RMJI Immortal Realm Chapter 766

After the yin was slightly certain, he looked up and looked forward. He saw the stone wearing the air and squatting on the ground. The flesh and blood on the palm of his hand was blurred, and he was still holding the silver skull.

“tut tut, a space Immortal Tool, if you are a Great Luo cultivator, I am really not your opponent, but unfortunately, you are just a trifling Gold Immortal…” Said a few times.

After all, the only remaining palm of his hand was fierce, and the black ray of light flashed in the palm of his hand. A group of solid black thunder leaped out and smashed from all directions, facing the stone. Fallen.

At this moment, the whole human is almost collapsed, and there is no such thing as a resilience. Even the Spiritual Light can’t be released.

At the beginning of the millennium, the silhouette of Fox III glimmered, appearing in front of the stone-wearing empty body, behind the rays of light flashes, nine thick white foxtails slammed out, flew up and down in the void, sweeping to those Black mine.


A series of screams screamed fiercely, and a large black light burst.

The fox screamed in the mouth of the fox. The huge white foxtail was littered with electric light, and the aura was overflowing. It only felt a paralysis of the whole body, and the operation of the spiritual force in the body seemed to become stagnant.

Still not waiting for him to adapt, but also a lightning bursting sound, a black electric light flashed, the shadow of the shadow flashed out of it, feet under the mountain like a mountain top, directly stepped on the shoulders of Fox III.

“嗤啦”, two black electric lights from the shadows of the feet, from the three shoulders of the fox straight through, penetrated into their bodies.


The three foxes felt a sharp pain in their shoulders, and the bones on both sides of the left and right sides shattered instantly. The whole human body was short, and the legs were like a knife ordinary to break through the ground, and half of the people were trapped.

“Since you are impatient, then I will be compassionate and send you on the road first.”

The flashy face on the haze, the right palm of the hand, refers to the formed claw, and the black scorpion is entangled in the palm of the hand. It is like wearing a layer of lightning steel claws on the palm of his hand, and stabbing it toward the fox three.

“It’s over.” For a moment, the fox three squats can’t move, and all of them are gray.

At this time, the difference is steep!

“Zi La La” sounded the sound of a popping sound, a bright silver electric light shot from the Thunder Pool, like a silver arrow suddenly approached, tearing the surrounding voids to a twist.

The light flashes of the yin eyes, the palm of the thief’s palm suddenly slammed, and the five fingers of each finger condensed a black Thunder Bead of the size of the dragon eye, which flew in and out, colliding with the silver electric light.


A series of roaring sounds suddenly blew up, and a group of smashing thunder bursts, and after countless black wires were burnt by silver electric light, it was like a melting snow ordinary dissipating quickly.

The silver arrow had almost no loss, and he rushed past, and went straight to the shadow of the chest.

The look of the haze suddenly changed, and the figure was suddenly twisted, but it was only able to avoid the key. It was still passed by the silver electric light and directly tore a huge hole under the left rib.

A loud bang!

The haze of the whole human was also blown away by the lightning, hitting it down and slamming into the wall of the giant hall.

“How is it possible?” He looked down at the wound in his left ribs, and it was difficult to set the channel.

I saw the horrible wound, the silver wire that condensed with silk, long time and not scattered, constantly eroding the baleful aura that slowly overflowed from him, and continually penetrated into the body like the poisonous adult.

The haze shook his shoulders and pulled out from the cracked walls. The body slowly landed, and the stone wall collapsed. Numerous stones collapsed and the smoke rolled.

His booth eyes micro-condensed, looking to the Thunder Pool side, the color of anger in the eyes gradually converge, replaced by its usual indifference.

I saw the silver light in the Thunder Pool, the silver pillars rising from the sky, a silhouette hanging in the light, step by step out of the outside, the face is ordinary, naturally Han Li.

At this moment, his body was black and black, and his clothes were broken. The skin was covered with red cracks in the magma ordinary, with a black bealeful aura.

However, the eyes at the moment are very bright, the original silver ash color of the pupil no longer exists, and the color between the tea and the black has been restored, showing that there is little left in the body.

Fox III has struggled to get out of the way, busy with the sullen attention when he is on Han Li, wearing a stone to empty the edge of the Thunder Pool, forcing the unbearable pain of the whole body, to wear himself and the stone. I was fed a medicinal herb, and I stood up straight, looking at the shadows with my face, but I couldn’t help but glare at Han Li.

“Li brother, you are…” Fox three noticed that Han Li had a weird aura and couldn’t help but ask for a sound transmission.

“Fortunately, I didn’t die, I took care of it. The baleful aura on my body has been cleaned up. The fleshly body and Spiritual Sense have also been tempered. Now that there is no baleful aura, whole human feels reborn.” Han Li sound transmission back.

His words only said half, in fact, his aura at the moment, should have reached the state of half a step.

However, it is not the same as the half-step of the year.

Because he took the top grade, he made some changes in both the fleshly body and the Sea of ​​Consciousness. It seems to have a very subtle connection with the silver Thunder Pool, which will also be the last bottleneck before the breakthrough. Broke it.

He even faintly felt that as soon as he left the gray world and returned to the Immortal Boundary, he would immediately bring in the heaven and earth Spiritual Qi, and really take the last step and become a Supreme Unity Jade Immortal.

While talking, Han Li’s eyes glanced at the Weeping Soul and the scorpion Patriarch’s gray fox, not far away, and the fighting and slashing there was equally close, and it was no easier than this.

Although Yin Chengquan is only a soul of the body, the strength is absolutely not to be underestimated. The Patriarch of Liu Yan and the Weeping Soul are all under the force, and they can only suppress it.

“If I remember correctly, you are practicing the time cultivation method. Why can you drive the lightning in the wash basin?” The haze quickly recovered and resumed, and asked slowly.

Han Li didn’t answer, but the both hands clasped two middle grade celestial stones, and quickly captured the fairy physical force contained therein.

The nine-handed Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword floats outside his body, the green light is flowing around, wrapped in gold wire, and in the back waist, the emerald green-colored Profound Heaven bottle gourd.

The gaze gaze over Han Li, the eyes are slightly stunned, and the mood is a bit gloomy.

The blade that was previously worn by the stone through the space Immortal Tool, the residual of the Law of Space remains unabated, I am afraid that it will not grow for hundreds of years, and the injury under the left rib is washed by the pool. The silver lightning attack, it is difficult to recover completely.

He didn’t even think of the three people who could still be crushed before. This time, he was so careless that he had suffered such a big loss.

Of course, this and his just a moment ago, Great Luo Realm, Realm was not completely stable, and recently forced to condense five ghosts, vital energy injury is not unrelated.

But he is a great Luo, but there is no other means?

See Han Li did not speak, the haze did not say much, only the left palm erected, constantly changing the shape of the hand in front of him, swaying the law, and then crossed a huge arc in front of him.

I saw the black fog in the arc, the black wire of the silk creaked, and hundreds of black spears burst into flames, and continually rushed toward Han Li. .

Han Li’s heart moved, the body of Xuanzang put a light, a layer of golden scales appeared on the skin, the mysterious turtle armor emerged outside, actually did not avoid it, striding out, actively greeted the haze.

The thundering spears rushed toward Han Li, and the nine-handed Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword hanging over the side of his body moved with his mind and headed straight toward Thunder Spear.


A thunderous sound of blasting continued to sound, and the black smashed thunder and Evil Warding Divine Thunder burst at the same time, constantly lit up a group of Golden Crow rays of light.

With every bang, the cast of Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword was blocked, the blade was trembled, and Spiritual Light was greatly reduced.

Han Li and the bee cloud sword are extremely deep. Every time the blade is wounded, his body’s spiritual force is violently stirred, and his internal organs are violently trembled. The mouth corner continues to have scarlet blood flowing out.

It can be said that he still has not stopped his pace and is still rushing forward.

Soon, the nine-handed Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword was smashed to the ground, and Han Li couldn’t take it back, and there was a smashing spear that spurred on his armor.


Under the impact of a sound, Han Li mouth vomited blood, the body dark green armor cracks all over, the eyes looks at the collapse, and the distance between him and the haze is also much closer.

“Three thousand feet ……”

“Two thousand feet […”

“A thousand feet!”

At this moment, the treasure of Han Li in the body quickly reversed, and its silhouette was slightly blurred, and he walked through the middle of a black spear, and came to the front of the shadow in a flash.

Behind it, the golden light is raging, and the eyes at the at the true words will come out.

If the Word of God is released within such a short distance, even the shadow of the Great Luo cultivation base will certainly be affected, and the speed will slow down, when Han Li will have a chance to hit him.

However, before Han Li released the Word of Truth, the haze was a mouth corner, revealing a smile.

“It’s just right!”

With a high drink, Han Li all around suddenly flashed thunder in the void, a thick black scorpion emerged out of nowhere, directly entangled Han Li’s limbs and body, and then he would The ban was in midair.

I saw the haze raising my hand in the void, a black lightning extending from the palm to the sides, instantly turning into a black rifle with a thick arm, the tip of the wire is condensed, and there is a constant “squeaky” sound. It sounds.

He didn’t say anything more, he clung to the rifle and slammed it toward Han Li’s forehead.

Not far away, the fox three and the stone see through, all are shocked!

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