RMJI Immortal Realm Chapter 841

Han Li’s eyes changed, and the both hands slammed, and the five-handed Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword exploded. In the void, the golden glow was suddenly released, and it turned into five huge golden swords, welcoming the snow white. Bone 镰.

He himself is a foot-on void and his body is retreating toward the rear.


Five sharp word cryes sounded, and the five-handed Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword was beaten with a flash of white bone Giant Devil, and the golden light trembled toward the lower Sea Area.

Han Li has no time to take care of the flying sword. The body shape has just flew open and thousand feet distance, and the behind suddenly has a whistling sound.

The giant big head bones at the top of the eight white bones of Jingguan, at this moment, have opened their mouths wide, and a thick bone chain with a brilliant white light is ejected from it, like a white bone spear, and it is directed at him.

Han Li thought about it and was trying to reverse the true wheel to avoid it, but suddenly found that his arms suddenly became stiff, and it seemed to be frozen and the ordinary could not be recovered.

When he went to see it, he found himself on his arm. I don’t know when he had a layer of white bones, wrapped his elbow joint, and the white bones were like Frost. The joints are directed to the direction of the palms and shoulders.

Wherever he went, he gave birth to a layer of white bones in silence.

“What time… Is it the white liquid?” Han Li was in amazement and immediately overunder.

His brows were wrinkled, his feet were full of emptiness, his body blasted to the top, and his golden light skyrocketed, and numerous golden lightnings rushed out of the body, shrouded his whole humans, and beat him here. Above the layer of white bone.

However, after the golden light was dissipated, the bones of Han Li were not defeated, but the coverage area became a bit larger.

Waiting for him to try again, the eight snow white bone chains have been chased up, entwined with his legs and arms, and tied him in the air.

The white bone was entangled, and Han Li immediately felt a powerful force, and he squeaked his skeleton. If he had a Profound Immortal body, and he had achieved the body of the jade, he was afraid at the moment. It’s already broken.

At the same time, among the eight skulls at the top of the white bone Jing Guan, there were two green flames spurting out, all rolling along the bone chain, and Han Li was wrapped in the whole moment.

There is no heat in the green flame. It is only cool in the body, but there is no Ghost Fire-like chill, but Han Li is in the moment of his body, his face changes greatly, and he can’t help but show the color of fear.

Because he found that this green flame does not burn the body, it will not hurt the soul, but can directly calcine the bones.

Between before and after the count, Han Li felt the sensation of the bones on his body, which seemed to be bitten by countless bugs and became decaying.

Although he is the body of the jade fairy, his bones have long been trained like Magical Treasure ordinary, but in the face of the bones of Daoist’s bones, he could not support it.

Without the call of Han Li, there was silver light flashes on the surface of the body immediately, and a layer of hot Silver Flame immediately rushed out like a layer of flame coat, and the layer of green flame was forced to retreat.

The silver flame of the fine fire bird is extraordinary. After completely refining the three colorful fire sands, the might is better than before. After sheltering Han Li, it is part of the green flame. Go and go.

The two flames are intertwined in one place, all of which are violently rising, rolling in the smoke, and the green flames are retreating.

The fierce fire bird refused to give up, and even chased it up along the white bone chain, and some of them did not completely devour the green flame and refused to give up.

The white bone Giant Devil, which was made by Daoist, stepped over and just glanced at the fiery fire bird and set his sights on Han Li.

The Supreme Unity Jade Immortal of this Human Race is really endless. If it is not removed as soon as possible, I am afraid that it will be changed.

He lifted his palms, his fingers were like a knife, flashing cold light, and stabbing down Han Li.

At this time, Han Li, his arms and the entire chest and abdomen were covered by white bones. Not to mention the spelling, it was very difficult to move, let alone bound by the white bone chain, and could not escape.

When Daoist’s gaze fell on Han Li’s face, he couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. He found that Han Li’s look was a little flustered, but the depth of his eyes was like the ancient well, and he did not pick up the slightest wave.

“No, some are not right…”

According to the bones, Daoist suddenly realized that something was wrong, and he was trying to close his hand.

I saw the moment when the blade-like finger bone was about to pierce Han Li’s body, and the latter’s eyes had a cold rise.

How is this scene similar to before?

“Trifling Taiyi’s Spiritual Sense power, how could it be…” Zhaoo Daoist was shocked and shouted.

I saw a semi-transparent crystal small sword that was too long, and the rune flashed from the Han Li’s forehead. It ran through the giant palm of the Daoist, and went straight to his forehead. Come.


Between the hustle and bustle, Daoist seems to have heard the soft sound of the indistinct.

In the next moment, the golden runes at his forehead burst into pieces, turning into a little bit of gold powder dissipating. In the Sea of ​​Consciousness, there was a thunderous thunder, and a huge crystal light edge emerged towards him. Sea of ​​Consciousness is empty.

The rune on the blade is continually flashing, and the powerful Divine Sense volatility that comes out of it is directly extended. With the powerful and influential waves, the Sea of ​​Consciousness is directly swayed by the waves. ,split into two.

At this time, within the Sea of ​​Consciousness of the Daoist, the winds and clouds changed dramatically, and the power of the Spiritual Sense seemed to be the first snow ordinary that was reflected by the sun, and it quickly melted away.

The soul that has already been hit hard is even more tremble, just like it is to be torn apart by this force.

“No… how could it be…”

As the bones of Daoist screamed in the mouth, the power of Spiritual Sense was quickly consumed, and the line of sight became more and more blurred.

I saw the ray of the whole body, and the huge body began to shrink rapidly, and it quickly returned to its original state.

The eight white bone Jingguan seems to be somewhat unsupported. The green flame on the top gradually weakens, and the white bone chain ejected from the top mouth is also quickly slammed back.

The fiery fire bird saw no fire and swallowed, and this was re-converted into a silver fire bird, and the wings were swept to Han Li.

As he approached, he found that Han Li’s arms and chest were restraint by the bones, and immediately flew down, like a silver fireball squatting on Han Li’s chest, then scattered and wrapped around the white bones. Fully calcined.


Just then, I heard only the sound of a scream of wild beast roaring.

According to the bones of Daoist both eyes, the look is almost mad, and suddenly lifted a palm and slammed it at his forehead, suddenly stirring up a violent storm.

Among its Sea of ​​Consciousness, a palm print descended from the sky and slammed on the Divine Sense giant sword.

The sword was struck sharply, and the crystal light was faint and faint. It disappeared from the Sea of ​​Consciousness.

In the next moment, a small sword of a crystal light flew out from the back of his head. After drawing a curved trajectory in midair, he burst into Han Li and quickly disappeared into his forehead and disappeared. .

After the bones of Daoist were hit by his own wounded person, although the sword of Divine Sense was interrupted to cut his own soul, the damage he suffered was also heavier, and the body could not help but fall backwards. Fly away.

I saw that the hair on my head became very messy. I could hardly see much in the eyes of the eyes. The whole human seemed to be a panic old man who lost Soul, and suddenly fell away and turned into a flying rainbow in the void. Take it away.

After the bones of Daoist, his bones of the bones dissipated, and the eight white bones of Jing Guan also disappeared into the void.

On the side of Han Li, in the moment when the crystal small sword flew into the Sea of ​​Consciousness, it was like a lightning strike, and the head jerked backwards. The power of Spiritual Sense was also a huge loss, and it was only time to recover its own Magical Treasure. It has been unable to support the fall of the Sea Area below.

It was still a fiery fire bird that found it was fainting, and took him to the former island reef and fell.

After the fall, Han Li’s body no longer moved, and the Silver Flame wrapped around him was rising.

As time went by, the bones covering him were finally under the calcination of the fire bird, and a “beep” sound rang, and a spider-like crack appeared on the surface.

Until the early morning of the second day, the cracks finally completely expanded and shattered.

At the same time, on the golden wheel above the top of Han Li’s head, the time lines were extinguished one after another.


Time flies over the past few days and it is another morning.

As the sun rises from the sea level, the first touch of Sunlight shines on Han Li’s cheeks, his eyelashes tremble slightly, and the eyes slowly slammed open.

After the calcined white bird was calcined into a powder, it turned into a silver flame subordinate, and the boss hands sat on the chest of Han Li’s, helping him to be a Protector.

Seeing Han Li wake up at this moment, he immediately squatted and looked at him with joy.

Han Li’s stunned, Spiritual Sense’s violently consumed repercussions made his sights recover for a while. He wanted to support himself and sit up, but he found that the pain in his body was so unbearable that he seemed to be carrying a mountain. Jufeng, heavy and heavy.

His mind is fretting, and the overstand seems to be because he has shuttled to the fleshly body. The gesture between the hands and the feet will be suppressed by the invisible Great Dao rules of this party and earth, so this will be the case.

Han Li quietly ran a big Sunday star, and his body lit up a white light. His arms supported his body and sat up. This made it clear that the fire bird was in front of him, and his face showed a little. Smile.

Silver flame subordinate saw it, immediately jumped up to his shoulder, and danced exaggeratedly.

“Okay, well, I am understood, you help me to lift the bones restraint, and you took me to escape here, and have been guarding me. I have worked hard…” Han Li saw it and smiled.

After all, he looked around the light and saw that the surrounding scenery was still the black Sea Area. The rotten whale corpse still floated on the sea, and he was still in the time and space.

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