RMJI Immortal Realm Chapter 1229

The wind of Yankawa cannot ignore the rest of the people in the palace, staring at White light vortex in the palace.

After a moment, White light vortex finally slowed down, slowly and slowly until a star light was dispersed, and the body of Phoenix Heavenly Immortal fell out of it.

Han Li, as doubted in his heart, went to Phoenix Heavenly Immortal.

See only one of its water armor is long gone and the underwear is broken, and deep and bone wounds can be seen everywhere.

And these are not the most important, and a number of important caves, including dantian, have ripped the power of Star that erupted, and many residual forces have invaded it at a time when, like the same scratch knife, he continues to erode his know-how and cause him to suffer.


Phoenix Heavenly Immortal gave the throat a moment of repression to polar roar, even more outrageous in the heart.

He has forgotten how many thousand years he has suffered so much, and today the sudden assassination of the astronomical priests has brought him more than physical suffering and moral humiliation.

“I’m going to kill all Sun and moon allies cultivator all over Immortal Territory.” Phoenix Heavenly Immortal makes hate talk.

“The fairy envoy has managed the wounds first, and Lord Holathan has gone after the astronomical pride, and has decided to dispose of them after he gets back.” The landscape brows slightly wrinkle, says, “

sun and moon allied forces are almost able to stand up with Immortal Palace, and why does cultivator under the flag have more than 10 million dollars to say that all of them are being pursued?

“In any case, I will pay hundreds of times as much as Sun and moon allies.” Phoenix Heavenly Immortal keeps hate from diminishing, saying.

One word, again, touches the wounds, hurts him for a while, sweeping his eyes to the people of the Ten Two Sects Gate, who show up the hills, failing their own faces, and in the heart of resentment qi.

Ten, two sects, how dare people hit directly over there, each and everyone look at each other in blank dismay, expression is hard to see.

“How could a decree of ceremony have done this…” Puro Fairy Maiden was grieved and grieved.

“No, I see that today’s business is not simple, and we can’t stay here, or else it may be something else.” A white haired Elder brows tightly knit, speaking.

“Well, they’re holding us here, all around restrictions are broken, and if anything happens, before we die, we can’t sit and die.”

“Let’s go, let’s get out of here.”

I don’t know who says hello, and people rise up and want to leave the palace.

“We were ordered to leave the nine-member cabinet without permission.” At this point, the dwarf Elder came out again and stopped people.

“Risk Elder, before you said that there was a restricted asylum, the most secure in the nine-member cabinet, we’d stay here. Now this is the risk of eight loopholes. Do you still have to keep us here?” Weekly, shouted.

Elder knows what’s good for a while.

“Risk Elder, you have a time to stop us, not just to calm down the mood, but now we just want to leave Nine Origins Dao Temple.” The Camel Hill also opens the mouth and said.

“In that case, I let Elder in the door take you away. If someone leaves in private and breaks through Nine Origins Dao Temple, he will be killed together as a man of chaos, and everyone can understand?” Hear that, Elder, finally sighed.

People listen to this warning. It means clear words, and face changes.

But they all want to get out of here as soon as possible, and they’re going down to Nodded.

Hence, the risk Elder summoned a few Nine Origins Dao Temple Elder, ordering them to take the twelve sect sons out of their pockets.

Han Li was thinking about how to find a chance to leave, and suddenly his heart suddenly sounded a vivid voice:

“Fellow Daoist Han, our mission has been completed and can be withdrawn.”

“There’s something else I can’t leave Nine Origins Dao Temple.” Han Li sound transmission replied.

“The former three Fellow Daoist had taken care of, and if you refused to leave, you would give me the order, and I would have brought you something to exchange.”

Han Li didn’t hesitate, wrist turned out to be hidden in his sleeve, and passed it to Zhou.

The latter, while taking over token, also delivered a maize to Han Li’s heart.

“Fellow Daoist Han, I’ll take a step first, and stay here soon, you take care of yourself.”

So he took the rest of section with him, and, with the first people who left, he set up a nine-member cabinet.

Han Li Mo started with corn, thinking for a long time, or finding the right time to leave.

Seems at a group of other sections cultivator left, with fewer people crushing great hall, and the last dozen lakes, Elder and Han Li, have not left yet.

“These people will be brought out by you, Nine Origins Dao Temple.” The man, Elder, took Han Li and the others’ eyes to the last Nine Origins Dao Temple Elder instructed.

“Yes.” The Elder Pointed Nodded, said.

Then he took Han Li and the others, moved to the temple.

Han Li walked to the end of the team, and the eyeballs saw Phoenix Heavenly Immortal, surrounded by a freshly blue light, with a half-transparent blue crystal pearl flowing up the top of the head with a dragon eye size, and there was a strong fluctuation in the water Attribute law.

With the strength of the water Attribute rule at this level, Phoenix Heavenly Immortal has almost completely rehabilitated terrifying wounds outside his body, although aura remains unstable, apparently those who ravaged his strength of the Star in the body have not yet been cleared.

It is at this point that Han Li suddenly struck his heart with a strong sense of crisis.

He had no longer shown his identity, and in the body law of Time’s power, he had a blurred shape, slipped from the end of the team to the forefront.

However, while he moved, the temperature in all around Void had declined very rapidly, and an Extreme Cold power had been rolled out of the entire nine-member cabinet at a moment.

Han Li, in this process, saw Elder, a lake where he wiped himself, each and everyone frozen into ice crystals, while his own body was frozen at a moment when he came out of great hall.

He even felt that the time within 1,000 zhang was frozen.

“Oh, shit.”

Han Li screamed in the heart that the cold feeling of the week infiltrated bone marrow, the Great Five Elements Fantasy Programme, even if it stopped functioning, its fairy spiritual force in the body was completely frozen at that moment.

That feeling was weird, as if it was blocked by a chain of partition that had blocked the soul ordinary, and Han Li in the body’s fairy spiritual force was halfway, and all magical and technique could not be implemented.

Well, he’s working on great accomplishment today, and the body is already in the past, and he’s running the Heavenly Demon Town Warrior to mobilize a strength of Star.

With the operation of the cultivation method, its surroundings deep aperture were as bright as possible, showing a white rays of light under a cold crystal that constantly struck blue crystal outside the veil.

However, under the influence of strength of Star, the blue crystal is no sign of collapse, but it is under another powerful shock that Extreme Cold, which has been dispersed, continues to erode into it by moving towards internal organs.

Han Li was even able to make it clear that his heart was slowing down at little by little, and the pace of jumping was getting slower, and he was busy thinking about it, calling out the sperm fire bird, and preserving his heart.

At the same time, the cold frozen lock throughout the nine-member cabinet is filled with freshblue’s fog, and an artificial body, ice sculpture, stands in it, seems to be both perfect and weird.

Phoenix Heavenly Immortal left nature out of frozen, and he felt all around it, and at this juncture the eyes have been opened, and there are some doubts of looking to the Golden Source of Immortal Palace Palace Host.

“Land Palace Host, what are you doing, how did you release your Extreme Cold spirits?” He asked.

“The fairy left no need to panic, and there was also a little samsara in these nine cabinets, which was lifted after I took him.” The landscape fell on Han Li, said with a smile.

Han Li realized his vision, and it was not forbidden in his heart, but it was against him.

But the rest of his fears, he was very confused that he was wearing masks and had no discipline, even more than discerning what poor spot, and how did the landscape find out?

Han Li, on the one hand, energized Heavenly Demon’s prison, tried to break the blockade of the Extreme Cold Crystal, while pushing the firebird to fight the forces of Extreme Cold, which continues to invade the body.

At the same time, he continued to contact Heaven Wielding Bottle’s bottle with Divine Sense and was able to take himself out of danger only through a small bottle of fleshly body.

But if that came, it would be impossible to leave Nine Origins Dao Temple and save the golden child.

“Is there a samsara temple among these people?” Phoenix Heavenly Immortal was surprised.

“I am also not sure that, just in the instant of our release, this man took the time of the Mantra Sect,” The Great Five Elements Fantasy. “He was more situated than a samsara prisoner.”

“Benjamin wants to see which is the thief of the Samsara Temple?” Phoenix Heavenly Immortal made his eyes cold and stood up.

He shakes the ice crystal out of his shirt, blows a white fog in his mouth and comes next to the Rivers.

“If I hadn’t looked wrong, this man was a new promoter on the fairy board, an extremely active wanted man, Han Li.” The landslide raised his fingers to Han Li.

“Han Li…” Phoenix Heavenly Immortal brought this name to light.

After a few moments of chewing, he suddenly turned out to be big dao comprehension: “Is that him?”

“What, the fairy envoy also recognises him?”

hmph, the man was three or five times against our court and killed Little Jin source Immortal Palace, killing Dongfang Bai of dignified Lord of a Palace and dying. Even if the court sent Fashi Xiaoxian himself after his own arrest, he would not have been able to return. ”Phoenix Heavenly Immortal gave a great deal of joy, even to talk.

“That’s to say, this man is really not a generation.”

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