RMJI Immortal Realm Chapter 772

“It’s still coming.”

The Patriarch, who was on the giant cross, suddenly sinks and muttered.

At this time, all around the gray striate bursts out of the dazzling rays of light, spewing out the power of the ruthless restrictions, wrapped the entire giant hall, want to resist this violent shaking.

However, the force that came from outside was really amazing. The force of the restricting of the gray formation was not completely resisted. A crack appeared immediately on the walls of the giant hall.

“It’s too late, fast chain!”

Liu Fei Patriarch shouts out, the both hands flew in front of him, his body white gray light mans, and then one hand rushed all around.

A few bangs, a pair of gray-white rays of light flying from their fingertips, flashes of fading into the surrounding lines, making the original dangerously restrictive re-stabilization immediately.

But before Han Li and the others have stabilized their body shape, a more terrifying power has come to the top of the giant hall!

This time, the giant hall swayed more and more violently than before, all around those gray and white patterns trembled madly, and there was some faintness.

Liu Yi Patriarch’s body trembled, and his mouth snorted and seemed to be implicated.


There was almost no time gap, and the third hit terrifying came in. The restrictions in the giant hall could no longer be resisted. The gray spots broke down and the giant stone gate burst suddenly, revealing a large hole.

Then the two figures, such as the electric ordinary, flew out, and the dawn was full, it was the yin and Feng Qingshui.

Liu Fei Patriarch snorted again, his body trembled, and the mouth corner blew a blood.

However, the look in his eyes is the same, the cold and incomparable looks at the haze.

“There must be a dividing line… I don’t think there is a neighboring existence here. The yin domain master, you nine secluded is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the jT outside does not say, there is another Dao Ancestor here, today is really let Fengmou Open your eyes.” Feng Qingshui saw the situation inside the hall, and the white eyebrows said.

“Do not talk nonsense, according to what we talked about before, otherwise everything that was promised before will not be counted!” The haze was completely coldly snorted, and the tone was not good.

Feng Qingshui smiled and was not angry.

Han Li and the others had been swept by the storm before, but fortunately their respective fleshly body and cultivation base were not weak. They were only shocked and not injured. But at this moment, Feng Qingshui heard this and was shocked.

“Two Dao Ancestor…” Han Li snorted and the whole human went down.

Fox III, the stone wears the empty face and instantly becomes ugly.

Weeping Soul didn’t have much fear, and both hands clenched his fists, staring coldly at the shadows.

“Liu Yan, it turned out that all of this is your plan? It is very likely to pick the timing. I personally have the chain of Thunder, and these ants can break. I have already said that you will never want to break free from here forever!” The haze sweeped Han Li and the others, and the line of sight stopped slightly on Weeping Soul and Fox III, and finally landed on the Patriarch of Liu Yan, snorting.

When the voice did not fall, he immediately went, raising his hand and punching it out.

As the haze all went out of the boxing, Han Li felt the surrounding void as if the balloon was ordinary, and suddenly expanded rapidly, and the space inside the giant hall suddenly increased by a hundred times.

At this moment, the hazy body is very tall, and can support both heaven and earth. It seems to be the god who controls everything in this world.

And these people suddenly become extremely small, as if a few ants are ordinary, a sense of powerlessness.

“Booming”, a gray ash like a thousand feet of mountains

The surrounding voids also swayed with this giant boxing, and were twisted and deformed, and pressed toward Liu Pait Patriarch.

A huge pressure from the gray giant punches, pressed on Han Li and the others.

A few people only felt a numbness in the body, and half of the body lost consciousness in an instant. After their legs slammed, they slammed the ground slate and plunged into the soil below the knees.

Han Li snorted, his face turned pale, and a bloody mark appeared in the mouth corner.

Fox three, stone through the air, Weeping Soul three people can not withstand Han Li, as many opened mouth spurt a blood, face is also pale as paper.

In Taoist Xie, the celestial stone has been exhausted again. It is pressed by this pressure. Some of the remaining golden light on the surface of the body is destroyed and vanished. It turns over and falls down, and it does not move.

“If the old man was wounded by the people of heaven in the same year, you can also hold back the old man. Now I have already broken away from most of the restrictions. You can stop and seal me again!” Liu Wei Patriarch sneered, a front paw on gray white The light flashed over and turned into a palm full of gray animal hair, and waved to catch the fox that was still on the golden chain.

The foxes of the foxes immediately spurred the blood of the rays of light, dazzling and dazzling, and instantly filled the entire grand hall, which was many times brighter than Han Li’s hands.

Liu Fei Patriarch’s arm waved, “嗤啦”, a day-to-day bloody blade light emerged, where the blade light passed, the void bursted like a fragile paper.

“Tianhu blood knife!”

A huge bloody blade light flashed over a distance of several tens of feet, kneeling on the gray giant boxing.

“Bang” a Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering loud noise!

The ray-like gray-red rays of light burst open and intertwined.

A violent sway in the vicinity of the void, the strange scene of a hundredfold expansion suddenly disappeared, and everything was restored to its original state.

Numerous white storms emerged, and even more spacial rift emerged in the storm, twisting and spreading in all directions.

Han Li and the others couldn’t move at the moment. The eyes were caught in the storm of the surrounding storm. The spacial rift spread and it was necessary to tear a few people.

“You still licking What, don’t let these people die, all grab it!” The voice of the haze suddenly came.

Feng Qingshui is hearing this light flashes, and he does not see how he moves. A blue glow like water blooms from him.

The blue light didn’t look very bright, but it easily invaded into the nearby stone wall. The stone wall and the ground on all sides turned blue and clear, as if it had become a blue jade ordinary.

Those spacial rifts were shrouded in blue light, and the speed was ten times slower.

Feng Qingshui raised his hand and clicked out, Han Li and the others surrounded by blue light flashes, a blue beech plunging 枞桓∠ Zheng even irrigated Qianlong

The giant palm has not yet arrived, and a huge force has crashed down and pressed on Han Li and the others.

A few people were directly pressed to the ground, like a fly in amber, a finger can not move, the body of the spiritual force can not run in the slightest, can only see the eyes at the giant palm.

Han Li instigated all the power of the whole body, and couldn’t move in the slightest, and there was a long-lost fear in his heart.

This is the real Dao Ancestor, the strength gap between the two can not be counted.

The other party is not going to have the life of themselves and the others. Otherwise, if they are afraid of being a finger or even a thought, they can let their own people immediately disappear.

At this moment, a coldly snorted came from the side, and the bloody blade light slammed again, and a bloody pattern appeared on it, which was clear enough.

“噗嗤”, the gray giant boxing was split into two halves under the blood knife.

Then the blood-colored blade light kept going, and the imposing madness went all over the head.

At the same time, Han Li and the others suddenly burst into the ground and two thick foxtails emerged from the ground.

One of the foxtails rushed to the sky, and the roots of the foxes were erected on the top of the foxtail. There were numerous gray runes on the surface, and the slaps were on the blue giant palm.

There was a loud bang in the “bang”, and the nearby earthquake trembled. The blue giant palm rays of light were scattered, and the falling momentum suddenly slowed down.

The other foxtail shattered the body of the fox three, and then the two foxtails slammed into the ground and disappeared.

Han Li saw the scene and his face sank.

Just a moment ago entering Golden Thunder Pool, and now, Liu Yi Patriarch does not seem to really regard them as their own.

However, this has nothing to be wrong. The other party said before. All of this was originally a sale. The stone and the other side are at best a buyer and seller.

This is because the situation is special, otherwise how do the Small Gold Immortal fall to the method eye with the respect of Dao Ancestor?

Feng Qingshui was rescued by one person under the eyes, but his face did not change at all, and his palm turned slightly.

The blue giant palm rays of light, suddenly increased greatly, and then split into two, into two ordinary blue palm palm.

One of the giant palms continued to grab a few people from Han Li, and the other one was a blur, plunging into the ground.

But just in the blue giant palm, Han Li and the others are only a ten-foot distance, and the regeneration is different!

The stone pierced the body and trembled. A brilliant silver rays of light erupted from him, and a silver cymbal appeared in the silver light. It was that Luo.

Rosie swung in a swift motion, and the silver light burst out of it, and it hit the blue giant palm.

At this moment, as if people were dialing the ordinary, smashing, a silver note flew out from the rapids, and did not enter the vicinity of the void.

“Bang”, the void suddenly split, there is a space passage, which is very deep inside, I don’t know where to go.

An unspeakable coquettish force swept from the inside, wrapped around the stone, Han Li and the others, pulling inside the passage.

The pressure on Han Li and the others disappeared abruptly, and the movement of the body and the spiritual force of the celestial body returned to normal in an instant, and the face was full of surprises.

“Not good, stop them. Don’t talk about life and death!” The haze that was confronting with Liu Qi Patriarch saw this situation and shouted.

“Looking for death!” Feng Qingshui apparently also moved his true anger, and both hands slammed and forced a wave.


There were fierce tremors in the vicinity of the void, and the sound of the cracks in the smashing screams, the innumerable blue light from the rapid transmission of the sky, as if the Tianhe rupture, the flood poured out, and instantly flooded the entire void.

The space passage is also submerged by the infinite blue light around, and it must be slammed.

Han Li also suddenly showed a huge force in the body, squeezed from all sides, and the figure suddenly stagnated at the entrance of the passage.

Regardless of how the suction in the passage is pulled, several people are hanging in the air but they are still moving, and they can’t fly in just one step.

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