RMJI Immortal Realm Chapter 767

Just as the yin and scorpion rifle was about to penetrate the head of Han Li, there was a sudden burst of emptiness in the vicinity of the emptiness. Several crystal chains emerged without warning. Under the flashes, they fell into his mind. The mask cannot stop it in the slightest.

His hand slammed the thunder and spurs and slammed his movements, his face suddenly condensed, and the whole human was stuck in place.

At the same time, Han Li’s arms were turned upside down with gold scales, and the fists clenched and rushed forward. The black scorpion entangled in him and was torn open. The electric light blew, but after all, Constantly.

With every thunderstorm, there was a powerful force to get into Han Li, which made him feel numb.

Fox three saw, after a little hesitation, the body suddenly flashes, came to the haze behind.

The one-handed empty-handed grip, the former silver-fronted sword once again emerged, the ray of light above, the burst of Sword Qi sprayed out, and went straight to the haze.

Eyes at the sword sword tip will pierce the back of the haze, Han Li suddenly suddenly tightened, busy called: “Rewind!”

The fox three was shocked and did not hesitate to go straight.

In the next moment, a black round bead emerged from the haze of the forehead, and the black light burst suddenly bursting, directly breaking the Divine Sense chain that poured into his mind.

Immediately, his body suddenly gave birth to a powerful momentum. The eight-pointed thunder spider spears from behind, with a black electro-optical spur to all around. If the fox three are not retired in time, they will be pierced by the spider spear on the spot.

The hazy body trembled slightly, but there was no further movement. It seemed that just a moment ago broke away from the Divine Sense cage. The Spiritual Sense was still a little sluggish. It was only based on self-protection that the eight thunder spiders were released. .

When Han Li saw it, he thought about it, hanging on the green light flashes of the Behind’s Profound Heaven bottle gourd. Suddenly, the sound of “Zi La” sounded, and then a splendid silver electric light sprang out from it. A snowy grid shrouded him.

This silver lightning is not something. It was collected by the Profound Heaven bottle gourd when Han Li was washed in the silver Thunder Pool. The silver arrow that had previously repelled the haze was also inspired by the bottle gourd.

However, it is a pity that the Profound Heaven bottle gourd has limited tolerance for the lightning in the sink. The silver lightning has already taken the risk of harming the bottle gourd spiritual intelligence. Han Li is even more afraid to introduce the golden lighting. .

I saw that the silver grid was intertwined with the black smashing thunder, and there was a burst of smoke. The black lightning that was wrapped around him suddenly dispelled most of it.

Han Li’s arms rose again, and it broke free.

At this moment, it is no longer possible to retreat. He has gold light flashes on his body, and his body shape has swiftly swept over a hundred feet and went straight to the haze.

At this time, the haze has also restored Spiritual Sense, and Han Li has come close, and the eight spiders and spears are stabbing out at the same time. They gather in front of each other, and they condense a head-sized one. Black lightning ball, flying towards Han Li.

On the black lightning ball, there is not much lightning spillover. It doesn’t look amazing, but there are dozens of mini dragon shape lightnings in the inside, just waiting for the lightning ball to burst.

Han Li has a glimpse.

He could feel the strangeness of the lightning ball, but his figure was still a little bit, and the wrist took a trick. He took out the handle of the fox, and the both hands slammed into the haze.

The body of the spiritual force quickly rushed into the long knife, the blood on the blade was bright, and a violent sword broke out from it, wrapped in the blade light emerging from it, and it became a giant knife shadow. , fell on the black lightning ball.

At the edge of the sink, the stone has already recovered a lot. The knees sit on the ground and hold the fairy stone to take the fairy force, and the eyes flashed inexplicably.

The strength of Han Li, which has been washed by the Silver Thunder Pool, has grown significantly. The current power of this knife is no less than the time when several of them joined forces to break the first chain.


The blade light collided with the lightning ball, and a loud roar suddenly sounded!

A black lightning ray burst like a flame, causing a fierce tremor in the entire hall.

Even Yin Chengquan and Liu Yu Patriarch were attracted by the movement here. They couldn’t help but look at it and watched it. Weeping Soul squeezed a sweat for Han Li.

In the violent lightning ray that bloomed above the lightning ball, the lightning Flood Dragon’s shadow was struggling, and it was suppressed by the fox knives. It could not be broken out, only a few residual glow glow, and it continued to Han Li. Spilled over.

Han Li’s bowl hands trembled, and the body was slammed by the road, and the smog was smashing. The mouth and nose were bloody, like a snake ordinary cockroach.

But he is still a jaw bite, his strength is not at all, and even the blade is pressed down slightly, and the eight spider spears behind the haze are bent back a little.

The haze on the haze surface, the lips open and close for a moment, a pair of gray and white scorpion suddenly rays of light flashes, there is a hidden shadow in the depths of the eyelids.

Almost at the same time, among the Han Li Sea of ​​Consciousness, the singular ghost worm, after a long silence, suddenly appeared a strange rune, and then squirmed again.

“Let’s try the long-lost pain!” The sneeze sneered, leaving only one arm and five fingers from the void.

Five black light flew from the fingertips, passing through the black thunder in front and heading straight to Han Li.

“Give me a ban!” Han Li’s brows are close, but the mouth corner is a slight sigh, and the mouth screams.

In the voice of the Sea of ​​Consciousness, the Divine Technique is running fast, and the Divine Sense crystal chain wrapped around the ghost worm is tightened. Several more slender but rays of light solid crystal chains are born from the void. Pierced the body of the ghost worm, criss-crossing the ordinary to nail it in place.

These crystal chains are attached to the powerful Spiritual Sense, and a small rune appears on it, which is once again slamming the ghost worm that is ready to move.

When the five black lights flew in, Fang Yi was close to the head of Han Li, and was swayed by a powerful Spiritual Sense that burst out suddenly.

“How is it possible?” Under this, the haze is really amazing.

He is more aware of the power of the ghost, but the power of Han Li’s Spiritual Sense is now in the hands of the five-layer Divine Technique, plus in the first three Thunder Pools. The baptism has enabled him to counter the ghosts.

Han Li looked the same, and the Exalted Immortal spiritual force swelled again, and the both hands pressed against the handle.

The eight spider spears that supported the black lightning ball finally couldn’t stand it, and they were washed away by the blade light. The black lightning ball was also cut in half.

When Han Li saw it, the pupil suddenly shrank, and there was a very strange scene in front of him.

I saw the Tianhu blood knife falling straight down, the haze began from the top of the skull, a route down the chest and abdomen, a clear black line emerged, and the body split into two halves.

“Trifling half-step cultivation base, can force me to replace the death of the spirit, enough to be proud, but it is nothing more than that!” Haze has split two mouths, said a strange opening and closing.

Then, the black light flashed on his body, and the sound of “嘭” burst into a state of black virtual thunder and physical reality. It became a lightening light barrier. Open.

When it was used, the black fishing ball burst open, and the lightning Flood Dragon Phantom was rushed out, and suddenly rushed out like a wild horse and crashed into Han Li’s arms.

Han Li’s mysterious turtle armor emerged again, but it couldn’t resist a little bit. The moment of contact with the Lightning Flood Dragon collapsed directly. The body was like a gong and drum.

A large piece of blood was bursting in a spray, and it was hit by lightning into a powder mist.

Han Li’s long knife fell in his hand, and even a scream in his mouth couldn’t be made. The body was like a calm boat in a storm, and it drifted away.

Fox three farlooks at this scene, the heart suddenly gave birth to a sense of powerlessness.

“Master!” Weeping Soul is more eager to entangle with the sinister soul, and wants to get out.

“Want to save people, idiots say dreams…” Yin Cheng Quan Quan’s face was full of smiles and blocked up.

At this juncture, where is he willing to put Weeping Soul to go to the Savior?

“Zi Lala…” The film that opened the ray of the ray was opened and turned into a black light barrier ball with a radius of dozens of feet, wrapping Han Li whole human into it.

The ball is very solid, almost completely opaque, inside the baleful aura rich, lightning roaring, a strong black lightning as a lightning rope will Han Li limbs and neck wrapped, pulled out a large character, suspended in midair.

Not far from the front, a group of black scorpions condensed out and re-formed into a human form, which is a haze.

“You have a lot of blood in True Spirit, and there is Thunder Roc blood, plus a strong blood energy. If I am completely refining with a thunder, I can make up for my consumption of this killing, maybe even my Realm can also be further sturdy.” It slowly floated to Han Li, his face was extremely pale, and he was consumed.

During the speech, his figure skyrocketed to a dozen feet high, and the small abdomen suddenly broke open a huge mouth, as if a black lacquered gigantic mouth was born out of thin air, and suddenly sucked, Han will be scarred. Li swallowed the belly.

“Domain, Master is careful!”

Weeping Soul found that Han Li’s aura suddenly disappeared and quickly turned to look at it, but only saw the huge black ball. As a result, she was just a wisp of soul, and she was flew out by the sinister singer. On the wall of the giant hall, it is directly embedded in the mountain wall.

After just counting the interest, the light on the black ball spurted, and the silk filaments flew out, and then gradually became transparent, and the cloudy silhouette emerged from it.

“Fullow Daoist… Is it that I am going through the stone, are you going to bury it here?” Seeing Han Li disappeared from the stone, his heart sighed and his eyes flashed a little despair.

I saw a slap in the palm of my hand, and all the 煞lighting silks gathered from all sides to his palm, and the condensed fields disappeared.

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