RMJI Immortal Realm Chapter 842

Han Li moved in his heart, looked up, and glanced at the golden ring on his head, and found that the time on the line was almost extinguished.

“Come back, we have to go.” Han Li looked over and looked at the fiery fire bird.

The silver flame subordinate seems to have nodded a little ignorantly, and then he fell into the body of Han Li’s.

Han Li closed eyes Kneeling, sitting quietly for a moment, the last group of time lines, and finally the flashes went out.

Then, I saw the golden ring above the head, and suddenly rose several times. Among them, the black light surged, and a deep and dark vortex emerged, from which the force of tearing was heard.

Han Li felt that his body was light and he was dragged into it.

A moment later, in a house in the Changting Court of the Three Emperors’ House, the golden light suddenly appeared, and a figure emerged from it. It was Han Li.

After he fixed his mind, his eyes swept away the familiar furnishings in the house, and the magic formation of his own, which only took a long breath and relaxed a little.

The shock of the Sea of ​​Consciousness still makes him feel painful, but the invisible restraint detention in the heaven and earth is still a lot easier.

At this time, the ray of light of the crystal wall not far away is gradually disappearing, and the dark green vial is also concentrating on the rays of light, gradually recovering the original state.

Han Li raised his hand and the dark green bottle immediately fell down and returned to his hands.

He brows slightly and gently rubs the blade lines on the vial with his palm, but his heart is trying to communicate with the bottle spirit.

When he shuttled, he clearly remembered that someone was talking again in his mind, believing that most of it was the sound of the bottle of Heaven Wielding Bottle.

Unfortunately, under some attempts, there was no human voice.

After a few moments, he hangs the Heaven Wielding Bottle back to his neck and puts it back into the shirt.

Han Li’s raised palms squatted on the collar, and the whole arm couldn’t help but stagnate. When he looked down, he suddenly found out that his right hand was on the ring finger. I don’t know when it was a gold ring. It looks like pure. Gold builds, although there is no grain on it, but it looks round and full, unlike the common object.

When he endured the tingling of the Sea of ​​Consciousness, and looked at the ring, he found that there was no fluctuation on it, just like an ordinary ring.

He tried to take the golden ring off, but found that it seemed to be integrated with his body and could not be taken off.

After several attempts, Han Li felt that his fingers were about to be torn off. The golden ring was still as stable as Mount Tai.

Seeing this situation, he had no choice but to give up. After all, it seems that it is also different.

After a moment of sit-in and squatting, Han Li quietly ran into the big Five Elements, and there was a golden light on his side. The treasures and the timeless bottle and the like emerged one after another, just The timeline on the time has been completely extinguished, and the Law of Time fluctuations from above are also weak.

At this time, the difference is steep.

On the golden ring, a golden glow suddenly emerged, and he took off his finger and flew to his front, hanging in the air.

I saw that it began to rise rapidly. The more rays of light above the invention, the more it turned into a huge golden ring, which became looming and somewhat transparent.

Han Li was a glimpse. Then, with a gaze, through the golden ring, I saw the light flowing inside. It seemed that there were dozens of golden crystals spinning in it, and there was a powerful force of Law of Time.

The golden ring turned out to be the ring of time that was crystallized by time.

After seeing the ring of time fluttering out, the real thing of Law of Time, such as the Buddha of the True Wheel, flew up and down within the ring of time, and the surface also lit up a large piece of golden light.

At the same time, Han Li felt the ray of light on the chest flashing, and some seemed to want to fly.

Han Li was shocked in the heart, this is just a moment ago, is it not to shuttle again?

However, after the Heaven Wielding Bottle trembled in its arms, the ray of light stopped and stopped.

And the ring of time floated in midair for a moment, then re-formed into a golden ring and flew back over his finger.

“Is there no time for the line?” Han Li rubbed his ring and muttered with some confusion.

There was no What’s the answer for a while, and he no longer thought about it. With a trick, the real-life treasures and other things immediately flew back and went down one by one.

Then, he took another wrist and took out a remedy for repairing the soul. The closed eyes were adjusted.

As for the Ziyang warm jade, although it has been obtained from the Great Emperor, the situation of Weeping Soul still needs this thing to maintain, or leave it to her.


In the area of ​​the Nagasaki area, a beautifully landscaped garden stands among the beautiful and luxurious buildings.

Inside, there is a handsome young man with a silky white hair and a deep purple eyes sitting on a golden chair covered with snowy white skins.

Under the hall, there is a tall man in a black magic armor with a sharp face and a sharp face. He bows and bows to him and reports What.

“Du Yuan, is this news true?” The young man heard his words, his brows were close, and asked.

“Responding to His Highness, the source is reliable, and the next willingness to guarantee by life.” Devil Race tall man named Du Yuan said.

“I didn’t expect that I had been searching hard for so long, but it would be in that ghost place. But it is not surprising to think about it. If it is in other places, it will not cost me so much time.” Pointing on the back of the chair, slowly said.

“The next time I came back, I hope that my Highness will be able to mobilize some people and go with me to get this thing back.” Du Yuan looked firm and said with a fist.

“You can find out the news, you have done a good job. I have another plan for this matter.” The young man looked down and said.

“His Royal Highness, I will ask for a daring question. Are you planning to deal with this matter? The situation in the place is unknown. The body of His Royal Highness is still…” Du Yuan said with a hesitation.

“This thing is related to my practice of Great Dao, which determines whether I am or not a quick step. I have to step into Great Luo Realm first. I have to be cautious. Other things can be put down first, and everything is important.” Interrupted Du Yuan’s words and said.

“Yes, his subordinates obey.” Du Yuan holds a fist.


Time has passed and it has been a few years.

Within the secret room, Han Li is a body hand 掐诀, closed eyes cultivating.

Beyond his body, the treasures of the truth, such as the treasure wheel, are suspended one by one, and the time lines on each of them have been restored by half.

Compared to the past, the recovery speed seems to be a little faster.

The golden ring was still quietly worn on his hand and looked like the secular world.

After this period of retreat, he has repaired all the damages of his own soul, not only in the practice of the Great Five Elements, but also mastered the control of the ring of time.

Now he can control, avoiding the ring of time while stimulating the big Five Elements.

Because of this, it will lead to the change of Heaven Wielding Bottle, which will bring his fleshly body into the strange long river.

At this moment, Han Li looked at him and got up and walked out of the secret room to the outside hall.

I saw a group of white light flies flying around the hall, making a buzz sound.

He waved the white light, but it was a sound transmission talisman. After the crush, a message was sent to his mind.

Han Li’s brow tipped slightly and stepped out and came outside Changting Court.

A white haired silhouette both hands behind the back standing here, but the stone is wearing the air. After seeing Han Li, he smiled and walked over:

“Fellow Daoist, you are really hardworking and admired.”

“Fellow Daoist Shi makes fun of it, please come in.” Han Li smiled and asked the stone to come in.

Han Li took the stone into the living room and sat down at a round stone table and asked:

“Fellow Daoist Shi, you didn’t go to take over the Rainbow Field. How do you want to play here?”

“I haven’t managed a domain before. I really don’t know how many things I need to do. It’s just that all aspects of the handover have already made me feel bad. Big Brother, they are secretly messing up. I will be unable to take over the Tianhong domain for a while. Not to mention this, come over today, there are two news to tell Liellow Daoist.” Shi Shaiya shook his head, and immediately sighed, said the color.

“What’s the news?” Han Li gaze and put down the teacup in his hand.

“One is what you asked me to find about the empty space.” Shi took a sip of Lingcha and said with a smile.

“Is there a clue?” Han Li moved.

“That’s right. This place was really not heard before. I asked the third brother and checked a lot of documents to find this place. It is located in a remote place in the sanctuary, just like the night sun. Another Plane space, and it is a desperate situation.” Stone pierced the air and thought about it.

“Desperate?” Han Li’s expression was a little surprised.

“There is no heaven and earth Spiritual Qi in the territory of the scales, and there is no Devil Qi… The details of how the situation is now nowhere to be verified, in short, is a special place. In many years ago, it used to be a place of punishment for prisoners, but already Abandoned, the recent Hundred Thousand has not been used again in the past years.” Stone through the air continued.

“Where is the place, can you find it?” Han Li looking thoughtful nodded and asked.

“I know you will ask, do you still have to worry about doing things?” Stone wore a Hehe, and took a piece of map jade slip and handed it over.

Han Li Spiritual Sense didn’t get into it, and the eyebrows picked it up and quickly retired Spiritual Sense.

“Fellow Daoist, although I don’t know why you are looking for a scales, there is a dangerous place, you still don’t go there.” Stone said with a dignified air.

“Thanks to Fellow Daoist Shi for reminding me, yes, there is a message, What?” Han Li smiled and didn’t want to talk about it and shifted the topic.

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