RMJI Immortal Realm Chapter 771

Han Li saw that Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword had no accidents. He had been swallowing the power of this Thunder Pool smoothly, and he let go of his mind. Closed eyes sense the situation inside the body.

Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword Advanced Immortal Tool is a happy event, but the most important thing for him now is to get his body contaminated with Thunder Pool aura as soon as possible.

One thought of this, it closed the booth eyes again, and it was a variety of colors, and it became a True Spirit Phantom, such as True Dragon, Green Dragon, Five-Colored Peacock, Mountain Giant Ape, and so on.

At this point, these True Spirit Phantoms look a lot clearer than before, almost condensed into a substantial ordinary, each emitting a powerful True Spirit blood aura.

Han Li’s body continues to bulge and deform, but his fleshly body strength is greatly increased at this moment, and the influence of True Spirit’s blood force is far less serious than before.

In addition to these True Spirit Phantom, he also showed a golden lighting rays of light, which slowly turned bright.

Soon, these golden lighting glows finally reached a limit, and the connections were merged together, turning into a golden lightning glow, as if wearing a golden jersey.

The next moment, Han Li both eyes opened and then turned into a golden shadow.

However, the golden lightning in the Thunder Pool, just like the previous three Thunder Pools, immediately followed, condensing a huge golden grid and entangled Han Li’s body.

This golden power grid is extremely dense, and there are countless lightning laws attached to it, extremely tough, his body just a moment ago flying a few feet away, it was dragged, can not go further.

Han Li’s brow wrinkled, his golden light flashed, and he was about to move.

At this moment, the Thunder Pool below suddenly surged, and after the rumble of the ordinary ordinary, a huge blue Sword Qi flew out of it, forming a piece of Jianshan Jianlin.

Every Sword Qi is surrounded by a golden arc, and there are countless lightning runes that pulsate around. There is no natural law to cut around. Wherever, the void is easily cut out by a spacial rift. .

The golden grid above the Thunder Pool bears the brunt of it, and it is smashed by Sword Qi. It immediately looks like a paper paste, which is easily broken into countless pieces and bursts open.

Han Li was also swept by these Sword Qi, but when these Sword Qi hit their bodies, they immediately seemed to have automatic intelligence ordinary to circumvent, without hurting them in the slightest.

The face of the fox standing near the golden Thunder Pool changed, and the figure immediately turned backwards, and a flashing retreat outside the thousand feet.


A drop of blood dripped down from the fox’s three arms, and a deep wound appeared on his arm, and blood swarmed out.

He just a moment ago, although it was fast, but Sword Qi broke out too suddenly, he was still hurt by it.

“Hey!” The fox snorted and a little bit of green light appeared on the arm wound. The wound quickly healed and disappeared between flashes.

He looked at Sword Qi in the Golden Thunder Pool, and his eyes flashed a horror.

This Sword Qi is very fierce, afraid that it will be able to pull out a hole in the sky, just a moment ago, he fortunately stood far away, and retired quickly, otherwise it has been involved in it at the moment, the consequences are unimaginable.

Liu Zhi Patriarch looks at the infinite Sword Qi, but also nodded slightly.

Just then, Han Li’s silhouette flew out of Sword Qi, landed next to the Thunder Pool, and took a medicinal suit.

His body surface also showed a green light, wrapped his body shape, the wound quickly recovered, and several breaths recovered.

The infinite Sword Qi in Thunder Pool also converges at this moment, disappearing in the blink of an eye, and the emptied void near it is quickly closed and restored to its original state.


A flying sword, one after the other, flies out of the Thunder Pool, which is Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword.

At this moment, Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword looks almost the same at the moment, and the entire sword is green and glistening, almost becoming transparent.

On the green jade sword, there is a golden lightning-like pattern. The crystal body is surrounded by a golden arc of finger-thickness. It is swiftly swaying around the blade and sizzling. A little bit of golden runes linger, making people look shocking.

In a twinkling of an eye, the seven-foot flying sword flew out from the Thunder Pool. Each flying sword exudes powerful Sword Qi fluctuations, which is several times stronger than before. It is not inferior to Han Li. A few pieces of the Immortal Tool.

Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword was turned into seventy-two golden ray shadows, which swirled around Han Li’s body for a few laps and then fell into his dantian again, lying quietly inside.

Han Li feels the sturdy strength of the 72-foot Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword in dantian. The mouth corner can’t help but can’t hide the joy of the heart.

“Fellow Daoist, congratulations. But you have already successfully contaminated the golden thunder Pool’s aura?” The fox flew over, first bowed his hand and congratulated, and immediately asked.

He was also a well-informed person, and immediately guessed what happened to Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword.

“The fox is assured that if I don’t succeed in contaminating Thunder Pool aura, I won’t come out,” Han Li said with a smile.

When he spoke, he appeared on the surface of the golden lighting glow.

Liu Fei Patriarch sees this scene, and can not help but flash a touch of joy, which is even mixed with a little excitement.

“Master!” Weeping Soul, sitting cross-legged, heard Han Li’s voice and immediately got up and walked over.

Her pale complexion has been restored a lot, and her aura has already recovered a lot. I didn’t know what the Secret Technique was, but I replied so quickly.

Han Li nodded to Weeping Soul and was about to say What.

At this moment, a whistling sound came out of the silver Thunder Pool, and then the stone through the empty silhouette shot from it.

Han Li looked at the past and his face changed slightly.

I saw the stone wearing the air at this moment, it looked like a wolf, the body was almost scraped off a layer of flesh and blood, a small rib was exposed on the lower abdomen, the flesh and blood on the two arms were almost completely disappeared, revealing two white bone arms, whole human It has been reduced in a circle.

However, he looks miserable, but there is a layer of white jade crystal light on his body, which has obviously passed the decline.

At this moment, a silver arc in the Thunder Pool flew in and out, instantly entangled the body of the stone.

His face sank and his hands waved, and a silver light appeared in his waist. It was the silver plaque.

Stone pierced the empty finger, suddenly “squeaky”, a circle of silver sound waves instantly rushed out.

The silver arcs that were entangled in him, when they touched these sound waves, burst into flames in the bounce.

He took the opportunity to fly out, and when he was swaying, he landed on the shore of Thunder Pool, gasping for a breath, almost standing unsteadily, and hurriedly took out a few medicinal herbs.

Although the stone wears the air and is heavy, the face is full of joy.

In any case, I finally passed through the stagnation and crossed this level.

He had black, red, green and other rays of light on his body. The wounds on the body quickly grew new flesh and blood, and the body quickly recovered.

“Brother Shi, congratulations on the decline, you are worthwhile.” Fox three arched his hand and smiled.

“Take your good words, luckily luck.” Stone pierced and laughed.

“These words wait for me to completely break free and then say no later! Now I cut off the golden chain for me, I sense that someone is quickly approaching here, fast!” The voice of Liu Pait Patriarch suddenly came, extremely extreme.

Everyone’s face is changed, not afraid to delay, and immediately start fight.

Han Li’s dark red light flashed in his hand, and the Tianhu blood knife appeared in his hand.

He took a deep breath, the both hands clenched the blood knife, and the golden light was released. The body’s spiritual force surged out and was injected into the long knife.

Fox three of them silhouetted, and instantly appeared in Han Li behind, raising their hands and pushing the void, and the body’s spiritual force was sprayed out and injected into Han Li.

Han Li is next to the golden light flashes, and the shape of the Taoist Xie emerges.

In Taoist Xie, the celestial stone has been replaced with a new one. The body aura is restored again. He also raised two golden lights and halved into Han Li.


The fox of the fox has a large light, and it has won three times, as if it were a bloody solar ordinary.

The blade buzz violently trembled, and countless blood-red knives emerged, and there were thousands of roads filled with half a giant hall.

The foxes of the foxes on the foxes of the foxes of the ray of light, a huge bloody fox shadow suddenly emerged, the fox shadow booth eyes reveal a human color.

Han Li was shocked by the ray of light of the eyes of the fox. He was very familiar with it.

As soon as the bloody fox shadow appeared, it immediately fell to the bottom and merged into the blade.

There are countless blood-colored knives in the vicinity that seem to come together and merge into the blade.

The fox knives suddenly rose several times, and the shape also changed dramatically, turning into a crescent-shaped giant scimitar.

The knife body even flashes a blood-red eye, there are dozens of them, all over the foxes and blood knives everywhere, it looks very strange.

Han Li and the others Seeing this scene, the look is a change.


Under the trepidation of the fox, a wild beast-like roar, and then a thick, bloody rays of light erupted from the blade.

Han Li holds the fox knives and bears the brunt of it. He only feels that a baleful aura is coming from the sea.

His both ears slammed, and the internal organs almost turned over. The whole body was weak and weak, and the hand holding the fox knives was almost loose.

The fox and the others also showed painfulness, but they received much less impact than Han Li.

Han Li slammed his teeth, and Spiritual Sense in his mind ran wildly, barely holding his mind, and both hands clenched the handle and were about to swing.

But at this time, the Tianhu blood knife actually took off his hand from his hand and turned it into a blood shadow, lying on the golden chain.

The golden chain violently vibrates, and the rune golden light inscribed on it is soaring, like a sun burst!


The whole golden Thunder Pool suddenly blasted the pot of ordinary, lightning ray crazy, picking up a piece of thousand feet high gold can be seen, it seems to be some kind of ordinary, it has to sweep around, but it has been Restrictions, and can’t completely detach from the Thunder Pool below.

The large golden light of the Xiaguang is intertwined in midair, and numerous slender golden light bounces and interweaves.

The fox of the fox smashed into the golden chain, but only broke into the chain ordinary, and then stopped and could not advance one more point.

A raging wave of air erupted from the intersection of the fox and the golden chain, and instantly formed a white hurricane.

Han Li and the others were all smashed by a hurricane and slammed into a wall.

At this moment, the shock suddenly started!

Just listening to the “bang”, the entire grand hall seems to have suffered some kind of slamming and violently shaking. Han Li and the others did not feel a sense of standing instability.

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