A Random System Everyday Chapter 2153

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Chapter 2170 rainstorm is here

Chapter 2149 rainstorm is coming

Some of the more powerful forces, at least the ships of Myriad Poisons Sect this level have all opened their defensive barriers.

Slightly weaker, they are really reluctant. If you open it now and run out of when the time comes, but encounter rainstorm or other dangers, it is really dead.

However, the ships of the overwhelming majority still have not opened the defense barrier.

Because of these millions of people, the overwhelming majority are still relatively ordinary martial artists or ordinary families and forces.

More are some martial artists whose boundary is not high, they came here in search of great opportunities! In addition, there are countless powerhouses here, and they will feel safer under the protection of so many powerhouses.

Even though when the time comes, those powerhouses are first served with any treasures, but they do not seek to get the best things in it, as long as they can get better ones, they are satisfied.

"Be careful, we haven't turned on the defensive power yet, everyone's attention is on the sky, if there is a thunder to break down, you must directly block it!"

"No, who dares to block this thunder?"

"Don't worry, when it is not rainstorm, the intensity of these thunders is actually not that high."

"But Heavenly Punishment Thunder, even the most ordinary may kill an Immemorial Divine King Boundary."

"It is true, but if the ship is damaged and no one takes us in, then all is required. Life!"




Even in the case of rainstorm, this The frequency of thunder falling is actually not low.

Basically, you can hear a thunder in a second.

It's just a matter of distance.

Although this frequency seems to be quite high, it is actually not high!

Don’t forget how big this area is. With such a large area, what does it mean to make a thunder every second?

Time slowly passed.

Everything seems not dangerous.

There are a few ships destroyed, but it seems that no who died.

"If this is the case, then it is estimated that there is no danger. I will pass this Death Forbidden Land in two days. I hope nothing will happen."

Many people are there. Praying.

Ye Tianyi stood there and looked at the sky all the way, as if looking for something.

"What are you looking at?"

Han Yuening came over and handed Ye Tianyi a cup of tea indifferently asked.

"Just take a look."

Ye Tianyi said.

Han Yuening also looked up and said, "I should be looking for what caused the thundercloud here?"


" It's not so easy to find in such a big place, and even if you find it, it's difficult to go up."

Han Yuening said.

Even in this situation, no one dared to rush to the thundercloud above his head.

"When you arrive at the Evil Emperor site, don’t try to break away from us. In your current situation, Vast Cold Palace and other Great Influence powerhouses are your greatest guarantee. They will protect you no matter what. Of."

Han Yuening said.

"I'm like this, what am I running?"

Ye Tianyi shrugged.

"I'm sorry."

Han Yuening said to Ye Tianyi.

Ye Tianyi glanced at her.

"I can't do anything."

Ye Tianyi didn't say anything, but kept looking up.

"The rain seems to be heavy."

Ye Tianyi extend the hand, catching the rain with his hands.

Han Yuening also stretched out his hand.

Her eyebrows frowned slightly.

"It seems to be really big."

Not only is it raining harder, but the wind is also getting stronger at this time.

The shaking of the ship is also quite high.

This is a spirit strength defense barrier, which can only block spirit strength and some special physical attacks!

Those like wind and rain completely ignore this barrier.

Naturally, it is not just Ye Tianyi who discovered this.

"Attention everyone, the rain is getting heavier and the weather in Death Forbidden Land is getting worse. Everyone came to the deck and prepared to deal with emergencies."

The people of the major ships arranged one after another.

All of them feel that the situation is not good.

Now, they are more impossible because they feel they might be coming to rainstorm, right?

Although it's closer to go back, they always have to pass.

Boom booming——

Heavenly Thunder's falling frequency is getting faster and faster, the surrounding wind is getting bigger and bigger, their such huge ships are even shaking like this.

"The rain is heavier and the wind is heavier. This Heavenly Thunder is getting stronger and stronger, and the frequency is getting higher and higher."

Before they were about one second I can hear a sound. Now, there may be many thunder sounds at the same time, and the thunder explosion in my ears hasn't stopped at all.

And the oppression in the air is even stronger.

The cloud above my head seems to be moving and surging at the same time. The lightning flashes continuously in the cloud, as if accumulating energy.


With the sudden appearance of a strong wind, the rain instantly increased several times and slapped everyone on the faces and on the boat.

Previously it was called moderate rain at most. Just now they said that when the rain became heavy, the rain did not reach the level of heavy rain. Now, it seems to be a torrential rain in an instant, and the raindrops hit the body even Can feel the pain.

This feeling should be felt by many people.

It was originally a clear sky, but suddenly the top of my head became cloudy, and then the wind suddenly became stronger, and the huge rain fell.

It feels almost the same now.



The wind became very strong, the rain was also very strong, and the sound of the thunder suddenly increased.

The sight in front of you was blown by the wind, and the rain was a little unclear, but you can see the white radiance of the continuously lightning flashing in front of your eyes, making your eyes a little dazzling.


Boom boom boom——

Boom boom boom boom——

The thunder suddenly began to fall densely.


Around them, one ship after another was hit.


There is a small boat next to it. It should be that the boundary is not very high, and there is no martial artist with a special Great Influence to set off the team, and their boats are also turned on. The amount of defensive power.

However, a thunder fell on the defensive barrier of their ship. The barrier was like glass, and cracks were visible in the naked eye.

The people on the boat showed horrified expressions.


A thunder fell on the ship where Ye Tianyi was, but it was blocked by the barrier.

I can feel the violent shaking of the ship.

However, there is no crack in this barrier.

It is easy to understand that the crystals of earth attribute and metal attribute increase defensive power for ships, or it is the martial artist oneself to release the power to block the thunder, but few people dare to do this.

Those martial artists who have no influence, the spar quality they take out is naturally not that high, and the strength of their defense is naturally not that strong.

Vast Cold Palace naturally does not have to take out the spar with cracks in the thunder strikes as a source of strength.

"Everyone is vigilant, rainstorm is here!"

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