on this ship with white hair.

"It’s really not clear, I don’t know it, but which force may it be? Phoenix Platform has just experienced these things. This An Family urgently needs to establish a good relationship with Great Influence and promote Their development, maybe this person is because they want to build a good relationship with a certain power, let their people go with the Phoenix Platform."

"Then why doesn't he follow the own power?"

Xue Anze's eyes condensed.

"Go, go over and say hello."

Then they two got off the boat and went to the Phoenix Platform boat.

He likes An Xin'er. This An Xin'er and Shui Lanxin are also continent great and famous geniuses and beauties. The young geniuses of their generation basically like this several!

The snow imperial city where Xue Anze is located is also a super top force!

The place is Bright Moon Empire, but unfortunately it is a bit far from the Phoenix Platform, so there are really not many opportunities for him to meet An Xin'er.

"Senior An!"

Xue Anze respectfully gave a salute.

"It's An Ze."

An Yuntian smiled nodded.

"You have a lot of people coming to the imperial city this time, right?"

"More than a hundred people came, and it should be similar to the Phoenix Platform."

An Yuntian nodded; "Well, I will go to your place to say hello later."

Xue Anze nodded.

"Are you here to find Xin'er?"

Xue Anze is nodded again: "en."


"many thanks Senior An."

Then the two of them boarded the ship.

"Miss An."

Xue Anze yelled after seeing An Xin'er's back.

An Xin'er turned his head away.

"It's Young Master Xue."

An Xin'er Pico gave a salute.

"Miss An is welcome, I just saw you just now, so come over and say hello."

Xue Anze said with a faint smile.

"en. ”

Then his gaze looked towards Ye Tianyi.


The first moment he saw Ye Tianyi, he was disdainful.

The appearance of this person can only be said to be okay, but he can't get into Xue Anze's eyes at all, and I don't know what the relationship between him and An Xin'er can be.

"Miss An, who is this?"

Ye Tianyi lightly saying: "Xin'er's friend, just call me Lin Tianyī."

"It turned out to be Brother Tianyī, lucky to meet!"

He gave Ye Tianyi a punch, but he was thinking about the name in his mind.

Never heard of it, and definitely not a member of Heaven List, Heaven List does not have this name.

"Which force is Brother Tianyī? Why don't I know?" Xue Anze asked again.

"There is no power, just a good relationship with Xin'er girl, so he asked him to take me to the Evil Emperor site with Phoenix Platform."

Ye Tianyi lightly saying .

Hearing this, Xue Anze is frowned.

"hahahaha! This Young Master has also known Miss An for many years. I don’t seem to have heard of Miss An’s relationship with the opposite sex. Brother Tianyī can come to my snow imperial city if you’re interested. , We can also go together."

"That's not necessary, many thanks."

Xue Anze was nodded, and then left with that person.

"Fuck! What does this person mean? Knowing that you like An Xin'er, he said that on purpose?"

Xue Anze's face is also black.

"After arriving at the Evil Emperor site, I want this person to die, understand?"


An Xin'er, it can only be He is alone.

An Xin'er glanced at Ye Tianyi.

"Actually, you don't need it."

Ye Tianyi lightly saying: "It's okay, I don't care about this, anyway, there are more people who want to kill me, no more than him More, less, he is a lot."

Just like that, three days passed.

As the fog in the Sea Territory dissipated, countless ships spread across the Sea Territory and began to move forward.

"Come, Tianyi Little Brother, come over and eat something, these things are normally only caught in the sea, like we rarely eat, that is, fishermen near the sea often eat it, the taste is still good ."

An Yuntian greeted Ye Tianyi.

Of course he doesn't know Ye Tianyi, but after all, the daughter of oneself has a good relationship with him, he is still very curious.

"many thanks Senior An."

Ye Tianyi sat down.

There are also many powerhouses around.

"Where is this brother from? How did he meet his cousin?"

A young An Family man asked Ye Tianyi.

Although Ye Tianyi has been in Phoenix Platform before, few people here know Ye Tianyi.

But they all know each other now, because there were a few who came out from Phoenix Ruins at that time, and they also knew that Ye Tianyi was also in Phoenix Ruins at that time.

"I am a loose cultivator. I accidentally met An Qing before and saved her life. She invited me back to the Phoenix Platform for a while, and let me enter the Phoenix Restricted Area."

Ye Tianyi said.

An Xin'er also said: "In the Phoenix Restricted Area, I was attacked by Pin Tianhao from Pin Family. Those powerhouses were beaten into the lava, but there was an arse in Tianhao. Seriously injured, but fortunately Young Master Lin can only kill him even if he appears."

"That's my benefactor of An Family, life-saving friendship."

They are a group of people. Said.

"Come, come, Lin Little Brother, eat more, when the time comes to the Evil Emperor site, you can just follow the people of our Phoenix Platform."

"many Thanks, seniors, take care of it."

"Where is it."

They didn't doubt Ye Tianyi.

An Yuntian stood up and looked towards the distance, saying: "This trip will go to the Evil Emperor site. The journey is extremely dangerous. It will take nearly half a month to reach the destination. I don’t know the team of millions of people. How much can you survive."

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