RMJI Immortal Realm Chapter 769

“Xiao Yuzhu, the idea of ​​the samsara domain, I can hardly agree with the nine secluded domains, against the Immortal Boundary invasion, we are the first to fight for the first time, but if we want to get through the passage between the two worlds, take the initiative to kill Immortal Boundary, We can’t agree. It doesn’t matter how much it costs to open and maintain the passage. If it is linked to Immortal Boundary, it will not be a disaster.” Yin Cheng said.

“This genre is only reassuring. For the passage, we have a complete plan for the samsara domain, but the timing is not yet mature. If the lord is willing to listen to the sassara domain, we will take this plan and it will be There will be no doubts about this.” Huang Yuyu’s face was slightly condensed and said.

“Since the emperor’s domain master has a complete plan, why not present it now? After I saw it with Xiaoyu, I dispelled many doubts, and I am confident to follow your samsara domain?” Yin Chengquan sneered and said.

“Through the two worlds, it is also a secret to our samsara domain. In order to prevent the partition wall from being eared, there are not many people in our domain. Therefore, when the three domains fail to unite in one place, we naturally cannot reveal a little bit of news. “Huang Yuyu said faintly.

“If the two argue this way, I am afraid that there will be another hundred years, and I can’t take it anymore. Xiao Mou thinks that the urgent task of my gray world should be to eliminate the differences and integrate one. As for how to deal with Immortal Boundary, it can be suspended. Let’s talk about it. Let’s agree on an agenda and wait for the next discussion.” Xiao smiled and said.

“Xiao Yuzhu’s words are justified, but it can be done this way. I don’t know what the Emperor’s domain owner thinks?” Yin Cheng did not hesitate too much and said directly.

“If this is the case, it is not not following any party’s claim. The result is that the three domains are only nominally unified. In fact, they are not scattered.” Huang Yuyu listened, his brow wrinkled, hesitated after a moment.

“In the past, there were many frictions in various departments. Although the deaths and injuries were not too big, they were all our gray tribes. After all, they were internal consumption. But if the three parties agree as a whole, they cannot attack each other, otherwise they will attract The other two parties jointly discussed, so that at least the internal consumption can be avoided.” Xiao said with a smile.

” Having said that, even if there is an alliance, there is always a need for a lord. I know that if I am to be the principal, the Emperor Fellow Daoist will certainly not agree. Similarly, I will not give this position to the samsara domain. Therefore, according to my opinion, it is better to be temporarily replaced by Xiaoyu. As for whether or not to change again in the future, look at the results of the next meeting of the League. “Yin Chengquan said so.

Huang Yuyu’s eyes were seen here, and the heart sighed, sandpiper and clam war together, after all, let Xiao Yu’s fisherman benefit.

Even so, at least in exchange for a relatively stable environment, without the nine secluded areas, their samsara domain can also make more arrangements for peace of mind, and from the reaction of this ministry, many tribes actually agree with samsara. The claim of the domain.

Next, the samsara domain will have to make more arrangements and deepen the tribes that are intended to be invested in the samsara domain. When the next Gathering is held again, it will not be the current scene.

“In this case, we have no objection in the samsara domain, just do it.” Huang Yuyu nodded and said.

“By the two eyes, Xiaomou was taken over by it, and after that, the results of the alliance will come out, and then he will retreat to let Xian out.” For the result of the three parties’ balance, Xiao did not pretend to deny it, and smiled.

It is said that it is a hundred-domain alliance. Since there is no need to vote for the time being, other domains will not need to participate too much. The three people standing at the top of this league will be settled.

“Then, let’s set the time for the alliance afterwards…” Yin Chengquan said nothing, then said.


Soon after, Gathering discussed the end, and the samsara and black rope families began to leave the Wuhu District, and went to the location of the Shura city gate.

Among the long teams, the car of the Miao nationality looked very inconspicuous, and the car interior was sitting opposite the father’s nursery.

“Father, you said that before the movement in Shura City, would it be that the three people did?” Miao embroidery suddenly looked at his father and asked softly.

Her voice just started, the nursery made a squeaking gesture, and then sound transmission said: “Whether or not, about the three of them, don’t mention it later. We have never seen these three people, too I don’t know if there are these three people, is it understand?”

Miao embroidered this this, silently nodded, did not say What, but the body twisted, picked up the curtains of the window of the car, looked into the distance.

At the end of the convoy, after a huge octagonal treasure car driving outside the fence, standing a white-skinned white skirt female, it is the third.

Its both hands are in the direction of the Soul Zone in Shura City, and the face is a bit strange.

“Nine, how? And What is not assured?” At this time, Huang Yuyu came out from the car and asked.

“Uncle Huangfu, this time the league will be weird from beginning to end. You said that it is a What has changed, can make the attitude of the Jiugui people change so much?” asked the three eyebrows.

“I don’t know this. In short, it is definitely not our arrangement. But in any case, the result of those changes is always good.” Huang Yuyu said with a smile.

“Well, I thought it was a banquet, but as a result, the various kinds of prepared we have done before, but fell back.” Yan San also laughed and said easily.


In the Forbidden Land, the gray giant fox stood in the air and gasped.

Not far from the front of the giant fox stood a transparent silhouette, it was the soul of the haze, and the chest was pierced with a large hole, almost splitting it into two, and the booth eyes were gone. It became a dark color.

The gray-grey giant snorted and turned into a gray white light. The mans flew down and fell into the Patriarch forehead.

The airflow caused by the giant fox swept across the haze, and the remnant suddenly collapsed and turned into a little bit of crystal light, which disappeared into the void.

Beside the Liu Pait Patriarch, Weeping Soul was white and his body was crumbling.

She rubbed her hands and her arms trembled.

Liu Yi Patriarch’s four instruments in the body re-melted the four groups of black crystal light, flying back and into the body.

After doing this, Weeping Soul finally couldn’t hold on and the body fell to the ground.

At this moment, a green light flew away, holding the body of Weeping Soul, Han Li’s silhouette appeared next to Weeping Soul, his brow furrowed.

“Master, I am fine, just for a long time to display “Soul of the Soul”, the power of the soul is a bit large.” Weeping Soul barely smiled and said.

However, Han Li heard this and his brow did not loosen.

Weeping Soul is in a terrible situation. There is no trace of blood on the surface. There is almost a sense of transparency. Aura has also declined to an unprecedented level.

And it has stopped using the technique now, but aura is still fading, but it has not stopped.

Han Li raised his hand and a few black medicinal herbs flew out of his hand and flew into the Weeping Soul mouth. At the same time, he smashed his hand and a Daoist magic smashed into the Weeping Soul to help him refining his potency.

Gradually, Weeping Soul had a black crystal on the body, but it didn’t play What.

Han Li saw this situation and looked a bit ugly. For the case of Weeping Soul, he didn’t know what to do at the moment.

At this moment, the two zippers of the 岐 岐 Patriarch turned to look at it, the forehead rays of light flashes, a crystal ripples flying out, immersed in the Weeping Soul body.

Weeping Soul suddenly appeared a layer of crystal light, flashing fast.

Her pale face immediately looked good, and there was a trace of blood, and the aura immediately stabilized and no longer declined.

Weeping Soul seemed to have taken a sigh of relief, and with the help of Han Li’s, he sat down on his knees, and the delicate black light on his delicate face quickly covered his face.

Under the black light, the black light appeared in other parts of the body, and Aura quickly began to recover.

Han Li sensed the Weeping Soul situation, and let out a sigh of relief, while at the same time giving the Acacia Patriarch a bit of awe.

The means of Dao Ancestor’s existence, it really is not his trifling half-step too B.

“Congratulations to Patriarch to kill the enemy, Shenwei is the world!” Fox flew to the side of Liu Fei Patriarch, excitedly said.

“Now is not happy, the body of the haze is probably already coming over! Li Xiaozi, you have now passed the stagnation, the body of Supreme Unity Jade Immortal, the lightning in the sink has been for you Not what, you soon enter the final golden Thunder Pool, contaminate the Thunder Pool Essence, and then cut off the last chain of Thunder.” Liu Fei Patriarch reprimanded the fox, and then turned to Han Li Said in a hurry.

Han Li hearing this eyebrows, looking at the golden Thunder Pool.

I saw the golden arc rolling in the pool, these arcs are very slender, like a piece of rose.

These golden rays are extremely bright and almost impossible to look directly at. When intertwined with each other, they sometimes condense into various forms such as lightning ball, thunder ring, thunder mountain, etc., which look very mysterious.

What is even more frightening is that every golden ray has a strong lightning law volatility, which makes people feel horrified, making the nearby void tremble.

Han Li’s brows are slightly wrinkled, and the golden Thunder Pool is much bigger than the silver Thunder Pool. Although he has almost achieved the body of Supreme Unity Jade Immortal, he is not sure he can resist it.

However, as Liu Yu Patriarch said, the full-fledged Divine Sense clone is destroyed, it is impossible to be unresponsive, the enemy does not know what will come when there is no way, how to make Liu Wei Patriarch break free as soon as possible, in order to be foolproof.

“Fellow Daoist, the power of lightning in this golden Thunder Pool has almost reached Spirit Wisdom, you…” said the stone that stood there without talking, and said nothing.

“Fellow Daoist Shi rest assured. Senior, then please.” Han Li said, his body swayed, and he did not hesitate to jump into the golden Thunder Pool.

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