RMJI Immortal Realm Chapter 773

“Give me back!”

Feng Qingshui screamed with anger, and the big hand came out.

Han Li A few people’s weeks of flashes, countless blue crystals emerged from the air, wrapped around a few people’s bodies, pulling them out to the outside.

But at this time, the nearby voids trembled again, and a dark red rays of light penetrated from them.

In the depths of the void, there is a silent dark red round wheel Phantom. The round wheel has six black round holes arranged in a hexagonal plum shape and set on the round wheel.

Each round hole is painted black light awning, forming a vortex, slowly rotating.

As soon as the huge round wheel emerged, a huge indescribable force infiltrated from the void.

The blue filaments wrapped in Han Li and the others broke down in a few inches, and several people recovered their freedom again, flying along with the roach toward the space passage.

But at this moment, Weeping Soul’s eyes were suddenly turned into a stupor.

Countless black qi ejected from her body pores, and there were countless human beasts in the black qi, all flew toward the dark red wheel, and fell into it.

The aura of Weeping Soul flutters at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the body becomes faint and transparent.

Han Li saw this and hurriedly grabbed the Weeping Soul body and took it into the flowering space with Taoist Xie.

He just a moment ago, after finishing this, his eyes were black and he was sucked into the space passage.

In the moment of flying into the space passage, he heard the sound of the screaming full of anger and screaming at the same time, while the two different laws of force were simultaneously covered.

Then all the sounds of behind are abruptly stopped. It seems that the space passage is closed. Although the power of the two laws has been cut off, there are still a lot of spaces that they enter with them.

Han Li only felt that his body was sinking, and he was involved in the force of the two laws. The speed of the squat suddenly became sluggish, and even the body’s spiritual force and Spiritual Sense became stagnant.

In the meantime, he saw Luo Hua in front of a circle of silver halo, the force of a gray and blue law applied to the body, under the traction of the silver halo, was suddenly attracted to the past, let Its whole human is suddenly loose.

He fixed his mind and looked ahead.

I saw the silver plaque flying in front of it at this time, but the surface was attached with a blue and gray stream of light, circling.

A few silver filaments flowed from the top of the string, like the ribbon ordinary, Han Li and the stone pierced the waist, dragging and flying to the front of the void.

At this time, Han Li felt his head swell and his body was sore, but he could still clearly feel that all around had a powerful space and squeezed it. He wanted to raise one arm and felt like the above. Pressing a mountain can’t move at all.

The stone is not far from him, and it seems to be the same scene, the pain of the face.

Han Li bites jaw, the purple rays of light in the eyes, illuminate, looking into the depths of the passage, but only see a void space, there seems to be a powerful space to tear, attracting the silver 琵琶, They also led the two of them to swept away.

Although his heart is suspicious, he is still secretly glad. If he still stays in the sink, Liu Qi himself is difficult to protect, he will certainly escape from Yin Chengquan and another Dao Ancestor.

But at this moment, there was a slight change in the silver plaque in front.

The gray-and-blue stream of light attached to it seems to be constantly improving!

“Not good!” Han Li’s heart sank and he couldn’t help but raise an ominous premonition.

It’s just that he can’t make the slightest move.

As a result, there were no more than a dozen breaths, and the gray and blue stream of light turned faster and faster, and then one fell, and opened with a burst of air.

The violent blue-grey rays of light instantly rolled in all directions, intertwined with all around silver light.

The passage of all around was instantly distorted by a violent force, and began to twist a little bit, and numerous silver spots drifted around.

A twisting force swept across Han Li’s side, causing the force of all around to squeeze even more, and the force of the stock once again gathered at the front end, eventually acting on the silver plaque.

Stone wears out and obviously realizes that something is wrong, but at this time, like Han Li, it is like a two-leaf small boat floating in the ocean. In addition to passive acceptance, it is impossible to make the slightest measure.

This continues, but a dozen breathing skills, a slight cracking sound, a sudden sound!

Immediately afterwards, the silver cockroach flying in front suddenly trembled fiercely, and then could not maintain a stable forward-swept posture. After a chaotic flight trajectory, it trembled fiercely and violently rolled up in the void.

Han Li was torn apart by him, and his figure was also violently tumbling in the void. He only felt that the sky was turned upside down, and the foreground of the eyes became extremely chaotic. The whole body was oppressed by the powerful space, and the consciousness began to become dull. .


I don’t know how long it took, and there was a light in the dim of heaven and earth.

A silver light flew out from the light, and the visible visible came out, re-formed a silver cymbal, flew down from the sky.

Immediately afterwards, the two figures flew out of the air and fell towards the bottom.

These two people are not others, naturally it is Han Li and stone through the air.

After the chaos in the space passage, both of them did not faint, but after all, Spiritual Sense was a little faint, and after a moment of adaptation, the line of sight gradually became clear.

Han Li looks at the front of the sky, only feel that there is some gloomy in front of the sky, the wind whistling by the ear, his body is actually in the sky over a blue-black mountain range, is falling rapidly toward the ground.

He quickly ran the fairy physical force, stabilized his figure and suspended in midair.

Looking up, I saw the sky in the distance, and the stone piercing was falling down a mountain peak below.

At this time, the stone wears the air as if just a moment ago, after a slight confusion in the eyes, the body flashes light flashes, after stabilizing the body shape, flies a few dozen feet in one breath, and puts the silver one Pulled back to the hand.

In the arms of Luo Wei, he looked at the color of his eyes and looked at it. He saw that the silver light was dimmed a lot. There was an obvious crack road on the head of the hammer, and the runes on the carving were divided into two halves.

Han Li opened the open mouth and was about to call him, and the whole human suddenly became stiff.

There was a burst of “beep” sound in his body, and Exalted Immortal illumined one after another, and the surrounding and earth between the surrounding and the earth began to emerge. At first, as the goose feathers fluttered, then it became a large cloud, gathered toward his side.

At this time, the stone pierced the air and found the movement here, turned and looked over.

His brow was picking, and his eyes could not help but flash a touch of surprise. He said, “Fellow Daoist, you are…”

“There should have been a break in the sink before, but there is no heaven and earth vital energy in the gray world. It can’t be used to open up the fairy. Now when it comes back, it will lead to heaven and earth vital energy, and it will break soon. Realm.” Han Li said with a wry smile.

The stone pierced the sky and overlooked the mountain range below. I saw that there was soaring smoke and thick white fog. The brow could not help but squat.

“But here…” He just spoke up and was interrupted by Han Li if he hadn’t finished talking.

Just listen to Han Li and say: “I have no obstacles in my body. I am afraid I can’t suppress it. I don’t have time to pick up the retreat. I also ask Brother Shi to help me with the crab Fellow Daoist for my Protector.”

After all, Han Li’s body was already flashes and flew away from a valley below.

When the figure was not yet on, there was a silver light door in the air, and the silhouette of Taoist Xie emerged, and he swooped into the Valley with him.

“Bang” a loud noise!

A silver column with a thick water tank illuminates from Han Li and blasts into the Valley, causing a series of violent roaring sounds. The direct shock of Valley trembles, the electric light overflows, and the smoke rises.

In the midst of chaos, various squeaking sounds rang, and countless tall and fierce beasts rushed out of the valley, with great fanfare such as rivers and torrents, and a flock of birds flew out, densely confusing. .

Among the valleys, where the lightning was bombarded, the square miles of herbs were turned into ashes, which was very abrupt in the dense green forests.

Han Li sat cross-legged in the open area, and there was already a rich heaven and earth vital energy outside the body. The white vortex was gathered and the inside was bright and slightly strange.

Outside the open area, the Taoist Xie, which holds the “斩霆” and “broken” swords, is suspended three feet from the ground, such as the parade of the ordinal parade Protector.

The stone pierced slowly retracted the line of sight from Han Li. The eyes looked far and wide to the mountain range, which was high and low, and the thick and falling clouds in the sky. The brows became thicker and tighter, and the face became more and more dignified. .

“I said Liellow Daoist, you can really pick the place, if you know where this is…” After a bitter smile, he flew down and landed outside the open area.

Seeing the stone flying close, Taoist Xie stopped the parade and looked far away at him, with a clear sense of vigilance in his eyes.

“You and I are one south and one north, take precautions, and wait for some time.” Stone screamed.

Taoist Xie hearing this, a flash of doubt in the eyes.

At this moment, a fierce and grotesque sound, from the depths of Valley and outside of Valley, the entire Valley trembled, and the fine stones were shaken by this force.

“Come.” Stone shouted loudly.

Its voice just fell, the sound of broken trees in the deep black forest in the depths of Valley continued, and the tall wooden roots of the thousand feet were broken, thrown off and four-sided, and the wood chips were scattered everywhere. .

A huge black ape, a thousand feet long cyan python and a giant blue spider rushed forward, rushing out of the collapsed forest and heading straight to Han Li.

Among them, the black Giant Ape eyes are red, with no hair, and the skin is like a steel rock with angular edges. It is glittering with black luster. The huge arms grab an old tree and a huge stone, and they are facing the stone. .

The cyan scorpion is a gigantic mouth. The five colors of the poisonous smoke are pouring out of their mouths. They are also covered with dense blue snakes and countless eight-clawed spiders. They come to the ground and creak.

Behind it, there was a burst of thick fog, and there was also a huge silhouette of a strange animal. The ups and downs were unpredictable and the trails were looming.

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