A Random System Everyday Chapter 2150

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Chapter 2167 Ye Tianyi's method

I randomly create a new system First Volume every day Chapter 2167 Ye Tianyi's method An old man said: "Young Hero Ye, please also understand our difficulties. "

Ye Tianyi said: "It's obviously more difficult for me now? I don't even have a chance to get intimate with my lover. What do you treat me as a prisoner or what? I tell you, those I saved people, but now I am being treated like this, I can bear it now, if it really annoys me, believing or not I let Little Zi'er run away and destroy you?"

"Dare you!"

Ye Tianyi said: "You forced me."

Then the powerhouses had a few conversations.

"Let me tell your Lord Cold God."

"No, the old man heard it."

Cold God came over at this time.

"Your Excellency Cold God, what do you think is good?"

Cold God then looked at Ye Tianyi and said: "It is understandable for you to be intimate and affectionate a little bit, but if you want to go deeper It’s really hard for Mr. Shu to agree. If it’s just for intimacy, you can go to a corner, and you can make intimacy at the other end of the corner. Our people are at the corner. Just take a step and turn around and you can see what you are doing. As for a deeper step. , Then we cannot guarantee safety, hope you can understand."

"It means you have to overhear?"

Ye Tianyi asked.

"Please understand, we are not for eavesdropping, we are just worried about what you are discussing with your partner."

Ye Tianyi looked very unhappy.

"I really took it! Okay! So let's go."

Ye Tianyi then took Li Xian'er's hand and walked away.

"The old man will go there in person."

Cold God walked over with them after he said it.

It's a corner, a bit similar to the end of the school corridor. When you turn, it is the stairs. Ye Tianyi and Li Xian'er are at the corner. Cold God is standing in the corridor. Cold God walks forward and turns his head. You can see the stairs, it's actually a distance of two or three meters.

So, she can hear what they say, and if she feels the same, she can see it in less than a second.

"Baobao, I want to kiss."

Ye Tianyi grabbed Li Xian'er's waist.

Li Xian'er; "..."

Damn man!

Isn't she taking the opportunity to take advantage of her?


Seeing that in such an emergency situation, she endured it.

Then Ye Tianyi hugged Li Xian'er like this, Li Xian'er put his hands on Ye Tianyi's shoulders, and the two people were very close to each other.

Ye Tianyi opened his mouth and said a few words, but made no sound.

Li Xian'er can only see Ye Tianyi's mouth.

A bit difficult.

But Ye Tianyi spoke very slowly, and could even be repeated continuously, Li Xian'er remembered in his heart.

Ye Tianyi is talking about a medicinal pill that can help him directly break through the power seal in his body!

This medicinal pill Ye Tianyi is definitely not there, but Li Xian'er has a way to get it! Including the heaven and earth spiritual object required by its formula!

Don’t forget, there are so many powerhouses here, these formulas can’t be considered are extremely rare, she has a chance to get them.

"Do you have any questions?"

Ye Tianyi asked Li Xian'er with a mouth type.

Li Xian'er shook his head.

"Go to Su Family Fort Su Yuning."

Ye Tianyi finally told her with his mouth.

He still chooses to believe in Su Yuning. Even if he can't believe it completely, Li Xian'er will not tell her the truth anyway. Anyway, it should be no problem to get these things through her hands.

Li Xian'er nodded.

"Oh baby, you bit my tongue."

Ye Tianyi said suddenly.

The Cold God frowned beside him without any doubt.

"I'm sorry."

Li Xian'er said.

"Forget it, those damn Sima things, all damn things, let Lao Tzu hold you and can't go further with you, damn it."

Ye Tianyi Scolded.

She was also angry when she heard Cold God next to her, but she had nowhere to vent.

But on the contrary, she has no doubt about it.

Then Ye Tianyi took Li Xian'er's hand and walked over.

"It's over?"

asked Cold God.

"Well, there are people who feel that they are here, so forget it."

Ye Tianyi said in a bad tone, and walked away with Li Xian'er after speaking.

Went to the deck again, and they chatted for a while, and didn't let Li Xian'er leave directly. That would feel too fake.

"Okay, you go back first, I also have a good rest, and I will come to see me later."

"Okay, you take care."

Li Xian'er said.

"en. ”

Then Li Xian'er walked away. When passing by a few powerhouses, he was a little leaned back, gave a salute.

"I'm hungry."

Ye Tianyi shouted.

"Where is dignified martial artist hungry?"

"I just want to eat. If you find me annoying, send me somewhere else. If you don’t want to, then at least Have to meet some of my small requirements?"

Ye Tianyi said.

"Okay, you will wait."


On the other side, Li Xian'er went back to the ship of Myriad Poisons Sect first, no Go directly to other places in case anyone is paying attention to her.

After a while, Li Xian'er walked to Shen Qianlian's side.

"Sect Lord, I'm going to Su Family Fort. Ye Tianyi just asked me to say thank you to President Su of Five Moons Chamber of Commerce. She helped him before and I haven't had time to thank him. "

Li Xian'er said to Shen Qianlian.

Shen Qianlian thought for a while, and said: "Okay, then this Sect Lord will go with you."

Five Moons Chamber of Commerce is still great, let's see if you can Get closer to Five Moons Chamber of Commerce, and even Su Family Fort.

This is exactly what Li Xian'er thought.

She told Shen Qianlian that she hoped to go with Shen Qianlian. In this case, she didn't have that much suspicion to be discovered.


Then they went to the Su Family Fort boat together.

"Fort Lord Su! Fortunately to meet you! Myriad Poisons Sect Shen Qianlian, it is polite."

Shen Qianlian smiled and said hello in the past.

"It turned out to be Myriad Poisons Sect Sect Lord! Fortunately!"

Su Chi is also nodded.

"I didn't have a chance to chat with Sect Lord Shen before, this time it is a chance."

Su Chi said with a smile.

After all, this is the sect where Ye Tianyi is. He has fought a battle there before. Su Chi still has to give this face.

Then he looked towards Li Xian'er.

"Is this Fifteenth Elder?"

Su Chi asked.

Li Xian'er gave a salute: "I have seen Fort Lord Su."

"It's Fifteenth Elder, I'm so lucky to meet! Hahaha, as a rumor, and Young Friend Ye, handsome man and beautiful girl, made in Heaven and arranged by Earth, hahaha."

"Fort Lord Su is polite."

"Sit down and sit down."

Then Su Chi invited them to sit down.

"I don't know what will happen to the two of you?"

Su Chi poured tea ceremony for them.

"It’s okay. It’s just that Fourteenth Elder had a good relationship with Ling Qianjin, and she helped Fourteenth Elder. Fifteenth Elder wanted to come over and say thank you specifically for Fourteenth Elder."

"so that's how it is, Yuning is here, I'll ask someone to shout."

"No trouble, I saw President Su, I went to say thank you."

Li Xian'er finished speaking and got up and walked towards Su Yuning.

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