RMJI Immortal Realm Chapter 765

Yin Cheng Quan Quan soul looked down on the silhouette of the haze, and the eyes flashed flashes, then he calmly said:

“Emergency is right, you are good at sacred places, although for the benefit of your own people, but after all, it is a violation of the patriarchal rules. You immediately kill these ants, I can be overwhelmed and not punished. ”

“Thank you for the domain leader Ren Hou…” The sorrow heard this and suddenly said that he was very happy.

“It’s not a hegemony. It’s more convincing to talk about lies than anyone else. Before you were arrogant, there were three people I’ve seen. The old man was impressed by a name. Oh, it’s also a Great Luo. I’m right? It’s not the same as you sucked the cultivation base and put it into the Thunder Pool.” Liu Yi Patriarch suddenly said “Hehe” and said.

The yin sighs to hear this, and the look can’t help but change.

The embarrassment of Elder’s disappearance was very embarrassing, and there has been no practical statement. The people in the family are still being killed by the people of the samsara domain when they are out, so there is no conflict with the samsara domain. I don’t care much about this as a domain owner…

Now I hear this saying, and then think of some ridiculous rumors in the past, the haze can not help but some heart shakes.

“Hey, you old fox is the best at confusing people, and less is here to provoke distraction. I am a nine-speaking domain master, and it is natural to speak in a word, will you do the things that go back?” Angry and screaming.

“The domain owner can rest assured that the ants will be killed and killed by the genus.” The gaze gaze is micro-condensed, and the yin yin is full of souls.

Yin Chengquan no longer speaks. After nodding, he said to Liu Yu Patriarch: “The old fox, let the neck suffer!”

After all, its shape flashes, once again rushed to the huge nine-tailed fox.

“This time I must sculpt you, so that you know what is called Yongshi can not be super-born!” The yin turned to the stone through the air, the face looks gloomy, the voice hoarsely said.

Stone pierced back and glanced at Han Li, who was washing in the silver Thunder Pool. His face turned back.

“Fellow Daoist Shi, we are in trouble.” Fox three smiled.

“You said What is frustrating! And what means the bottom of the pressure box is made out, this person is Great Luo, but it looks like aura is unstable, if we can support the Liu Pait Patriarch, we There is still a line of life-force!” Stone pierced the fox and shouted loudly.

The latter had already stood up from the ground, and went to the sleeves and nodded silently.

“Hey… a Taiyi, a Gold Immortal, and dare to call me a board? It’s ridiculous!” He snorted and took off the black mark hanging on his waist and threw it out in front of the void.

I saw a black light burst out. After three feet of the hand, the rays of light skyrocketed, and instantly turned into a black square print of the size of the disc. The bottom of the “all-inclusive” four-character ray of light, directly slammed the stone through the air.

The stone wears an empty eye in the flash of the mans, the boss hands sway the law, and the body shape retire backwards.

A loud bang!

I don’t know why, the black square print suddenly flashes, the flying speed suddenly skyrocketed, and instantly hit the stone through the empty body, directly throwing him out and crashing into the wall.

“Brother Shi !”

Fox three just a moment ago, a scream, there is a group of bloody light on his body, the body shape is actually bursting open.

“Unspeakable.” The haze snorted, and the look was a bit disdainful.

His eyes crossed the Thunder Pool, and he saw Han Li, who was in the shape of a bloody bath, and the silver lightning that he had all around. The depth of his eyes could not help but flash a horror.

Just then, his brow suddenly wrinkled and his eyes moved to the black square.


Just listening to the shattering sound of porcelain, from the back of the black square, a large piece of visible space cracks spread from it, making the void seem to be somewhat distorted.

After the square seal, the stone pierced the both hands with a weird law, and the front of the palm was against a piece of walnut-sized white jade i. The rune flashed above and there was a strong spatial fluctuation.

This strange layer of space fluctuates, like a space wall, between the stone piercing and the black square.

“Almost forgot, your kid will have a Law of Space Divine Ability.” Haze coldly snorted a channel.

After all, he lifted his palm and slammed it in front of him.

I only heard a loud bang from “砰”.

A huge force from the sea was uploaded from the black giant seal, and the wall of the space was bursting open in an instant.

The white jade i in front of the stone wearing the palm of the hand also burst open.

The black square print doubled again and continued to hit.

A stone spurts out of the air, back against the cracked walls, and a large ray of light on the whole body.

I saw his body muscles swell rapidly, his body shape swiftly increased, and a black scale with the size of a copper coin appeared on his body. A layer of complicated silver rune appeared on his chest and limbs. The handsome face of the face is no longer replaced by a fierce face of a gigantic mouth fangs, and it has become a thousand feet Giant Devil!

At the same time, his back and underarm skeletons were convex, and they even gave birth to four arms. The same silvery lines appeared on the top, and they waved forward and pushed away.

I saw a layer of silver light shining in the palm of my hand, layered on the black giant print that has risen as big as a small mountain peak.

A loud bang!

The black giant print was shocked, but the trend of the dumping suddenly stopped, but actually turned back in the direction of the haze.

I saw a slight brow in the shadow of the yin, a roll of one-handed sleeves, and the black square print that came back with the power of destroying the city, and the light flashes of the Ukrainian lightened rapidly, and it was included in the sleeves.

“Only this can be tolerated? Then you can die.” Haze did not hide his contemptuous words.

After all, I saw that one hand and one shackle, the other hand five fingers open, looking forward, a group of black light Manton like a black yang bursting ordinary, brightened from the palm of his hand.

At this time, the protrusions are changed.

The haze only feels that the light and shadow in front of the eyes suddenly blooms, and the whole human body is tight, and the flesh and blood of the body suddenly bursts open, and suddenly a bloody safflower is born from the flesh and blood.

I saw that each of the bloody flowers was full of flesh, and it looked like the fat of the female’s lips was rich, and the blood drops of the early morning dewdrops were still very strange.

The haze looked down and found that the flesh and blood on his body seemed to be the nourishment of these bloody safflowers. It was sucked by his madness. The more delicate the petals, the more dry his body was.

“After all, no more than your Immortal Boundary, we can’t see such a splendid scene here. If it’s not too bad, I really don’t want to immediately break your flashy Illusion Technique.” The sneer sneered.

He said easily in his mouth, but his heart was a doubt, but some did not understand, when did he fall into Illusory Territory?

“Breaken!” He sneered a few strange chant in his mouth and suddenly screamed.

This sound is like a thunder in the dry land, suddenly bursting, and the direct shock of the entire hall is a burst of air.

A powerful wave of volatility, swaying from it, as the wind sweeps through the embers, all the strange flower visions are annihilated and disappeared.

“Brother Shi, that’s it!” At this moment, Fox Three’s lightly shouted, came from the void.

“Oh…” When all the opposites will be extinguished, a chorus will sound.

The haze that just got out of the Illusory Territory, the brow was picked, and I saw an up-ahead shot, holding a silver skull in his hand, and the fingers immersed in the blood.

It is the stone to wear!


As the more eager humming sounds came out, the rune above the silver enamel illumined, but immediately after the finger, a bright silver crystal lighted up on the strings, such as an arrow on the string. ready.

At the time of the shackles, the haze suddenly felt a tremor in his heart, and there was no sense of apathy behind him.

This silver crystal light seems to really pose a threat to him!

At this time, the stone piercing man was in the air, and the sacred spiritual force was almost sucked up by the hands of the scorpion, and the whole body trembled. Only the hand that plucked the string remained extremely stable.

“Let!” As he was exhausted, his fingers suddenly became loose.

A striking silver crystal light bursts out instantly!

There is almost no time loss, and there is no space distance. The crystal light directly enters the heart of the haze when it leaves the cockroach.

A shattering sound of “砰” sounded.

A black square was printed on the occasion of the gloom, and it appeared in the heart of the haze, blocking the crystal.

There was no blockage, and there was no roaring noise. The black square was printed with black light flashes, which split a narrow gap from the center and split into two, breaking open.

Half of the black marks fell to the ground, and the other half disappeared out of thin air.

The shadow behind the square seal, between the moments of the fragmentation and the imprint of the moment, a violent lightning flashing around the body, the human figure instantly turned into a brilliant black lightning, and sneaked toward one side.

That speed is almost at the extreme, and the effect is almost comparable to Han Li’s reversal of the truth.

To be so, the black lightning still could not escape the silver crystal, and the lightning that was scanned by it was as the half-printed, faintly disappeared and disappeared.

“Zi Lala…”

A burst of black electric light flashed to the side of the giant hall, and the cloudy silhouette emerged from it.

His face was full of fear and anger, and jaw bit his head and licked his left half, and found that his entire left arm and his shoulders had disappeared, and there was still a burst of bloody fractures. The residual aftermath of the power of Law of Space made him unable to regenerate his flesh and blood.

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