RMJI Immortal Realm Chapter 770

Han Li Fangyi enters the golden Thunder Pool, and the water of the Thunder Pool, which has been rolling over, suddenly surges like a stormy wave. The roar of the roaring sound suddenly rises, and a large piece of golden electric snake condense into a golden thunder, which is overwhelming. Crazy influx, seeing its posture has the meaning of directly bombing Han Li into slag.

Han Li naturally won’t sit still, and at the moment of itsentering Thunder Pool, the body is pulled up in an instant, and the arms and thighs are a lot more circus than before, and the whole body is covered with patches of scales.

But then, his body was overwhelmed by the golden lightning ray.

At the time, the glaring golden light reflected the entire secret room as a scorching sun, which made people dare not look at it.

Liu Fei Patriarch sees this scene, his eyes are slightly flashing, and he immediately mourns the spell. A large furry fox tail wraps around the golden chain and slams it.

The rays of light on the golden chain suddenly lit up, and a golden arc emerged, bringing the large golden arc in the Thunder Pool to the vicinity of the chain, thereby reducing the pressure on Han Li’s.

At the same time, it opened mouth to spit out a cloud group-like gray white light mans.

Gray white light Mang left the mouth of Liu Pait Patriarch, immediately burst open, turned into dozens of gray white light Mang, bursting into all directions, have been integrated into the hall.

The huge magic formation on the ground was quickly dyed in a grayish color, and a line of ripples spread out of the magic formation, spreading quickly.

The entrance stone gate is covered with these sinuous patterns, and it is banged and closed directly.

The squall formation continued to spread, and all the corners of the giant hall were everywhere.

The white light awns emerged from these sinuous patterns, covering the entire giant hall. The connection between the giant hall and the outside world seems to be cut off, and it is turned into an independent space.

“There must be a dividing line!”

The Secret Technique by Liu Ye Patriarch is a kind of spatial secret skill that completely cuts off the connection between a place and the outside world and pulls it into the space Plane.

Outsiders want to enter here, and only the entire space is defeated, it is extremely brilliant Divine Ability.

Stone pierced and looked at Liu Yu Patriarch, and his body swooped and flew to the silver Thunder Pool.

“Brother Shi, what do you want to do?” Fox III saw the scene and hurriedly came over and asked.

“Baleful aura in my body has not been cleared, naturally it is going to continue to wash.” Stone through the empty fox three Hehe smiled, said.

“This silver Thunder Pool’s might, you just saw it just a moment ago, Li Fellow Daoist is also barely passed through, you still don’t take the risk, wait for Patriarch to break free and say it again.” Fox three brows wrinkled, persuaded Road.

“Now the situation is changing rapidly. Foreign enemies may appear at any time. They can’t be dragged any longer. Fox brother, thank you for your concern, but even if you die inside today, I will definitely go in this Thunder Pool!” Unparalleled rays of light, the voice has not fallen, people have jumped into the silver Thunder Pool.

The fox had three opened mouths, but nothing said it. After shaking his head, he continued to turn his attention to the Golden Thunder Pool.

Over time, the large golden lighting ray in the Thunder Pool began to condense a huge Thunder Bead, thunder ring, etc., and rushed to Han Li.

Han Li fleshly body Although the Realm of Supreme Unity Jade Immortal has been reached, the toughness of the body has increased again, and some have not been able to withstand it.

In the sound of the arc-interlaced sound, the skin of the body turns into a blood-red color, and the blood drip dripping on the body, numerous slim wounds appear, but then quickly healed at a visible speed.

Han Li both eyes are closed, seemingly motionless in the golden Thunder Pool, but their foreheads are violently violent, and their muscles are squirming. It is obviously suffering from an indescribable pain, but at the same time, it is also running “Dai Zhou Tianxing.” Yuan Gong”, protected the internal organs.

After going through the first three Thunder Pools, he has seen a lot of the mysteries of these Thunder Pools, and the deeper the contact with the lightning in Thunder Pool, the faster the body will get contaminated with Thunder Pool aura.

Now that time is tight, he must dye the aura of the golden Thunder Pool as soon as possible, and then cut off the golden chain.

In a short time, the golden arc broke the defense of his skin and immediately invaded his body. The Meridians were hurt by the wounds and rip open.

The power of the laws of lightning contained in the arc also invaded his body and spread rapidly.

Han Li only felt a numbness in his body, and the body could not move in the slightest. The operation of the body’s spiritual force also lost control.

Under such a shock, his heart angered and mixed, and he was shocked that he could not move, nor could he run the spiritual force. He could not leave the Thunder Pool.

He was angry that such an important thing, Liu Wei Patriarch did not remind him.

Liu Yu Patriarch was imprisoned here for countless years, and Han Li did not believe that he would not know about the Golden Thunder Pool.

But now is not the time to complain about the Patriarch, Han Li also refused to contaminate Thunder Pool aura, trying to mobilize the body of the spiritual force, trying to resist these lightning rules.

Only these lightning laws are extremely powerful, and a wave of waves poured into his body, and his body’s feeling of paralysis is getting heavier and heavier.

Han Li’s mind was also invaded by a lightning rule, wrapped around his spirit, and Spiritual Sense was slow to run.

The ghost worm in his soul has been motionless after the death of the yin, as if he died of the ordinary.

At this moment, it was wrapped up by this lightning law. Suddenly, it struggled fiercely, but the mouth was weak, but the screaming screams seemed to encounter some kind of extremely fearful existence, twisting the body and desperately drilling deep into the soul.

However, it is too late, the lightning law has wrapped the ghost worm, a little golden lightning law rune seems to be attracted to the ghost by the ghost, quickly into its body.

The body of the ghost worm suddenly rose sharply, and then the slamming light slammed and shattered, turning into a black qi.

The soul of Han Li violently swayed, and it was black.

Fortunately, this shock is not strong, and with the power of its Spiritual Sense, it quickly recovered.

The ghost of the gods is a heart disease. Although the haze is dead, this insect may not be able to raise the storm. But after all, it is not a good thing. Now it finally disappears, letting it finally relax, and the gloomy mood is slightly relieved.

However, his good mood did not last long, and the strength of the “Da Zhou Tian Xing Yuan Gong”, which was originally protected by the internal organs, was quickly dissipated under the erosion of the power of the laws of light, and a force of tyrannical power immediately took the opportunity to invade. Within his five internal organs.

Han Li snorted, the mouth corner overflowed with a blood mark, and the sharp flash in his eyes was about to break through the lightning rules in the body.

But at this moment, the 72-foot Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword in his dantian jumped, and the blade showed a slender golden arc.

The lightning rules that invaded the dantian, immediately whales absorb the ordinary, and were swallowed up by the 72-hand Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword.

Han Li glimpsed, and then he smiled.

Although I don’t know what happened, the lightning law in dantian disappeared, and the control of the fairy physical force returned to his hands.

Han Li is about to run the fairy physical force in the dantian, and the spell is separated from the lightning around the body.

But the 72-foot Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword in the dantian was once again lit up, and it suddenly flew out of his dantian, suspended around him, and hovering around his body.

Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword circling while dancing, is also swallowing the power of the lightning law in the Thunder Pool, like a thirsty old cow, drinking water.

Around the blade, a golden lightning rune with a grain size appeared, and the bursting of the law of light was undulated, causing a nearby buzz of emptiness.

The lighting rules in Han Li’s body are rapidly reduced, and the paralyzed body recovers quickly.

He saw this scene in front of him, stopped the operation of the fairy physical force, the face was more intense, and there was a hint of excitement.

Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword is his life-long Magical Treasure, and the relationship between the two sides is extremely close.

Han Li can clearly sense at this moment that Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword has swallowed up the lightning rule in Thunder Pool here, is undergoing transformation, and finally started the advanced Immortal Tool.

His magical Treasure has swallowed up many swords in the enchanting palace, and the spiritual force has soared, far better than some Immortal Tool, and the single-handed flying sword’s might is comparable to most Immortal Tools.

Just Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword might be big, there is no force in the law, there are some shortcomings, and some battles with the Immortal Tool are inevitably dwarfed.

But now it seems that this flying sword is finally going to advance the Immortal Tool!

Han Li pressed his heart and excited, and once again transported “Great Zhou Tian Xing Yuan Gong” to protect the body, endure the invasion of golden lightning around, and carefully observe the situation of Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword.

Seventy-two handles Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword is his life Magical Treasure, no loss.

“Hey!” Fox III on top of Thunder Pool saw the situation on Han Li’s side, revealing the color of surprise.

Liu Ye Patriarch also looked over Han Li and his eyes flashed.

Seventy-two handles Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword circling around Han Li, the lightning law around the blade is flying fast, and now has a thumb cover size, and the lightning law is several times stronger.

The flying sword is also flying fast, and has become a cyan sword of a few feet in size, as if 72 sharks, swimming happily in the Thunder Pool, continue to swallow the lightning rules in the pool, as if a bottomless ordinary .

Han Li saw this and was not surprised.

He knows that the power of the law contained in the Immortal Tool is related to the material of its own refinement and the physical force it contains, as well as the degree of warming up. If the material is too bad or the property is not good, it is poured into the law. When it is possible, it is very likely to collapse directly.

The material used in his Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword is extraordinary, and the physical force is extremely strong. It has been refined by the Profound Heaven bottle gourd for many years, and has been warmed up in its body.

With such a strong foundation, Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword can accommodate a lot of laws.

He did not promote this flying sword to Immortal Tool before, but he could not find the law of such a huge, and he has been delayed. He could not think of a blessing in this place, and encountered such a chance.

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