A Random System Everyday Chapter 2144

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Chapter 2161 Ye Tianyi is here

I randomly create a new system First Volume every day. Chapter 2161 Ye Tianyi is here. That’s right!

This time I went to the site of the Evil Emperor, because the preparation time is extremely sufficient, and everyone on the continent has time to come! They all want to try it too!

This has resulted in nearly a million people directly in this Sea Territory.

Tian Elder stood up and said, "This time is a great coincidence. It happened that some people wanted to explore the forbidden sea, and then they discovered the heaven and earth natural phenomenon and heaven and earth. Talisman found out that the Evil Emperor site was about to be born. Maybe they were worried that if they entered the Evil Emperor site alone, their survival rate would be extremely low, so let’s spread the news."


An Yuntian looked towards everyone and said: "This time we are going forward, we have two points to pay attention to. The first is the monster beast in the sea. The deeper you go, the easier it is to encounter the extremely powerful Sea Beast. As you all know, according to the records, the powerful monster beasts in this sea are no less than our land. There is even a powerful world structure in this sea, and there may be very large existences that appear casually. You must be careful! "

"Yes! But this is easy to solve. After all, the entire sea is full of ships, all of us martial artists. There are also a lot of powerhouses. Basically, there should be very few big ones. Problems, so our primary purpose is to protect our ships! We must not let the ships have problems, otherwise, if we arrive at Death Forbidden Land, it will be difficult for us to survive."

Ye Tianyi frowned. pick.

"Is this Death Forbidden Land the thundercloud zone?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

"Yes! It takes nearly a day to get out of this area! This is why we have countless powerhouses but we have to go by boat. There is an extremely exaggerated thunder power in that area, no matter you No matter how detours, you need to cross the past. There, the martial artist is basically impossible to fly, and any thunder can smash it to death!"

"If good luck and the weather is good, the intensity of the thunder there is It’s a little weaker, but if it’s bad luck and just catches up with the thunderstorm, it will be a doomsday existence!"

Ye Tianyi then asked: "Is the space useless?"

An Yuntian laughed and said: "We must have thought of the question asked by Lin Little Brother. When you get there, you will know whether the space is useful or not. No matter how powerful the martial artist of the space attribute is, Space Jump simply cannot penetrate that. Death Forbidden Land, the power there is too strong, even if you use the space outside Death Forbidden Land, you can’t get through it at all! No matter how strong the power is compared to the power of the sky, what is it?"

"Where is seabed?" Ye Tianyi asked again.

"This thunder is continuously hacking into the sea. If it falls into the sea, it will become paralyzed to the point of unconsciousness and die faster, even if you dive to a deep position, so there is only one way. , Go forward by boat."

Ye Tianyi doesn't understand this, after all, he is not a person in this world.

"Of course, this ship is not an ordinary ship. If it is an ordinary ship, it will be destroyed in an instant. Each ship has a power slot. We have prepared various earth attributes. The spar of metal attribute and wind attribute, metal attribute and earth attribute can release protective power to resist the impact of thunder, wind attribute can provide faster speed for ships! Whether it can rush past depends purely on our luck and these protective powers Enough is enough."

Luck is what kind of weather they will encounter, including these thunders are all dropped randomly. Your good luck, you may not be attacked too many times, and bad luck will definitely be over.


Ye Tianyi nodded.

“There is also powerhouse that uses power to increase defense strength to withstand the impact of thunder. It depends on the situation. I only hope that it is not a thunderstorm, otherwise it may really be buried here.”


An Yuntian Road.

"Yes, if it is a thunderstorm, I doubt that half of these ships and people can reach the Evil God site successfully."

Ye Tianyi: "... "

So exaggerated.

It seems that he underestimated it.

"However, why is there such a powerful thunder zone there? How is it formed? Will there be any top heaven and earth spiritual object?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

"It should be, and it must be the heaven and earth spiritual object of Thunder Attribute, which can cause such a degree of thundercloud zone, I am afraid it must be Thunder God Bead? Now the overwhelming majority people suspect it is Thunder God Bead, it's a pity that even Paramount God wouldn't dare to explore in that situation."

Ye Tianyi raised his brow.

In fact, when Ye Tianyi found out, his first reaction was Thunder God Bead.

If it is Thunder God Bead, then Ye Tianyi definitely can't let it go.

This is one of the Strength Core of Heart of Eternal.

"But it is also possible that it was indeed formed because of the region, no one can confirm it."

Ye Tianyi is more inclined to Thunder God Bead.

"Let’s take a break first. It will take about five days to reach Death Forbidden Land."


Time slowly passed.

Four days have passed.

On a huge ship.


Several silhouettes gathered in the void one after another.

Here has not yet arrived at Death Forbidden Land, so they Yukong is casual.

"Cold God senior!"


The all influence led by Cold God gathered to the ships of the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion.

"Venerable Heavenly Development, I think you can try to deduce it."

Cold God looked at Venerable Heavenly Development.

Before let him deduce Ye Tianyi to the Evil God site, he did not deduce out, then now, if Ye Tianyi is here, they are so close, they will definitely be able to deduce out.

"en! This Venerable give it a try."

Venerable Heavenly Development nodded, and then set up with a few powerhouses to start Heavenly Secrets Deduction.

Soon, above the void, heaven and earth natural phenomenon appeared.

Countless people looked up at this scene, and even looked at the rotating Yin-Yang Heaven and Earth picture in the void.

"This is?"

"The seniors of Heavenly Secrets Pavilion are in Heavenly Secrets Deduction! Are they dangerous in deduce? Or is it the weather in Death Forbidden Land?"


"no! They are not at deduce! They must be at deduce. Are Ye Tianyi and Monstress among the people on this trip!"


After a while...

This time, Venerable Heavenly Development did not vomit blood.

The reason is very simple, because Ye Tianyi is right next to them, very close, which also greatly reduces the difficulty of deduce, so even if they are injured, they will not be as bad as before.


Cold God quickly asked.

She has not much time left in this life, and the thing she wants to do most is to finish this worry before she dies.

She only hates oneself and cannot Heavenly Secrets Deduction, otherwise, even if she pays her own life, she will deduce it.

"Yes! Right here!"

Venerable Heavenly Development eyes shined said.

Everyone's eyes are shining brightly too!

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