A Random System Everyday Chapter 2146

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Chapter 2163 does have a strange man

Every day I randomly a new system First Volume Chapter 2163 does have a strange man Li Xian'er black brows slightly wrinkle.

This Ye Tianyi is really dare to, ah, he even dare to come here.


"This Ye Tianyi, knew he was not a good class, they might now because the whole piece continent will destroy him, that he did not know right or wrong, tell severity."

Shen Xia coldly snorted and said.

"Enough! Second Elder, how to say he is my Myriad Poisons Sect of the Fourteenth Elder, in Myriad Poisons Sect, he has never done the things I'm sorry we, how can they say that behind the Fourteenth Elder ? "

Shen Qianlian snapped loudly.

Shen Xia gave a salute, said:. "understand"

Shen Qianlian looked towards Li Xian'er, Road: "Fifteenth Elder also must not worry too much, since the Fourteenth Elder dare to come here, to prove that he must have FLAC, they will not be arrested for "

Shi Yincheng also nodded, and said:." Yes, and they caught Fourteenth Elder nor to kill him, theory the Fourteenth Elder there would be no danger. "

Li Xian'er nodded.

They all thought the two of them are lovers, world's people are not think so.

does not matter.

She is not so concerned about.

on the other side. After

"They're looking for you."

An Xin'er that message, went to the deck Ye Tianyi side of a road.

Ye Tianyi nodded.

"all right."

An Xin'er said: "still very dangerous, you are not the person Phoenix Platform, once asked, we will certainly speak out, and once so, you will be noticed by them. "

" nothing, was arrested was arrested it. "

Ye Tianyi lightly saying.


An Xin'er stunned for a moment.

Ye Tianyi said:. "really not good to run, they would be taken away is also very good, as long as I can go like Evil Emperor ruins"

Ye Tianyi We have been ready.

They were arrested anyway, it will not die, if we are found, then Ye Tianyi think not a bad thing, he only needs to ensure that the site can go to the Evil Emperor!

and take the initiative, in fact, Ye Tianyi.

They need those concerns, the pressure was big.

An Xin'er really admire Ye Tianyi, all this time he can say this remark.

Cold God with Han Yuening and the others destined for the Phoenix Platform vessel.

" Yuening, you do not get too in my heart, he's saved us, so we will not lay hands on him, caught him just to elicit that Monstress nothing, we did this hatred with him."

Cold God said.

"I understand."

Han Yuening nodded.

can be, she also knows that at least Ye Tianyi saved them, but ...... then Cold God that beat although the hit Little Zi'er, but should Ye Tianyi not lucky, he was dead!

normal he will die.

"into a major event were sloppy, and do not have so many ideas, this world continent as the most important safety compared with the continent, all the little things, you kill me, too."

Han Yuening nodded .

Then they went to a few people together in the vessel Phoenix Platform.

"An Sect Lord! I trust you have been well since we last met."

Cold God gave that a cane.

" Cold God senior! But Junior in mind that you are respected presence, extremely sorry, did not have time to talk to Cold God senior hello, victims in person to the Cold God senior."

An Yuntian gave a salute said.

"harmless without problems, suffered so much misfortune before your sect, that nothing within a few sect, right?"

" Cold God senior care blessing, all right. "

Cold God nodded:" That's good "

An Yuntian see Han Yuening, also the road:".! Fairy Vast Cold "

Han Yuening slightly nodded.

"like this, we find that Ye Tianyi, so the hopes of finding the Phoenix Platform here."

An Yuntian down there is nothing to worry about, and then he said: "Understand, Third Elder, put you all gathered here. "

" is! "

soon, Phoenix Platform over a number of people are all brought together to here.

course comprises Ye Tianyi.

Cold God release spiritual consciousness feeling a bit.

no one else.

But her eyes still from Ye Tianyi who skipped one.

She knew Ye Tianyi will definitely appearance changing, and therefore does she see everyone when they are trying to see through appearance changing.

But Ye Tianyi's appearance changing really was not anyone able to see this through.

unless she is keeping a close eye Ye Tianyi see.

But apparently not, because she certainly never imagined that she boundary so high, had to see through the appearance changing so hard.

"ah, nothing happened."

Cold God said.


"Young Master Xue, recently you have not seen anyone unusual? Now we find that Ye Tianyi amid the fleet, just not sure exactly where is. "

above the snow imperial city next door, there are several powerhouse looking Ye Tianyi.

Snow Anze hear the words, a little thought.

"To say that this anomaly does have that one."

"Oh? Young Master Xue refers to who?"

Snow Anze then, pointing to the boat next to Phoenix Platform, he said: "this is Phoenix Platform'd come so a person, not the person Phoenix Platform, the only Phoenix Platform called a friend to say this old thing, seem small, it two like a dozen, but I have not seen before is true, what Lin Tianyī name? "

that powerhouse brows tightly knit. "? Ye Tianyi, Lin Tianyī ...... what relevance this one will do"

Snow Anze Road: "this Young Master is not clear, you still look good in the past it. "

" en! many thanks up! we go! "

then they have to go to the board of Phoenix Platform.

Anze snow did not suspect Lin Tianyī is Ye Tianyi, after all, how can there be such a coincidence thing Well, he is unhappy man, give him some trouble to find nothing.

Phoenix Platform board.

"That Excuse me, we will go first."

Cold God gave that one!

" Cold God senior, Fairy Vast Cold, you walking."

An Xin'er sighed in relief.

This Ye Tianyi's appearance changing really is terrible, did not even to be found.

Because Phoenix Platform also come with Ye Tianyi big as youngster more of it.

What they did not suspect.

"Wait a minute."

At this moment the ship down from the snow imperial city of several powerhouse came here.

" Cold God senior, I understand that this Phoenix Platform on board a suspicious person does not belong to the Phoenix Platform, with old Ye Tianyi also similar, what Lin Tianyī call, I feel the need to pay special attention to it, Which is called Lin Tianyī ah? "

Phoenix Platform lot of people looked towards the Ye Tianyi.

An Xin'er Daimei all at once.

how suddenly this?

"The Lord ......"

An Yuntian out and said: "Lin Little Brother Phoenix Platform is our friend, and, Cold God senior has personally checked, no any exception, I want to know the forest Little Brother should also not known how much, how can giving names of the suspect that he does "

that powerhouse said:"? Now can name any names, that Nature is some doubt that he is Ye Tianyi, but since the Cold God senior have been checked with no abnormalities, then this Venerable is superfluous, all right. "

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