RMJI Immortal Realm Chapter 775


A stunned bloody light burst out, and the long snake’s wings were directly smashed down by two blades of light. The mouth screamed and the body fell straight down and broke into the valley.

At this time, in the Green Valley, wherever you look, there are scattered and broken bodies of the beasts everywhere. The black blood is everywhere, and many huge bodies have accumulated a pool of blood and water. Floating the body of some small beast, a picture of the Shura field.

The long-winged snakes plunged into a pool of bloody feet of thousand feet. The body struggled, splashing with countless stinking black blood flowers, followed by a golden electric light, falling from the sky and squatting. On its head, it was soft and gradually collapsed.

Golden light is falling, the silhouette of a man in a robe appears, it is the Taoist Xie.

He grabbed a long knife from the long snake with one hand and grabbed the ring of light. After all around, he looked at the sky again.

In the valley of the Valley and the direction of the valley, two huge corpse mountains have been piled up. At first glance, the Ferocious Beast has been reduced from the ground, and only a few strong presences can still be seen. With a fierce temperament over the dead mountain to kill.

Within the Valley, the ground has been concentrated by a large amount of blood, forming a blood lake with a radius of nearly a hundred miles, and there are countless floating bodies on it.

At the center of the lake, there is a white lotus root that is condensed by a pure spiritual force. The leaves are closed and present a look that is ready to be placed. Han Li’s body is wrapped in this lotus petal.

The most bizarre thing is that the blood in this lotus root all seems to be smudged by the fairy force, still maintaining a bright red color, in which neither the floating body is close to it, and there is no smell of odor.

In the emptiness of the height above the lotus root, the stone pierced the blood and was stained with a silver rifle. At the same time, it was smashed with the fierce enchantress of the three-headed Huge.

Taoist Xie doesn’t know, it’s been a few months since these fierce Demonic Beast launched the attack several times. He only knows that the Leijia soldiers who had been raised before Han Li broke up half a month ago. The empty body and the formation plate are also exhausted, and even the Magical Treasure is used up.

The most troublesome thing is that on the outskirts of Valley, there are a few big devils who are still on the wings of the two-winged snakes, waiting for them to consume almost the same, and then launch the last attack.

Taoist Xie looks at the empty silhouette of the stone, the heart is indulging.

At first, he didn’t have a little trust in it. He only changed a few times after he retired from the enemy. He was not sure if this situation would continue, would this person continue to hold on?

Just then, a loud bang!

A white snow owl with a huge foot of feet, feet suddenly flew up from the other side of the corpse, and jumped into the high-altitude battlefield. A spiral of extreme cold storms sprang up and spurted toward the stone.

The stone pierced just a moment ago and repelled the attack of the three konjac. It was too late to be prepared, and it was swept in by the storm.

His body was frozen by a layer of white ice crystals almost instantly, and fell to the ground.

“It’s awful…” Taoist Xie screamed and hurried to the place where he fell.

These Demonic Beasts were launched earlier than he had predicted.

On the two sides of the corpse, a huge head of Demonic Beast began to emerge, each aura is above the Gold Immortal Early Stage, the most powerful one of which is the Gold Immortal Late Stage. .

If in the past, such a group of beasts attacked, the stone wears together with Taoist Xie is naturally not afraid, but they have been fighting with the ever-eating monsters for more than three months, and the consumption is unimaginable.

It is not difficult to get away now, but if you continue to die, the result is really not optimistic.

At this time, a long breath of breath came from the bloody lake, or accurately, from the snow White Lotus flap, and then, as if someone just a moment ago, woke up and yawned.

It should have been a fine-flying mosquito-like sound. At this moment, under the turbulent burst of the vertical force uploaded by the lotus petals, it turned out to be as clear and audible as Taoist Xie.

On the other side of the pool of blood, still frozen in a snow-white ice crystal stone, breathe a sigh of relief, sighed a voice:

“Right brother, you can finally wake up.”

The next moment, like the black clouds, the sky is bright, and a bright ray of light rises from the bloody lake.

Among the white Lotus that suddenly bloomed, a figure rushed into the sky, such as a day of white rainbow across the sky, and directly flew to the height of the sky before hovering.

There is a sinister white light on his body that makes it impossible to look straight.

After Taoist Xie saw this figure, he and his mind were connected, and then he stopped.

Those fierce Demonic Beasts were also shocked by this sudden emergence of powerful aura, and they stopped at the same time and looked up.

I saw the high-altitude, the fascinating white light gradually converges, and the Han Li’s silhouette emerges from the visible visible.

At this moment, he has already replaced the white robe, and his face has been covered by the mask of Samsara Temple. His skin is like a jade, and the whole human looks quite a handsome and graceful figure.

This strange change is not caused by the means applied to the appearance, but by the temperament revealed by the inside and the outside. His appearance is like a new look, giving an indescribable dust temperament.

However, Han Li himself does not like this kind of aura very much. After a burst of green light, the whole human has returned to its original appearance, just because of just a moment ago, the Supreme Unity Jade Immortal’s fairyspirit Force fluctuations, for the time being, can’t be suppressed.

His eyes swept away from the surrounding scene, his heart moved slightly, and the blue light flashes outside the body, the three-handed Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword emerged, suspended on his side, and turned.

There was a slight tremor on the blade, and a burst of tiny golden electric light leaped continuously at the word tip, igniting a little golden spark, which contained the power of the Ray attribute law, which was almost uncontrollable and wanted to be released quickly.

Han Li raised his fingers and shook his mouth, vomiting a “go” in his mouth.

“Zi La La”

Three golden electric lights flashed flashes, leaving an aura in the air, disappeared.

In the next moment, the three Ferocious Beast flying in the sky were screaming at the same time. The skull was shrouded in a golden electric light, bursting into numerous pieces, and the black body fell down.

The sled on the corpse of the corpse was the first to find out that it was not good. He turned around and ran towards the valley. Then several other Freocious Beasts were far away from here and fled.

Han Li brows his head and revisively raises his two punches and slams them in both directions.

“砰” “砰”

Two huge blue fist shadows, gone through the air, crashed!

“Bang” screamed!

At the same time, the two corpses were heavily stressed by the scorpion, and the emptiness of the sky was swaying. The sleigh that fled the first was sucked by the volatility brought by the boxing, and pressed into the shadow of the boxing bit by bit. It burst, and the flesh is blurred.

The rest of the Ferocious Beast escaped and exploded. The strongest part of the cultivation base was just a few Lie Huo balls spurted by the Divine Ability. Above the boxing shadow, it was eventually crushed.

Stone through the air and Taoist Xie has long received a letter from Han Li, flew in the distance and flew in the distance, witnessed this scene.

It was just two simple punches. The whole two corpses that Valley had spent three months piled up were instantly moved to the ground, and even the entire Valley land collapsed and turned into a huge blood lake.

The rest of the Ferocious Beast, which was kept out of the corpse, saw the powerful Ferocious Beast, and the hetero and the aliens disappeared, and they fled.

Han Li’s figure flew down and merged with the stone and the air.

“Congratulations, your brother’s cultivation base goes further and achieves Supreme Unity Jade Immortal Realm.” Stone wore an empty fist and smiled and congratulated.

“Long-term suffering from the ravages of the disaster, today is free, there is no hardship to say. I remember, Brother Shi, you also wash the baleful aura in the sink, now I have to return to Immortal Boundary, why not as my ordinary Spiritual Qi immediately slammed into the border?” Han Li smiled and said.

“Liu brother does not know, the people in my family have risen to the next level, and you are still different from your situation. Therefore, it is not strange that there is no such thing as a brother.” The stone is not clear, and some vaguely said.

“so that’s how it is.” Han Li doesn’t know if he’s talking about the entire Devil Race, or their race, and don’t go into it.

“Li brother, how do you know that this is Immortal Boundary?” Stone pierced the eyes suddenly and looked strange, said with a smile.

“Brother Shi, what is the point, is it not Immortal Boundary?” Han Li was surprised.

“Frankly, here at Immortal Boundary, not Immortal Boundary.” Stone pierced the mysterious and said.

“Is it difficult for us to arrive at Devil Territory?” Han Li asked.

“The people of your Immortal Boundary are so called, but we prefer to call it the sanctuary.” Stone nodded and said.

“I have heard that Devil Territory is in the Immortal Boundary, but it is an independent place. I don’t want to be confused in Devil Territory today.” Han Li smiled and smiled.

“Actually, I don’t know why we suddenly appeared here. There is only a guess in my heart.” The stone pierced his brow slightly and said.

“Not Fellow Daoist Shi, did you push the silver scorpion and take us out of the void to escape?” Han Li asked with some doubts.

“Where do I have the ability? I want to be able to use the power of cross-border to mobilize Luo Wei and save us from the gray world. I am afraid that there is only one person, my father, who is the Lord of your mouth.” The empty bitter smile, slowly said.

Han Li listened to his ear and only felt as if there was a thunder in his heart.

Lord of the Lord? It’s not the one who borrowed the treasure from Devil Territory, the one who used the Great Luo cultivator to force many Dao Ancestor and control the territory of Devil Race. Is that legend comparable to the existence of Dao Ancestor?

And the stone in front of the sky is actually the son of the legendary demon Lord?

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