A Random System Everyday Chapter 2151

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Chapter 2168 Arrived in Death Forbidden Land

Su Yuning naturally also saw Li Xian'er.

They didn't have much contact, but seeing Shen Qianlian and seeing a woman with such an outstanding temperament next to her, she guessed it must be Li Xian'er.

There must be something wrong, because just now she also learned that Li Xian'er went to meet Ye Tianyi.

"President Su."

"Xian'er girl."

The two beautiful women came together.

"Ye Tianyi let me say thank you."

Li Xian'er said softly.

"It’s not necessary, but I have to thank him for helping Five Moons Chamber of Commerce so much, and saving so many people from Su Family Fort at Vast Cold Palace, including my father, Girl Xian'er, come here to talk."

Li Xian'er nodded.

They chatted for a while with the usual kind words.

Li Xian'er then said: "That's it. I am a little embarrassed. I just went to Ye Tianyi. His medical technique is superb and he told me the method of treatment, but he lacks medicine ingredient. In addition, we are going to the Evil Emperor site soon. If this is the case, it may be more dangerous. He said that you can ask President Su to help you find it."

Su Yuning naturally guessed something.

Of course it is just a guess.

"Naturally, no problem, please say."

Then Li Xian'er said some names of heaven and earth spiritual objects.

"If these words are easy to find in the Five Moons Chamber of Commerce, but here I need some time, Xian'er girl can stay here for a while, I will help find it."


"President Su trouble."

"You are welcome."

After two or three hours, Su Yuning came over.

"It's all here, here."

She handed Li Xian'er a space ring.

"Many thanks President Su, here."

Li Xian'er handed her a space ring, which was obviously a reward.

Su Yuning laughed and said: "Lady Xian'er is polite, no, I said I owe Fourteenth Elder a lot, and these are my rewards."

"Then I won't be hypocritical."

Su Yuning smiled nodded.

"By the way, does Fifteenth Elder need to refine the medicinal pill? I have a senior who has a very high boundary and a good medical technique can help you refine it."

Li Xian'er shook his head: "Don't bother, I will oneself go and try it slowly."



Then Li Xian'er left.

After leaving, she set up a pill refining furnace in a corner of the ship of Myriad Poisons Sect.

There are two Pill Refining Techniques, Nine Dragons Burning Cauldron and Hundred Phoenixes Together In The Sky. She can greatly reduce the difficulty of pill refining. In addition, she also has other methods, even if it is a Ninth Rank medicinal pill , She also has a way to refine it.

It's just a little more specific refining methods and steps. Ye Tianyi just talked to her about it, but she realized that it shouldn't be a problem.

This also shows Ye Tianyi's belief in Li Xian'er. She knows that this woman is very difficult to deal with, so Ye Tianyi believes in her.

Li Xian'er is indeed Li Xian'er. This is still a medicinal pill that she has only heard of, but she has successfully refined it.

This medicinal pill, very difficult to deal with very difficult to deal with, is a Nine Heavens breaking seal pill that specializes in removing the seal of power. She has seen it in the ancient book.

But this is also a kind of lost medicinal pill, just refining this medicinal pill, also let Li Xian'er learn a lot.

The emergence of the heaven and earth natural phenomenon has attracted the attention of many, many people.

"That's it?"

"Thundercloud! It's a pill thunder. Someone should have made a medicinal pill. This should be the pill thunder of the Ninth Rank medicinal pill."

Shen Qianlian They also looked over.

I saw Li Xian'er in the pill refining a long time ago, and they didn't say anything.

"We have to block Fifteenth Elder."

Shen Qianlian said.


Thunder fell.

Shen Qianlian and several Myriad Poisons Sect powerhouses jumped forward to block the pill thunder for Li Xian'er.

Li Xian'er saw Shen Qianlian and the others going up, so he stopped.

This Myriad Poisons Sect, according to Ye Tianyi, Shen Qianlian and the others should be regarded as very upright, more affectionate people, and his affairs may be done by a single person!

Now it seems even more so.

Pill thunder is all blocked, Shen Qianlian and the others are somewhat battered and exhausted.

"Fifteenth Elder is a good method! This age can actually refine the Ninth Rank medicinal pill!"

Shen Qianlian looked towards Li Xian'er could not help but said in shock.

Li Xian'er then said: "I just tried it. Didn't expect really succeeded."

"But be careful in the future, Ninth Rank medicinal pill The pill thunder is too powerful, and the Immemorial Divine King Boundary of old man has to be extremely cautious."

Li Xian'er nodded.

The medicinal pill succeeded.

When the time comes, find a chance to find Ye Tianyi and just give him things.

At this time, Yang Lin brought a few people to the ship.

"What's going on?"

Yang Lin brows tightly knit asked.

This is what happened on the Myriad Poisons Sect ship, he must pay more attention to it.

Shen Qianlian took a fist and said: "We are refining the medicinal pill. After all, we are going to the Evil Emperor site, and now there is nothing to do. Refining a more powerful medicinal pill for backup."

This explanation does not seem to be a big problem.

"Then please pay attention, if this thunder falls on someone else’s ship, it may cause misfortune."

"Well, it was just an accident, so we won’t It's refined, sorry."


Yang Lin took another look, didn't think much about it, and then left.

It seems that there is nothing wrong with it. I have been on this ship for several days. Apart from drinking some wine, playing chess and chatting, we really have nothing to do. Take advantage of this time to refine a medicinal pill for emergencies. Nothing wrong.

Li Xian'er went to see Ye Tianyi a day later and secretly gave the medicinal pill to Ye Tianyi.

There was no intimacy this time, and I am afraid that the intimacy will be suspected any more. It was when the two were on the deck holding the railing and looking at the sea and chatting, Ye Tianyi held hands with her, and she took advantage of the opportunity to seal the spirit strength and The medicinal pill of medicinal fragrance was given to Ye Tianyi.

She never visited again.

"Attention everyone! It's coming to Death Forbidden Land soon! Be vigilant, our greatest danger is coming soon!"

On the major ships, Those people notified them one after another.

"Ready to prepare the spar, open the ship's defense barrier at any time."


Everyone entered a tense atmosphere.

Everyone is on the deck, and can contribute a lot when it is critical.

On the deck of Vast Cold Palace, Ye Tianyi stood there.

"Young Friend Ye, you can go to rest. Now you don't have a cultivation base, so you don't need to stand on the deck."

An old man walked over and said.

"Many thanks, I care, but I want to see this Death Forbidden Land."

Ye Tianyi said.

He really wants to see if there is a Thunder God Bead in Death Forbidden Land!

Ye Tianyi really wanted to get it.

"Well, then please be careful."

Han Yuening came over and said: "I will protect him."

"Then trouble Sect Lord Now."

"It's okay."

In spite of this, there are still a few people staring at Ye Tianyi not far away.

At this moment, the sky is clear! the sun is big!

However, a scene in the distance caught Ye Tianyi's eyes.


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