RMJI Immortal Realm Chapter 768

“Kid, wait anxious? Next, it’s your turn.” The yin first glanced at his broken arm, and then looked at the faint to turn to the stone, and said with a smile.

After that, he stepped up and walked slowly toward the stone.

The stone pierced the brow and wrinkled. The hand in the sleeved gown loosened the fairy stone and pulled out a weird law. A painful burning pain came from the back of the back. Rune banned.

Only when the stone is worn out is motivated by the heart, the secret rune that is extremely costly will work, and then it will be his real and final death.

Just then, the change suddenly occurred!

The look of the haze suddenly changed, and the position of the lower abdomen suddenly sounded a fierce thunder, and a brilliant silver ray of light suddenly appeared, such as a round of grand ordinary light.

Then, there were countless silver lightning glows bursting out of it, directly smashing his belly with a huge mouth, and a fiery silver wave of fire rushed out of it.

Just listening to a sharp whistling sound, a huge silver fire bird flew out from the haze of the haze, and after a spin in midair, it rushed straight to his chest.

Silver flame fire bird above the back, still standing one person, squatting on the body, but it is Han Li!

The people around the sink all around were stunned by this sudden appearance. Weeping Soul refused to take the risk and struggled to jump off the wall and look at Han Li nervously.

Yin Cheng’s whole look can’t help but change. His face becomes very difficult to look. Liu Pait Patriarch is a gaze, and his eyes are more surprised than joy.

Just listening to the bang of the “bang”, the silver flame fire bird directly hit the haze of the chest, rolling silver flames burst out, and instantly wrapped his whole body into it.

“Impossible, this is What?” The voice of horror and horror came out of the flame.

The thunder is constantly blasting, but he can’t get rid of those Silver Flames.

And the Silver Flame, for some reason, has the same strong restraint as the lightning in the wash basin. The effect is strong, and it is only second to the terrifying lightning in the golden Thunder Pool.

Where does the haze know that the now intense fire bird has swallowed three colorful fire sands, and the flame power of the body has already reached the level of Taiyi. If it is not forcibly awakened by Han Li, let it be truly refining. Can be at least in the Tai Stage.

Moreover, the flaming fire bird is restrained by the baleful aura, and it is naturally more effective than the outbreak.

Seeing this situation, the stone through the air and the fox three are overjoyed, the haze in the midair is full of sinking, and the Liu Pait Patriarch looks at Han Li deeply, and the mouth corner twitches.

As the flames rise sharply, the haze struggles, but it does not help.

At this time, a black light suddenly burst out of the flame, from which a black subordinate of four or five inches tall and full of baleful aura appeared, and the light flashes of the whole body disappeared instantly from the void.

Han Li and the others want to block, but they don’t have time to let them go.

A bang was heard.

The hazy body crashed into the ground and fell down to the front, completely turning into a coke.

Han Li jumped from the back of the fiery fire bird, raised his hand and recalled the scattered Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword, but found that the nine-handed flying sword was slightly trembled, as if he did not want to return.

He hesitated a little, and touched his heart for a moment. His eyes flashed a hesitant look, and then he waved again, and the flying sword flew back to him.

Then he took a shot and took the fox knives into his hands and came to the front of the corpse.

After reviewing it, I found that a white domino was hung on the side of his body and he picked it up and collected it.

The fine fire bird re-formed as a subordinate of silver flame, falling on Han Li’s shoulder, but still a drowsy look.

“Master, how are you?” Weeping Soul came to Han Li and asked.

“It’s nothing, but it was burnt by thunder and the body was a little turbulent. How about the injury?” Han Li shook his head and said.

“Teacher… He still seems to want to use my Divine Ability, not to die for me, not to be hurt.” Weeping Soul said bitterly.

“Right brother, at this moment is not lax, Patriarch needs us to help.” Fox three quickly stepped forward, full of worried colors, shouted.

Han Li looked at it and saw that there was no help from Weeping Soul. The scene that had been reluctantly suppressed suddenly changed, and the sinister soul has clearly gained the upper hand.

“Master, I will help.” Weeping Soul immediately said.

“Not busy, Liu Wei Patriarch can still support for a while. We hurry to recover the injury, add the spiritual force, and then break the third chain together, the strength of Liu Yan Senior will be greatly improved, then we do not need help, then He will certainly be able to repel the Yin Chengquan.” Han Li waved his hand.

“The four chains are stronger than one. Are you really sure to break?” The fox three is hearing this, and the color of worry in the eyes is not reduced, asks.

“Don’t worry, after the silver Thunder Pool, I have 70% confidence that I can break the silver chain. But the premise is that we have to add as many spiritual forces as possible.” Han Li looks the same. Said.

“Just listen to Fellow Daoist.” Stone pierced the air and said.

Fox three listened, this is no longer speech, several people have sat down on the knees and began to adjust quickly.


On the other side, the Wuhu District venue.

Yin Chengquan, who left midway, returned to the venue. After meditating, it seemed to look as usual, but the look at his eyes was always erratic and he looked like a heavy heart.

The atmosphere in the venue is still improving. It’s a bit embarrassing.

“The lord of the yin domain, the meeting has been deliberated so far, there is no point in this stalemate. Would it be better to vote as early as possible?” Huang Yuyu brows slightly wrinkled and said.

Yin Chengquan seems to have never heard of the ordinary, just gently turning the gray ring on the little finger of the left hand and falling into meditation.

“The yin domain master, Huangpu Palace Host said that it is reasonable. At this moment, all the controversial issues have been discussed, it is better to start voting.” Xiao did not raise a few voices, but also said.

After such a reminder, Yin Chengquan was like a sudden return to the gods, a smile on his face, and said: “The two are not safe, according to the Gathering agenda, not yet voting time, may wish to wait “”

The voice just fell, turning the right hand of the gray ring like an electric shock, jerked and caged in the sleeve.

His eyes flashed an incredibly surprised look, bowed his head to the ring on his left hand in the sleeve, and found the silvery stripes of light on it.

Yin Chengquan masked this series of actions very well, but still could not escape the attention of Huang Yuyu.

The latter is also in a state of suspicion. He is very wary of this meeting. He has long been guarded against the black hands behind the nine sects. It can be held until now, except for the previous abnormalities. Occasionally, it is Yin Chengquan’s uneasy feelings, as if the Jiuyou had their own troubles.

The yin-bearing full-cage handcuffs in the sleeves, and when I was about to get up, I couldn’t help but change again.

This time the shock was far more than before, so that he even forgot to do the action of disguising his expression.

“What’s wrong, the Lord of the Yin Dynasty? Is there any change in the area of ​​the Washing Soul? If the aristocrats can’t handle it, it may be worthwhile to lead the parties in the field to help you eliminate the worries, and also to unite the various ethnic tribes.” The heart fretting and said with a smile.

“In the Shura City of my nine ancestors, if there is something that we can’t solve ourselves, wouldn’t you let the jokes go? I was just thinking about the previous proposal of Fellow Daoist…” Said the opening.

Huang Yuyu’s brow inadvertently picked and picked, and the eyes flashed a trace of inexplicable look. Suddenly the sound transmission asked:

“Oh, you buried the wedges in Shura, can you find out what’s going on?”

“It is similar to the previous news. It is only said that there is a big change in the area of ​​the Washing Soul. Even the nearby Shuming District and the Kuhe District of Baizang District have all started the city defense restrictions. He is located in the Luohe District. Cultivator Yin Lin also rushed to the washing area, and the movement there seems to be getting bigger and bigger.” The three look unchanged, sound transmission back.

“It’s no wonder that the tone of this sorrow has changed. It seems that he is really anxious.” Huang Yuyu smiled at the sound transmission.

“Why, the lord of the yin domain wants to adopt the suggestion of the emperor’s domain owner, and vote now?” Xiao asked a brow and asked.

“The Gathering process is not finished, and the opinions of the parties are not uniform. I think that it is not the best time to vote now. It is better for us to put aside the dispute for the time being. Let’s choose another good day and then discuss it again. After all, this matter is related to our future. Development trend, should not be too hasty.” Yin Chengquan said with a smile.

When he said this, Huang Yuyu had not spoken yet, and Xiao had not shouted at night.

“Yin domain master, you Shura City is not the place where the landscape is the best. It is not easy to come here without saying a thousand miles. After all, it is not too small to gather so many domain chiefs. If you come again, I am afraid that the prestige of our three major domains will be greatly reduced.” He waved his hand and said.

“Xiao domain masters have more considerations. The next time we discuss again, we can still be led by our nine secluded domains. Naturally, we bring people to your black ropes to participate in the meeting.” Yin Chengzhi avoids the light and speaks.

“The yin domain master, this is really a laborer, we are not in a hurry to this time, we can extend the meeting, as long as we can negotiate a resolution that most people are convinced, it is no more than a few days.” At this time, I suddenly changed my previous attitude and said.

Yin Cheng all hearing this, the brow inadvertently picked the pick, did not please look at the flashes and passed away, looking at the turn and watching Xiao Xiao.

“Xiao Yuzhu, what do you think?” he asked.

Xiao did not find that the attitude of the two people was reversed. It was a big turn of 180 degrees, and the heart was understand the current situation.

“Well, the two said that there is reason. But… We have divided the three sides of the gray world for a long time, and there is no conclusion about the Immortal Boundary. It is not a good thing for all the people. I am worried that the delay will continue. The cracks are getting bigger and bigger, and it is hard to do it when you want to close it, so you should decide it as soon as possible, so don’t choose another day.” Xiao is not thinking about it for a long time, after a moment of indulgence, this set will be I already thought about the good words and said it.

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