RMJI Immortal Realm Chapter 764

“well done!”

On the Patriarch surface of Liu Yan, there is a big color, and the sky is shouting, and the white light is on the surface.

Aura, which succumbed to heaven and earth, emerged from it, and the entire grand hall trembled.


The shadows of the haze sweeped Han Li and the others, and the face was heavy, and the two hands were silently shot out.

After a muffled sound, four gray giant palms simultaneously flashes on the top of the gray giant fox Phantom.

The gray waves of the four giant palms blended into one, turning into a giant palm of the size of feet, as if it were a giant mountain.

“Haha, full of gloom, now I have unlocked the second seal, and want to suppress me!” Liu Yi Patriarch laughed, the huge body moved, dragging the body of silver and gold two chains creaking, actually Stand up and stand up.

His forehead crystal light, the half-empty gray giant fox body suddenly became a big circle, the person stood up, the two front paws rays of light big room, suddenly increased several times, suddenly slammed out.

Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering!

The gray giant palm burst open and the body of the yin stunned, and Qilian retired a few steps before he barely stood firm.

The gray-grey fox was also photographed from the air, falling down, and the surface was gray and somewhat unstable.

However, its body swayed to the left and right, and immediately stabilized its body shape, and rushed toward the unsteady haze.


Falling Lake District venue.

The domain owners began to express their opinions again, and the venue resumed the previous excitement.

The haze is full of laughter and sitting. From time to time, I interacted with several domain owners around me, and once again restored the previous situation of the overall situation, so that Huang Yuyu, who has been secretly paying attention, was somewhat disappointed.

At this moment, the emperor jade behind’s stunned flashes of flashes.

“Huangfu Palace Host, our people have inquired a message that some accidents have occurred in the Washing Soul area, but it is not the accident that the Haze Workshop said, but that Who has sneaked into the depths of Shura City. It caused quite a stir, and now the power of defense in Shura City began to gather there.” The voice of Yu San sounded in the mind of Huangfu Yu.

“Oh, someone actually sneaked into Shura City at this time.” Huangfu Yumei pointed.

“Palace Host, the situation has changed now, is it possible for our people to continue to explore the situation?” asked the three sound transmission.

“Let them continue to inquire, but also cause some commotion, but be careful not to be discovered by people in the nine secluded areas.” Huang Yuyu’s eyes are slightly condensed, and immediately sound transmission back.

“Huangfu Palace Host, you want to… I am understand.” 蛟三美眸亮, immediately agreed.

The yin and the other side of the field whispered about What, the eyes glanced at Huang Yuyu, and the eyes flashed a trace of color.

At this moment, his fingers tightened again, and the purple stripes on the purple flashes moved, and they quickly faded into gray.

The smile on the haze face suddenly condensed.


Inside Forbidden Land.

Han Li looked pale, and put his hands on the fox knives. He took out a medicinal medicine that restored the spiritual force of the fairy.

Fox Sanhe Stone wears out immediately and takes out the medicinal herbs and restores the consumption of the fairy physical force.

Taoist Xie At this moment, the rays of light are faint, and the aura is plummeting.

He used the celestial stone to motivate the internal structure to operate. Just a moment ago, he urged the fox to be a blood knife. The Taoist stone in Taoist Xie was drained, and the action was difficult at the moment.

Han Li looked at Taoist Xie and raised his hand to send out a green light to make it into the space.

In the Huazhi space, he has prepared the Xianyuan Stone, and the Taoist Xie can supplement it himself.

Fox three looked up and saw the gray giant fox continually retreating from the haze. On the surface, he was happy, and then he rushed to Han Li.

“Fellow Daoist, Brother Shi, after a short break, we will smash the remaining two chains. After Patriarch completely breaks free, there is a Protector for you. You can enter the third Thunder Pool without any loss. ”

“No.” Han Li shook his head and said.

“Why? The situation is grim now, the haze is full of this soul, no matter what, the foreign enemy may arrive at any time. And without Patriarch, you can’t enter the third Thunder Pool?” .

“Follow Daoist misunderstood. This Thunder chain is not unusual restrictions. Previously, Liu Yi Senior has already said the backlash problem of this chain. You two did not directly contact the chain of Thunder, so there is no feeling, this chain every The times were cut off, and the power of restrictions contained in them will be backlash backlash, and I will be affected by Liu Yi Senior and the knife. The power of this lightning restrictions is terrible, I am not afraid of death, if not in advance The Thunder Pool has been baptized in the body, so that the body contains a trace of Thunder Pool Essence aura, it is impossible to resist the past. Liu Yan Senior must have known this before, let us wash it first, then break the chain.” Han Li lifted his hand and a layer of purple glow appeared again.

“so that’s how it is. Just now Patriarch is afraid that there is no way to protect you, how can you withstand the remaining two Thunder Pools…” Fox three hearing this stunned, but then thought of What, some hesitant.

“Follow Daoist has also said that the situation is grim now. I can wait for the worry at any time. If I don’t fight for it at this time, I will be afraid that there will be no chance for a fight. My own destiny can only be mastered. In your own hands.”

Han Li said, his body swaying, flew to the silver Thunder Pool and looked inside the silver Thunder Pool.

In the Thunder Pool, a silver arc is like a snake. These arcs are much thinner than the blue and purple Thunder Pool. The silver arc is intertwined and the sound of thousands of birds is screaming.

After he took a deep breath, he suddenly gnawed his teeth and jumped into the silver Thunder Pool.

A silver lighting swarmed in and immediately wrapped his body around.

The silver arc hit him and easily tore out long, deep wounds. Every silver arc was like a flying flying sword ordinary.

Han Li couldn’t help but set off a sigh of sorrow.

This silver lightning is several times stronger than purple lightning, and his tough body is almost invisible in front of the silver arc.

In a twinkling of an eye, his body became ruined and even saw the white bone.

The silver lightning also invaded into his body, and rushed toward the place like the raging waves. The Meridians were torn apart, and the blood was shot from all over the body, as if they were being knives. Wan Hao.

At the same time, his body was faintly flashing, and the True Spirit Phantom came out again, clearer than before, and his body was turning around.

Han Li’s muscles involuntarily bulged, showing a variety of True Spirit forms, the body of several kinds of True Spirit blood rushing, seems to break through, making his injuries more heavy.

There was an anxious color in his eyes, and his body was somewhat unbearable.

However, if you want to borrow the power of Thunder Pool, you can’t manage to resist these lightning forces.

Han Li gritted his teeth and once again ran “Great Zhou Tian Xing Yuan Gong”, only to protect the body’s five internal organs, let the silver arc walk around him.

The stagnation was once again provoked, and his eyes glowed with a blood glow, and the power of Spiritual Sense in his mind rolled again.

However, at this moment, the impact of stagnation on him is no longer a What, the most important thing is that the body should be able to sustain it.

The silver arc was raging in his body, and a silver arc accompanied by a spiritual intelligence ordinary penetrated into his fairy, which was infested by baleful aura.

Han Li’s body trembled, and the body surface once again showed a strong black qi, and the anger surged.

The baleful aura’s gushing was no small feat, much faster than the previous two Thunder Pools, and his body and the baleful aura in the fairy were drastically reduced at a rate visible to the naked eye.

With the emergence of these baleful auras, his whole humans emerged from the inside out with a sense of ease, seemingly freed from the burden of tens of thousands of pounds.

Han Li thought of a move, waved his hand, the palm light flashed, and a silver medicinal herb with a silvery grain on it, faintly forming a three-legged Golden Crow pattern, which is the last one.

He looked up and took the suit and immediately closed his eyes.

The stone wears a look at the silver Thunder Pool, and the brow does not feel up.

“Brother Shi, do you have to take a risk? Fellow Daoist is really a last resort, but you can wait for Patriarch break free, then try again.” Fox three brows asked.

” Having said that, but now the situation is changing rapidly, then there will still be a chance to talk about it. There have been so many sinisters before, I have come here, don’t gamble on this, can I be willing?” Corner evokes a light smile and says.


When Fox Three wanted to persuade him again, some light flashes appeared somewhere on the edge of the giant hall, and a light array emerged out of thin air. Then the light of the light was put down, and a figure appeared on the light array.

Inspired by this person’s aura, the fox three looks suddenly changed, and the words to stop also stopped.

“Haze!” Stone pierced the air and turned back, full of surprise.

The people came pale, looked sullen, and looked more feminine. It was the Great Luo who was suffering in the Baizang District and let them suffer.

As soon as the haze appeared, it was swept away from the stone and the air, and then looked into the air in a sudden change.

There, the sinister full-spirited soul was violently collided with the gray-white giant fox, and each was separated, and the distance between the feet and feet was opposite.

On the giant cross in the center of the four Thunder Pools below, Liu Pait Patriarch looked up at the haze that came in, and licked the haze of the midair and sneered.

“The domain master, you… I am…” The shadow of the haze flashed a hint of fear, some hesitantly said.

“Hazel Elder, how come you come here? Here is the What place, you don’t know?” Yin Cheng Quan Quan’s eyes are shallow and slowly open.

“The landlord, the secluded betrayal of our nine ancestors, arbitrarily released these people from the shackles, and took them into Forbidden Land to release jT. Under the shackles, they rushed into the family. Holy Land, also ask the domain owner to punish.” The haze quickly slammed, and the voice trembled.

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