“Big Brother is Big Brother after all, you are even if I am here, and must not be so rude outside. Big Brother hundreds of years ago went to the black liquid mountain range of the black scorpion field, where the bandit gang of black gangs In one fell swoop, under the father’s happy, he handed over the ritual temple to him. A ritual temple only did not affect What, but the father’s thoughts became more and more unpredictable these years, and I could not see through it. I shook my head and said slowly.

“Three brothers, you don’t have to worry about it. I have been out for so long this time, and it is not a waste of time.” Stone wears a little look and looks a little better, said with a smile.

After the words, he lifted his hand with one hand, and the silver light flashed in his hand. A silver ruler of a size was emerged.

“This is Luo Wei?” The stone-cut eyes fell on the silver enamel, and the eyes were slightly bright.

“It is this treasure!”

The stone smiled and smiled, and then handed Luo Xiao to the front of the stone.

“Thirteen brothers, are you doing What?” The stone broke open.

“Big Brother can be the father of the heart, we can also! Luo Yi as one of the treasures of the family, was borrowed away in the past, and now lost the property, if you will put this treasure tomorrow, the father will be happy, There will definitely be no small rewards.” Stone smiled.

The stone broke at the sights, and the eyes flashed. After a while, he firmly pushed it away. He shook his head and smiled: “Thirteen brothers, this is what you have recovered after hard work. Naturally, You personally handed it over to the father, and my brother will not be able to take it anymore, nor will he take the younger brother’s things for merit.”

“Three brothers! My things are not yours, you should not be too stubborn, I will give this Luo Yi to the father to use What, simply is a waste.” Stone pierced and said.

“Thirteen brothers, these years, when you left, the father always mentioned you. In my opinion, he still valued you very much. And you are also one of the emperors. This time you inherit the qualification, you don’t have to give up too early. “The stone broke and said with a smile.”

“Three brothers, what do you mean by this? I am going to True Immortal Realm to find Luo Wei, originally for the third brother. As for the Saint Lord, I never thought about it, and I don’t think I have the quantity.” Stone wears out the air.

“Thirteen younger brothers, you should not be arrogant. In these years, you have operated Guangyuanzhai, which is very effective. The father is very satisfied with this. If you talk about the technique of governing the country, although you still have some shortcomings, but the understanding is extraordinary, if the father is interested Cultivation, you should not refuse. After all, you and I do not have to share each other, you can be recognized, I will be gratified.” Shi Shakong shook his head and said.

“Three brothers, is there something happening?” Stone asked, silently.

“No, you don’t think too much, but I have recently realized that the position of Saint Lord is important, but it doesn’t have to be too persistent. It’s good to follow.” Stone broke empty and laughed.

The stone wore the air and heard the words, revealing the color of surprise.

Although the character of the stone break is peaceful, in the past it has shown in the words the desire for the position of Saint Lord. It is not too much to say that it is a life.

“Do not worry, I have nothing, but the recent cultivation base has been refined, and some changes have taken place in my state of mind. I also realized some things.” Shi Xiaokong smiled.

“Three brothers, have you broken through the Great Luo bottleneck?” The stone wears this and is shocked and happy.

“This is not yet. The situation of Great Luo is not the same, so you can breakthrough at will, but you have a little understanding.” Shi Shakong shook his head.

The stone wears this and the color is not reduced.

He is more talented than anyone else in his cultivation of the third brother. Since he has already had an epiphany, he believes that it is not far from the real breakthrough.

“Thirteen brothers, I will try my best to win the Saint Lord. I just don’t think about how to help me. I can’t take risks any more. If something goes wrong, I am under Jiuquan. How can I follow? The mother-in-law confessed.” The stone broke at the sight at the stone, sighed.

“Female 妃…” Stone heard this and went silent.

“It is a happy event for you to return safely. Don’t say this.” The stone broke and laughed and turned away.

The stone took a deep breath and smiled again.

“You have experienced What happened outside these years, and I will talk about it carefully.” Stone broke the idea to turn the topic away, and turned around and asked about another thing.

The stone wears a little bit of indifference and details the things that happened at True Immortal Realm.

Looking for the truth door ruins, encountering the gray fairy chasing, falling into the gray world, and finally escaped, and fell into the mountain range, then went all the way to the night Yangcheng, a pile, one piece, screamed.

In order not to worry about the stone, he modified the situation of death.

Even so, the face of the stone is also changing, and the color of blame is getting heavier and heavier.

“… Later, we joined forces to kill the Daoist, and then entered the night sun, and then arrived safely in the night sun city.” Stone wore empty talk.

I don’t know how many dangers I experienced, how many times I lived and died. I sat in this hall and said that it was like a story about a long time ago.

“I don’t think you can go to True Immortal Realm. I have encountered so many things and even fell into the legendary gray world. These experiences are wonderful, but they are too dangerous. Thirteen brothers are the emperor’s respect, Wan Jinzhi In the future, you must never be so guilty of danger.” Stone broke through the air and said with a serious look.

“I understand, my brother, you can rest assured.” Stone pierced the empty face and said nod.

Although there are many dangers in this road, it is also a wonderful memory of bloody boiling.

As a prince, he grew up under the protection of the wings of the person beside him, and I don’t know if there is any chance to experience this adventure.

“Ting Li Feiyu, the strength has reached this level, and the cultivation of Law of Time is a rare talent. From the situation you said, this person has a heavy interest in friendship, the thirteen brothers you have to continue Keep the friendship between you, and maybe you can make a big difference in the future.” Stone broke through and said a few words.

“Li brother and I have passed the test of life and death, and it is the most trustworthy friend. Right, my third brother, what do you plan to do with the black king? I had to go with him and the snake. Asking you trouble with What?” Stone asked, thinking about it.

The Ten Kings and the Devil Race dynasty are hostile. If the other princes get evidence of their collusion with the Black King, it is no small trouble.

“Of course not. It is a good thing to be able to form an alliance with a Great Luo. In fact, the Black King has sent people to contact me. It is just that this person is quite embarrassed. He still cannot see his purpose.” Said.

“It’s just not causing trouble for you.” Stone pierced the air and let out a sigh of relief.

“You have successfully passed the stagnation, and in the next few days, you will cultivate and consolidate a Lower Realm. I have arranged for you the enterprise of the Luna Altar. After seven days, you will enter it and strive for it. Before the father’s exit, he was advanced to Taiyi. “The stone broke and then turned, and said solemnly.

“The father is in retreat?” asked the stone through the air.

“Yes. In recent years, the father retreats this number more and more diligently, and I don’t know that his old man is practicing the What Secret Technique cultivation method.” Stone broke through the hall and looked like the rays of light flashed.

“Oh, it’s a bit strange.” The stone piercing brow is also slightly wrinkled.

“Father’s things, we don’t have to worry about it. Thirteen brothers have been on the road for a long time, and they must have worked hard. Let’s take a break first.” Shi Xiaokong smiled and said.

The stone pierced this and stood up, but did not take a step, looking at Luo Xiao at the hand, said: “Three brothers, this Luo Wei…”

“I have already said that since this thing is your search, it is natural that you presented it to the father. According to what you said earlier, the father has already known that this is what you got back, if I turn it in. The old man will not be happy, but the stone broke his tone and said resolutely.

The stone pierced for a moment, sighed, waved his hand and got up, and got up and walked toward the inner hall.

The stone broke through with a smile and sent the stone to leave, but he did not walk away and sat quietly in the hall.

A moment later, a shadow on the ground in front of him was thick, and a snake-shaped shadow was drilled from it. It quickly expanded and became a purple robe. It was just a moment ago that feminine youth.

This silhouette does not seem to be an ontology, but an External Body Incarnation-like existence, without emitting the slightest aura.

“His Royal Highness, the subordinate, has already placed Fellow Daoist in the Changting Court.” Feminine youth slammed on the knees.

“Well… Although this person is a friend of the thirteenth brother, he is a person of Immortal Territory after all, the purpose is unknown, you must closely monitor its movements. This person Divine Ability is good, you must be careful not to be discovered. “The stone nodded and said.”

“Subordinate to obey!” feminine youth promised, then silhouette once again turned into a shadow, disappeared into the ground and disappeared.

Stone broke through the hall for a moment, and soon turned and walked toward the inner hall.


There is a courtyard in the depths of the Three Emperors’ Mansions, pavilions and pavilions, and there are many gardens. It is more sophisticated than the True Immortal Realm.

Here is the residence of Han Li prepared by Stone Break. The entire courtyard is surrounded by special restrictions, and a large amount of spiritual force is injected into the courtyard at all times, making the heaven and earth Spiritual Qi extremely rich.

In a room deep in the courtyard, Han Li sat cross-legged and squatted.

A colorful rays of light flew out of his hands and landed in the room, opening four or five layers of restrictions.

Han Li’s face was loose, his fingers moved, and a silver light door appeared in front of him.

He was in shape and flew into the light door,enteating the flowering space.

When I came to the flowering space, Han Li really put loosens.

He enters the pavilion, first check the situation of Weeping Soul, and there has not changed much before.

Han Li sees this, the heart sighs secretly, Weeping Soul’s body, he has no power, now can only count on the High Priest, hope that the stone can go to the High Priest.

One thought about this, his brows were slightly wrinkled.

Judging from the situation after entering the city today, the situation in the night city is complicated at this moment. The emperors are undercurrent and may be swallowed up if they are careless.

Although he and Shikongkong are now good friends, they don’t want to be deeply involved. They just escort the stone through the air. He has already killed several princes’ cronies, and now wants to stay out of the game. I am afraid it is not easy.

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