A Random System Everyday Chapter 2148

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Chapter 2165 I want those who should die to die

I randomly create a new system First Volume every day Chapter 2165 I want those who should die to die against Li Xian'er In other words, Ye Tianyi is indeed a rare friend!

She really has no friends!

Ye Tianyi really made her touch her, and Li Xian'er really valued Ye Tianyi, and felt that Ye Tianyi is really a very worthy opponent!

If he had an accident because of this kind of thing, Li Xian'er would really feel a pity.


Intuition tells Li Xian'er that this matter should not be that simple.

The ability of this Ye Tianyi is outstanding, at least he is impossible to kill.

Let's take a look.

See what will happen in the future.

Ye Tianyi was taken here on the ship at Vast Cold Palace.

For the sake of face, Ye Tianyi is not tied up, so why is it because of face.

If you think about it, Ye Tianyi saved them. They arrested Ye Tianyi for Little Zi'er. Then Ye Tianyi itself is not wrong, at most it is to protect Little Zi'er, but because Ye Tianyi is them Benefactor, so they will not say that Ye Tianyi is tied up.

It's the same anyway, Ye Tianyi can't run away either.

"Ye Tianyi, you have been running so fast in the past few months. For you, Venerable Heavenly Development even spends a lot of life essence to deduce you, but You're quite something. Under the pursuit of so many of us, you were caught now."

Yang Lin stared at Ye Tianyi coldly said.

"Yes, I also thought that I was a boundary low-minded martial artist, why did you catch me for so long to catch me?"

Ye Tianyi sitting there lightly saying.

The implication of this is that so many of you powerhouses can't catch him with such a low boundary. That's really shameful.

"You are really clever! Tell me where the Monstress is!"

Yang Lin scolded angrily.

"I said senior, did you make a mistake? I owe you something or something, why are you talking to me in this tone? If I remember well, I'm still saved Is your life?"

Then Ye Tianyi glanced at the others and said: "If I remember well, I saved many of you, right? That's that, this is this Your attitude towards life saving benefactor? Hey, really, sometimes people are worse than beasts."


Many people looked at Ye Tianyi's words They were all angry, but there seemed to be no way to refute them.

Because Ye Tianyi indeed saved their lives.

"Hey, I really want this world's people to know what your top powerhouse's attitude towards life saving benefactor is."

Han Yuening stood there and went to One step forward, I looked at Ye Tianyi and said: "You are right, but that's that, this is this. We can try our best to repay you, but you have to do something else too."

" Che, you haven’t repaid me, but now you’re talking empty words here, am I happy? Just imagine, you saved some people’s lives, and at first, you don’t intend to repay, but the people you saved do not repay you. I want to kill you, what do you think?"

Ye Tianyi said.

Ye Tianyi's words really made many people's faces ashamed.

"Ye Tianyi, you are right! The old man is willing to apologize with death! But before you die, you must use this life to its fullest effect. You also understand that if the Monstress goes violently, the consequences will be What is it, we have no hatred with you, we just want to protect this continent, protect the hundreds of people."

Cold God said.

"Then what should I do if I am upset?"

Ye Tianyi smiled and said.

"What do you want, as long as you can tell us the whereabouts of the Monstress, anything will do."

Ye Tianyi rubbed his chin and said: "Well, I want to... I don’t think I should save people, so I want to let all those who should die, okay?"


Yang Lin pointed at Ye Tianyi , His face was full of anger.

"Especially this."

Ye Tianyi pointed to Yang Lin.

"Ye Tianyi, you are too unreasonable."

"Unreasonable? People are saved by me. If I don't save them, the overwhelming majority will have to die. Now they are alive. I was still treated like this, and I didn’t ask for other compensation or anything. I regretted that I had saved people. Is there a problem?"

Ye Tianyi lightly saying.

"It seems that you don't want to tell the whereabouts of Monstress?"

Ye Tianyi said with a smile: "I said, I will tell, but at least I am satisfied Huh? You can't even fulfill my Xiaoxiao request, one after another, the person who owes me now points to me and asks me to do other things. Why? Huh? Why?"

They even Also unable to refute.

"Okay! Since you don't want to say something, then take you away first, and some people will take him back and take a good look. You can't treat him badly."

Cold God said at this time.


Ye Tianyi shrugged, said: "I am so far away to go to the Evil God site, and now I don’t even give it to the Evil God site. Go, all right."

"What did you do at the Evil God site?"

Yang Lin asked.

"Then what are you doing there again? It's funny."

ka ka ka ——

Yang Lin clenched his fists.

"Everyone, what's your opinion?"

"My opinion is that we and Ye Tianyi are not enemies at all. If he wants to go, let him go. "

"No! What if I die there? Although Ye Tianyi is not an enemy, his meaning is extraordinary. It may be the death of hundreds of millions of creatures! Old man no He has been rescued, the old man can say that even if he died, he would have to be tortured to be killed by us for questioning, not to the Evil God site!"

"I agree! And the Evil God site No one knows what the situation is. What if he ran away there, or if we don’t have any thoughts and energy to see him?"

"Let me say, waste this time doing it. Well, we will force her to ask her the position of Monstress right now. We are doing it for the purpose of continent. If he doesn’t say it, it will be tortured until he says! Give him a face?"

"Yes! Give him a face Already? So many powerhouses are here to give him face, what level of martial artist does he dare to show off one's military strength in front of so many powerhouses? That said, you saved people in the first place, and now you regret it, then who is there? Forced you to save it? You can blame others for saving others by yourself?"


Everyone talking at once.

"Okay! Everyone..."

The Venerable Heavenly Development walked over with a group of powerhouses of the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion.

Venerable Heavenly Development looks at Ye Tianyi.

"Let’s take him to the Evil God site. There is only one more person. If there is more powerhouse to take care of another person, there is no problem, but in order to guard against the unexpected, he still needs his cultivation. The base is blocked. There is no cultivation base and spirit strength. Even if there are countless Supreme Treasures, he is not easy to use."

"I think Venerable Heavenly Development makes sense! Block the cultivation base! And to be honest, the Evil Emperor site is also very important. If someone sends him back, it will be bad if there is any accident along the way. After all, some people may be on his side."

Ye Tianyi did not speak.

Anyway, as long as he goes to the Evil Emperor site, his goal will be achieved.

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