A Random System Everyday Chapter 2147

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Chapter 2164 Ye Tianyi was arrested

Every day I randomly a new system First Volume Chapter 2164 Ye Tianyi was arrested An Xin'er and sighed in relief.

'd Ye Tianyi ......

In fact, for Ye Tianyi, he was not to be found are almost right.

If they find he is Ye Tianyi, but Ye Tianyi even have a chance to reach some purpose.

" Cold God sir, I go first."

Having a few powerhouse left.

Originally Cold God is also ready to leave.

But she kept that in mind.

She thought, this means extraordinary ah Ye Tianyi, she would not be not noticed it?

This is called since it was suspected to be the head of Lin Tianyī, that there should be a Diudiu reason for it? Whether such moves ever accidentally saw Lin Tianyī of this?

So, Cold God intend to look at oneself.

" ? Phoenix Platform looks with this junior named Lin Tianyī good relationship"

An Yuntian stood up and said:. "He is my daughter's friend"

Cold God thought.

This Ye Tianyi should not have directly handed Phoenix Platform Sect Lord's daughter as a friend, right? After all, such a short time.

But not necessarily ah, some day.

"ah, very good."

Cold God nodded, she looked An Xin'er look.

naturally An Xin'er seen standing next to the Ye Tianyi.

at first she did not particularly notice Ye Tianyi, but now, she does not feel right!

The man's eyes, like with other peers are not the same.

Although he did not dodge guilty in the eyes, but the eyes seem to follow Ye Tianyi bit like ah.

Ye Tianyi feel oneself be found.

Cold God a condensate eyes!

" Ye Tianyi!"

She suddenly silent.



around a moment.

An Xin'er Daimei all at once.


" Cold God senior, long time no see ah."

Ye Tianyi grins directed Cold God.


everyone's attention all looked towards Ye Tianyi.

An Yuntian it is a look of shock.

The Lin Tianyī, pay his daughter's friend turned out to be Ye Tianyi?


His daughter should not know his true identity.

"really is you! You make Laoshen good looking ah."

Cold God walked slowly toward the front of Ye Tianyi.

"I say Cold God senior, whatever the outcome, I saved your life, will not it?"

Ye Tianyi Road.

"You know, we are looking for you not to kill you, but not any grudges with you, just for the Monstress, I know the relationship between you and her is still good, but I hope you can understand what is a righteous cause! There are some things, some people must be willing! "

Cold God said to Ye Tianyi.


around everyone talking at once.

"It turned out he was Ye Tianyi, fuck! This is the Ye Tianyi legendary? I listen to those rumors one after another can be outrageous, did not expect him in our boat ah."

"eldest Young Lady how and Ye Tianyi will be friends? Does she not know that Ye Tianyi true identity is not it?"

" should be so, after all, in which Ye Tianyi appearance changing, has changed the name, nor the Monstress in the side, plus revealing what he did. "

" ...... "

" Ye Tianyi, with Laoshen Come on, you're smart, was immediately recognized it did not run, you know you can not hide. "

Cold God said.

"Since they are Cold God senior this and other powerhouse caught, how do I run it?"

Ye Tianyi laughed.


Cold God and then with Ye Tianyi left. After

leave, they discuss spiritedly.

" fuck! This Ye Tianyi so was captured?"

" is not hearsay Ye Tianyi very difficult to deal with it? shaking means endless variety, and in all that time under the Great Influence hunt are away, even tease them about it, and now how to let them away? this is not so outrageous rumors Ye Tianyi ah. "

" to tell the truth, no matter how the is a Divine Sovereign Boundary martial artist, can be worse to what extent? estimate has put before he can have the ability to use it again, this time so many powerhouse on the side, he ran also get away ah. "


"Xin'er, how is it?"

An Yuntian quickly to An Xin'er asked.

"I do not know."

An Xin'er shaking his head.

"Fortunately no danger, but ...... you and Qingqing all owe him a life, Phoenix Platform for so much kindness, we can only watch as he was taken away, hey."

An Yuntian sighed .

"all right."

An Xin'er just talk to Ye Tianyi, this one seems quite confident look.

He is not sure what to worry about.


" What? Ye Tianyi caught? hahaha, good! good!"

" I thought this could have Ye Tianyi more difficult to catch it? this is not to be caught? Cold God or Cold God ah, that is terrible! Ye Tianyi let this useless ah hiding anywhere. "

" I kinda want to see this Ye Tianyi in the end is what kind of people, where he was taken to go? "

" should be on the boat Vast Cold Palace of. "

" ...... "

"What? Ye Tianyi caught?"

Su Yuning heard the news, black brows slightly wrinkle.

Not ah!

This is her imagination Ye Tianyi not the same ah.

This Ye Tianyi is not very Niubi it?

Logically speaking, he really should have been caught, but since he came here to prove that he greatly emboldened, so the image of the eyes Ye Tianyi Su Yuning, he certainly will not be caught to ah.

But so was caught?

"After so many powerhouse, after all he is not a top powerhouse, it makes sense, all right, at least he is no danger."

Su Chi said.

" father you said just now, it is because they need the help of Ye Tianyi hand to find Little Zi'er, but did not say if Ye Tianyi, they will certainly afflict Ye Tianyi, even kill him! after all that time in the Vast Cold Palace, which Ye Tianyi save everyone, Cold God has ignored kill Ye Tianyi have to hit to kill Little Zi'er, as evidenced by these people a vicious and merciless. "

Su Chi sighed: " hey, that is the ah, this is really good Ye Tianyi temper, if for any one person to do, obviously to save these people, but these people are also almost killed, or even continuously kill, already blackened, right? "

Ye Tianyi good temper?

His temper can be bad!

Ye Tianyi only relatively saner.

Moreover, Little Zi'er is Ye Tianyi care about the people, he did not want to let oneself go and my heart happy revenge, resulting in serious consequences of Little Zi'er.

on the other side.

"What? Fourteenth Elder was captured?"

Shen Qianlian shocked to hear the news that they also face.

"Oh Oh! Although they are not going to kill Fourteenth Elder, but if the Fourteenth Elder rather die than submit, he finally will be tortured or even killed!"

Shen Qianlian said.

Shi Yincheng Road; "the attitude of those who now seem very good but not directly because of decorum, and Ye Tianyi saved them, but when the time comes, if nobody knows the words, Fourteenth Elder will killed. "

Shen Xia touches the hearts of sneer.


Li Xian'er beautiful eyes flashing worry.

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