A Random System Everyday Chapter 2145

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Chapter 2162 Looking Ye Tianyi

Every day I randomly a new system First Volume Chapter 2162 Looking Ye Tianyi guess they are not wrong!

Ye Tianyi here!

Well, here they must seize the opportunity.

"now go directly one by one looking for him, perhaps the easiest way to ships, which though a lot of investigation was difficult, but I believe the overwhelming majority of people should be particularly fitting, after all, they are also worried that Monstress runaway. "

Yang Lin said.

"correct to say that we, the Great Influence looking to separate the major vessels, the message is also spread out, so that other people also look together, although many people, but we have enough time."

Han Yuening this time, said: "I do not think so."

she actually more stood Ye Tianyi side, though indeed Little Zi'er runaway extremely serious consequences, but at least she knows her life, Vast Cold Palace so many people's lives were saved in Ye Tianyi!

The Han Yuening feeling, if they follow this investigation, Ye Tianyi really get away!

She had tried to cancel the operation.

"Oh? Fairy Vast Cold any wisdom ah?"

Yang Lin indifferently said the sentence.

"I think so blatant to find Ye Tianyi, he wanted to run will be able to run away, but you do not forget he has space attribute."

Han Yuening He said.

" hahaha! space attribute Well, if he dared to run away, then release the space attribute, so many powerhouse here, can immediately lock it live, even though he ran away, that we can lock catch, or even directly crush his space, let him nowhere to run, this Venerable poured longed for him to run it. "

Yang Lin said with a big smile.

Han Yuening naturally know ah, so she knew Ye Tianyi get away, she wanted to try to see if you can make action to cancel.

"But Sect Lord Yang you can not forget, that Ye Tianyi means quite a lot, he has not showed up for so long, we must have prepared a lot of treasure, space spiritual artifact or class room talisman It should be inevitable, Sect Lord Yang afraid you do not have this ability to him to stay. "Han Yuening Road.

"I think Sect Lord said that rational, but you do not forget, that Ye Tianyi certainly know that so many of our forces so many people will come, even he must already know before we have been deduce his position, he is very smart, and he can guess, he must also know that we will be able to deduce his location, so even if he would be willing to, to prove that he has the courage to dare to come, I suggest, is not to beat the grass to scare the snake. "

Bing Yu Fairy channel.

is a powerhouse, he said:? "I think, too, and he now going to Evil Emperor site, then we start work in the Evil Emperor ruins would not be the most wonderful to inside the Evil Emperor sites, even if he also wanted to run get away. "

" I think this Ye Tianyi certainly impossible to bring together that Monstress, he must be a man came, in fact, in any case, what we want is his living, we end .. the goal is not Ye Tianyi, but that Monstress "

" OK "

Cold God this time interrupted their conversation, said:" Evil Emperor to the inside ruins , so many people dispersed, Ye Tianyi that means a lot, if not the number of dominant or very strong strength, really not be able to win him, and he will not be with us very close to his familiar powerhouse, Evil Emperor site hands caught him quite upset, Sect Lord Yang right, now do not be afraid beat the grass to scare the snake, now hands, but we have one more chance! "

Yang God is nodded : "Makes sense, everybody, then we split up to find that Ye Tianyi it, remember, found that Ye Tianyi later, must be sure not to kill him once he was dead, definitely not a good thing, when the time comes into the Evil Emperor site, we watched him on the line, or even to send some people do not Evil Emperor ruins, took him away to shut up. "

" understand. "

then they They have spread out action.


countless powerhouse First Squad to several people on each ship to find Ye Tianyi.

" Fort Lord Su, I trust you have been well since we last met."

Yang Lin came aboard the Su Family Fort.

"turned out to be Sect Lord Yang."

Su Chi hold a punch.

"Vast Cold Palace before that, we are also different camps, so become rivals, but now, we are still friends."

"hahaha, Sect Lord Yang said it. "

Su Chi laugh, then asked:"? Sect Lord Yang, so many powerhouse flying in the void, is there anything you "

" we are seeking that Ye Tianyi it, Fort Lord Su will not stop, right? "

Yang Lin said with a slight smile.

" ?? Oh mean that Ye Tianyi has come"

Yang Lin said: "I do not know, but it may come, please Fort Lord Su will your people all Please come out, I think you should be with it. "

" hahaha, that natural Yuning, to let everyone on deck. "

Yang Lin smiled and hugged punch: "many thanks to understand."

" matter of common people, should be."

soon, Su Family Fort of people have been brought up.

" Sect Lord Yang, Ye Tianyi do you feel?"

Su Chi asked with a smile.

Yang Lin and several other powerhouse will be completely enveloped in spiritual consciousness on the ship, to see if there who hide in a corner.

not found.

"That certainly is not, disturb."


Yang Lin then they left.

Ye Tianyi relations with those forces may be good, nature is the investigation of choice for these people.

"It seems that Ye Tianyi really come ah."

Su Chi Road sentence.

"I expected him to come also, but he was so brave."

Su Yuning gave that sentence.

"This kid is admirable presence, even though I admire him, hey, if he could not this matter how wonderful, really want to have such a son-ah."

Su Chi sigh loudly.

Su Yuning Su Chi a ramp.

" hahahaha, all right! We go and see."

" good."


"Sect Lord Shen ! "

the other side, Yang God came personally led Myriad Poisons Sect vessels.

" Yang God senior!"

Shen Qianlian quickly salute.

"does not have to do not have, this should be is your sect Fifteenth Elder, right?"

their eyes looked towards Li Xian'er.

Li Xian'er gave a salute: ". 've seen several senior"

" ah, with the Ye Tianyi genius very good fit ah, perfect match made in Heaven and arranged! by Earth. "

Yang God nodded impressed.

" . senior praised"

Shen Qianlian then said: "you came here to ??"

" Oh, we want to see that Ye Tianyi whether in the major vessels to the site of the Evil Emperor, so we came to check out, you, all right? "

" natural natural, Second Elder, you go to all persons on board call over. "

Shen Xia nodded and walked away.

Soon, all converge.

"ah bother."

Yang God said.

spiritual consciousness naturally released.

He took a step, suddenly thought of what, looked towards Li Xian'er, asked: "? Fifteenth Elder, Ye Tianyi that have contacted you yet"

Li Xian'er He shook his head.

" en."

Then they left.

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