RMJI Immortal Realm Chapter 774

On the other side of the valley mouth, a body size is different, the shape is even more strange, or the scales are all over, or the top of the head is born with a sharp horn, or the body is covered with black mist, the number is also very huge, from Taniguchi rushed inside and went straight to the stone and the Taoist Xie.

If there are small beasts that escaped along the way, they will all be trampled and bitten to death. For a time, the screams are horrible, and the blood is aura.

“Fortunately, aura is not too strong. It seems that I haven’t provoked those hard-working guys for the time being. There is no problem in resisting the last one. I am afraid that the time will drag on for too long…” The stone looks like a majestic, The raging Ferocious Beast frenzy, muttering.

After all, he showed up and flew down, and both hands waved.

A series of rays of light flew out, wrapped in a piece of formation plate and a formation flag, flew away on the road that the beast rushed, and constantly arranged.


Seeing the giant beast approaching, the stone pierced the empty hand and screamed in the mouth.

As soon as the voice fell, a silver white light mangled suddenly, rising from the ground, directly forming a huge space barrier with a wide thousand feet, from the end of the valley to the other end, building a silver Light wall.


Just heard a loud bang, the black Giant Ape rushed to the wall and slammed into the silver wall.

The entire wall of the light trembled fiercely, and the silver light collapsed. The wall was not moving, and there was no trace of rupture at all.

The aura level is only the black Giant Ape of the True Immortal Early Stage. The violent color flashes in the eyes, and the sturdy arms slammed up and screamed toward the silver light wall.

Then, the cyan python and the cyan spiders rushed over and began to slam into the wall, but no matter how they tossed, the silver light wall was as stable as Mount Tai, and there was no sign of being broken.

The stone pierced the air and gave a sigh of relief. He glanced at the silver light wall and sat down directly on his knees.

“I finally came back, and finally I didn’t have to point to the fairy stone to live.” After that, he smacked his eyes and smoothed his eyes.

On the other hand, Taoist Xie glanced at the movement of the stone through the air, and his heart was slightly lower, and he went back to behind to fill the “斩霆” sword and took a bottle gourd from his waist.

I saw him dumping the bottle gourd mouth, and after a few clicks in his mouth, he raised his hand and took a shot at the bottom of the bottle gourd.

Bottle gourd suddenly appeared a Spiritual Light vortex, yellow light rays of light masterpiece, a dark yellow pea size as falling rain ordinary, flew out and fell to the ground.

I only listened to the sound of popping like a rain and banana, and kept ringing from below. All the pea size rays of light were made, and the light flashes at the moment of landing turned into a squadron of about 3.33m high. .

Each of them is wearing an ancient armor, and there is a light running rune on it. Hundreds of people stand in a neat square team. There are a total of dozens of square teams, each holding weapons, the same as the most powerful army of the secular world dynasty. Well rushed to the valley in an orderly manner.

Although the Taoist soldiers are silent, the sound of the neat steps is as shocking as the thundering ordinary. After slamming into the torrent of the Ferocious Beast, it is immediately cut into dozens of battle groups and surrounded.

The Leijia Dao’s single-handed combat capability was slightly weaker than these strange beasts, but they matched each other very quickly, and quickly gained the upper hand. The smashing of this strange animal into the Valley was devastating and the qualifications were broken.

Taoist Xie hung up in the sky and looked out into the forest far away from the valley. The brow couldn’t help but squat.

But seeing the smoke there, there seems to be a lot of Ferocious Beast coming together.

He browed and looked at the sky for a while, his face flashed a touch of remembrance, and soon recovered as usual, looking at Han Li.

At this time, Han Li both eyes are closed, and everything about the outside world is unheard of. The ray of light in the whole world is condensed into a huge white vortex, and the spiritual force of the huge is fluctuating. Yu Tian, ​​connected with the dark clouds on the Scorpio, is like a giant pillar standing in the valley.

In the middle of vortex, Han Li, the body is lifted by the spiritual force and floats into the sky. The body’s acupoints are flashing like stars. The outer skin is as clean as jade, and the bones are almost completely visible. luster.

Just then, he suddenly had a look at the mouth, the opened mouth was a long spit, a muddy black qi spewed out of it, all around the surging white cloud suddenly seemed to be splashed into the spark of spark, slamming all of a sudden Burned up.

I saw the white clouds violently tumbling, which seemed to produce countless groups of white flames. A cluster of violent burning, constantly simmering Han Li’s body, making his body more pure and transparent.

The black black clouds above the white flames began to illuminate the rays of light at the moment. It seems that there are five colors of light colors, showing a cloud of Xia Wei, Immortal Qi.

Supreme Unity Jade Immortal In the end, it is a transparent, non-staining, seemingly innocent beauty.

In terms of physical strength, nature is far from being comparable to Gold Immortal. It is also more thunderous, and Divine Sense can also take it to the next level, but it is basically the return of physical intelligence to the heaven and earth. Conforms to Great Dao and fits the rules, making it easier to Insight and accommodate the power of the law.

It can be said that the pure degree of Supreme Unity Jade Immortal directly affects how far it can go after the practice of the Great Dao.

Han Li can evoke the weather of these heaven and earth Spiritual Qi, which is naturally related to his previous four Thunder Pool washes.

The stone piercing was attracted by the peaceful and earth turbulence caused by Han Li. He woke up from the closed eyes and looked at him.

“I can actually provoke such a spectacular view. It’s a good example. Fellow Daoist, I can always make some amazing things.” Half a sigh, he sighed in his mouth.

After all, he looked around and looked at the silver light wall, his brow could not help but squat.

I saw those blue-violet spiders, no matter how big or small, all of them squirted a pair of five colors on the wall, like a piece of moss and wild grass covered with walls, and those green snake spiders also fought along the spider web. climb.


A mad scream, the black Giant Ape climbed along the giant net ejected by the largest cyan spider, and the arms slid over the silver light wall, and the mouth eyes blew the bloodthirsty red light. Han Li went straight.

However, before he fell down, a silver light flashed suddenly, and his head burst into a bang, and a large piece of scarlet blood splattered and fell to the ground.

The death of Giant Ape did not have any warning or intimidation for the rest of the Ferocious Beast, and the rest of the Ferocious Beast was still rushing towards the silver light wall.

In the thick fog deep in Valley, some huge figures have gradually become clear.

“The brother is the name of the Fellow Daoist, right?” The stone flew in the air and sang to the Taoist Xie.

Taoist Xie didn’t answer, just turned and looked at him with no expression.

“Looking at the posture of Li Xiong, it is impossible to go out in a short time. There will be more and more Ferocious Beast in this mountain range, which will be attracted by the turbulence of heaven and earth vital energy. The more you go, the more you go. It is strong, you and I have to work together to protect him. So you don’t have to be too wary of me, I don’t have a star and a bit of a slap in the heart.” Shi said with a smile.

Taoist Xie hearing this, just nodded silently, did not speak, and did not have the rest.

“I hope you don’t make a loss at this time…” Stone sees this, but smiles, faint sighs.

After all, he flew away and landed on the silver light wall. The gentle one turned, and a palm-sized silver light appeared in the palm of his hand. With one hand and a caster, the mirror immediately spurted out the silver light, hitting those The green snakes and spiders that climbed up the city, the body of Ferocious Beast burst, and the stinking mucus was intertwined with blood.

Taoist Xie regained his gaze, and both hands held the two knives again, and the knives creaked and the electric light burst.

His body plunged down and rushed into the ground of the valley. The figure was drilled directly into the ground and disappeared.

After a while, there was a rumble in the underground. Hundreds of lightning beams of light were from the bottom up. If the fountain ordinary rushed out, the ground of the valley was bombarded with smoke and dust, and it was fragmented.

Countless just a moment ago Demonic Beast rushed to the mouth of the valley, and was caught by the lightning fountain.

Just listen to the loud noise of “Boom”.

A huge mouth was blown up above the earth, and a snow white scorpion over the thousand feet rushed out from the ground. After flying into the thousand feet, the body fell heavily on the ground, and all the limbs were broken, and the whole body was covered with green. Blood stains, stinking.

Above his head, Taoist Xie looked silent and slowly pulled out the knives that pierce the carapace on his head.

All the Ferocious Beasts in the Valley have already cleared all the Ferocious Beasts, and their own damages are not large. The phalanx has basically maintained their full strength. Under the command of Taoist Xie, they began to gather toward the valley. This builds a dense defense line.


Time has passed and more than three months have passed.

The black and white valley banged in the sky, the lightning flashed in the clouds, and a giant long-snake snake with a double-winged back was half covered in the clouds, covered in red light glittering, vomiting in the mouth, hitting in all directions. go with.

After the cloud outside his body, a silhouette of a golden wire squirming frequently flashed, holding two quaint swords in his hand, and the electric light was swaying and slamming toward the long snake.

Its shape flashes very fast, and every time it appears, it will leave a huge wound on the long-winged snake.

The long green snake’s eyelids are full of sorrowful colors, but the body is huge, and the person is extremely fast, and it can’t catch up.

At this moment, an electric light flashed, and the figure suddenly flashed on the back of the twin-winged snake. The both hands and the long knife swayed out at the same time. The huge blades of two electric lights condensed on the roots of the long-winged snakes. Pass by.

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