Han Li seems to have already anticipated the attack of Giant Ape Puppet, with the prototype aperture of light flashes on his legs, and his body immediately moved towards halfway along the side, avoiding a stick like a bamboo.

At the same time white light flashes, a snowy blade light as fast as thunder, across the Giant Ape neck.


A huge monkey head suddenly flew away, and Giant Ape Puppet’s body moved toward the bottom.

Although Han Li killed Giant Ape Puppet in one fell swoop, he couldn’t take a dodge and was hit by several long arrows and a huge stone.

There were several loud noises in the series, and the long arrow stones shattered. The film of the Han Li body surface was also buzzed and the starlight flashed.

The long arrows are also that’s all, but the boulder has a very strong force. Through the membrane of the true pole, it flows into Han Li’s within the body, and it is quite uncomfortable to smash him and sway.

It’s just that when I don’t care about this, he’s aok a deep breath and his body is flying forward.

Look at the endless infinity of the ruins and the constant use of the hustle and bustle, Han Li does not feel desperate.

Although his fleshly body is not weak, after such a long battle, he has gradually reached an arrow at the end of its flight. In all directions, it is still endless. If you can’t break free, today’s fear is Die is here.

“Fellow Daoist, you put me down, go by yourself, you should be able to leave here alone.” Stone pierced the air and suddenly said.

Han Li didn’t talk, he waved the scimitar and opened the arrow around him.

The arrow rain is now in the past, sōu sōu sōu, a path of 傀儡silhouette from the ground as electric flying, continue to pounce on the two.

Han Li didn’t have the slightest fear on his face, and he plunged into the crowd and strangled.

Although the starlight on his body is not as bright as before, the movement is still very flexible, as if a fish swims in the scorpion, a path of snow light flashes, and from time to time it falls from the air.

After this half-day killing, he became more and more skillful in dealing with these awkward attacks.

Han Li’s body shape, escaped the attack of a tiger Puppet Beast, his arm waved, and the snowy curved knife in his hand crossed the neck and cut his head.

But at this moment, the blue shadow flashes in front, the two big spikes shot from the gap between the front group and the front group outside Han Li, and instantly reached the front of Han Li, then swiftly swept left and right. To Han Li’s waist.

At the same time, his behind group also jumped out of two Giant Ape Puppet, with a huge stick in his hand, hitting his back of the head.

The four Giant Ape Puppets are extremely clever, with four giant sticks encircling Han Li from the front, rear, left and right directions, instantly sealing off all retreats.

Han Li looks cold, and when the arm moves, it turns into a phantom. Countless white blade glow pops out of his hand, moving towards four giant sticks.

“Peng” “Peng” screamed loudly, four giant sticks reflexed out, and even four heads were shaken.

Han Li’s body is also a big shock. His face suddenly becomes pale like paper, and there is no trace of blood color. The starlight of the body is disordered, and the body is faintly falling from the air.

But at this moment, the blood color key on his blood color key, a blood color crystal light emerged from it, immersed in his within the body.

Bloody light into the body, immediately turned into a burning air, swiftly swept away all over the body, into the limbs.

This heat flow and the key that the key has previously revealed are somewhat different. It seems to be the power of qi and blood, but it is also like Power of the Stars, and it is extremely vast.

When the heat flows, the fatigue caused by Han Li’s previous battle disappears instantly, the vital energy recovers instantly, and the surface of the body is enlarged. The film of the real surface of the body also restores the previous state.

He was startled, and then he was overjoyed. Under the movement of his arm, a path of emerged from the snowlight, which was larger than the previous one, and rolled up to all the flaws in the range of more than ten feet.

The sound of “chi chi” rang, and almost all the smashes were easily strangled by the blade light, including the four Giant Ape Puppet.

“Fellow Daoist, how are you…” Seeing Han Li’s appearance in the air, but Divine Ability suddenly recovered and was shocked.

“Don’t say this, let’s leave here and say it.” Han Li said, his body darting forward.

He within the body vital energy, and the speed of advancement suddenly increased.

In a twinkling of an eye, the two flew forward for two or three hours.

A fiery red sand appeared in the front, and the ruins were on the edge of the fiery sand.

“It’s finally over!” Han Li bottle eyes lit up.

But at this moment, the 傀儡 ultultultaneously screaming out of the raging roar, all made a crazy attack.

The snakes first shot a long arrow, hiding the sky and covering the earth to the Han Li, and the other crickets were not afraid of being injured by the arrow rain, all leaping to attack Han Li. .

Han Li shouted, the starlight of the body surface, the body shape suddenly turned into a white phantom, flying in the army of the squadron, letting the surrounding army violently attack and block, can not let him stop.

Soon “sou”, Han Li flew out from countless shackles, entering the red sand.

Those who did not know why, did not seem to dare to step into the fiery sand, stopped at the edge of the sand, moved towards Han Li, roaring, until the two people disappeared into the distant sky, slowly dispersed.

Han Li flew into the fiery sand, and flew forward to stop the rice skill. Seeing that the army behind him did not catch up, it was relaxed, and flew forward for a while before stopping the body and falling. on the ground.

A hot aura emerges from the ground, causing the nearby air to move slightly.

Although the temperature in the sand is quite high, there is no What effect on Han Li.

“It seems that those who dare not chase, although the location is very hot, but the temperature is not too high, it should not cause too much harm to those cockroaches, I do not know why they suddenly stopped.” Stone through the moving toward the ruins direction Looking at it, I was quite puzzled.

“I guess, I am afraid that it is not impossible, but not dare.” Han Li said, sinking.

“Well, 80% is like this.” Stone pierced back and thought just a moment ago, those awkward situations, nodded.

“Don’t say this, just in the ruins, Fellow Daoist Shi won’t let me touch the sky yellow clouds, I don’t know why?” Han Li looked up towards halfway.

The sky here is also floating with a thick yellow cloud, and the white light flashes in the clouds.

“There is a kind of restriction in the cloud, and people who touch it will be attacked.” Stone said, and took a short blade.

The short blade is white and white, engraved with countless stars rune, flashing lightly, is a half-star with no less than the curved knife in Han Li’s hand.

He waved, and the short blade suddenly turned into a white light, and soon touched Huang Yun and fell into it.

Huang Yun seems to have been stimulated, and after a tumultuous roll, the white light moved towards the clouds gathered together, turning into a thick white lightning in the blink of an eye, lying on the short blade.

A thunder bang!

The short blade bursts instantly and turns into nothing.

The white lightning quickly dissipated and reverted to countless white lights, hidden in the yellow cloud.

Han Li sees this scene, heart startled.

There was actually a terrifying power among the yellow clouds in the air. He was quite curious about Huang Yun in the sky. He once thought about exploring one or two, but he was forced to do so because of the situation.

Fortunately, he did not rush to probe, otherwise he was hit by the white lightning, not dead or seriously injured.

“How does Fellow Daoist Shi know about this power in the cloud?” Han Li quickly put away his look and asked.

“It was mentioned in the information given by the third Brother.” Stone looked through the air and said.

“Third Prince is extremely familiar with the situation in the big market. Could it be that he has been here?” Han Li picked up his eyebrows.

“I will not understood this.” Stone pierced startled, then shook his head.

Han Li was indulged in color and did not ask again.

“This place seems quite safe, let’s take a break here, and then move on.” Stone pierced open suggested.

His face was still pale, showing a tired color.

Han Li looked at the stone and looked at it, nodded.

After this savage killing, he is indeed a little tired.

The two explored the surrounding environment and did not find What danger. They took the medicine pill and took a rest.

Three days to go.

“Fellow Daoist Shi How is your injury?” Han Li asked.

“It’s no big deal, it doesn’t affect the action, just take another time, you can recover.” The stone wearer has been greatly relaxed, said with a smile.

“That’s good. If you encounter an enemy, Fellow Daoist Shi doesn’t have to be act, and peace of mind is healing.” Han Li nodded.

The two then discussed the next action plan, and the two did not understand the fiery sand. I don’t know if the depth is Kyrgyzstan.

But it was obviously not possible to return to the ruins. The two quickly made a decision and continued to move towards the depths of the flaming sand.

The size of the flaming sands was so great that they completely exceeded their expectations. The two men went all the way and walked for more than two months. They still did not end.

All the way, there is no danger, no search for What treasure, in addition to the red sand everywhere, actually did not encounter What.

“I don’t think there is such a place in the big market.” Han Li is running forward, and behind is a red smoke.

“Is it going in the wrong direction, marching on the edge of the Great Wall?” Stone pierced the side of Han Li and frowned.

The Great Market is full of Power of the Stars, which is very beneficial for repairing injuries.

After more than two months, he has suffered from the injury.

“Should not, I can feel the Power of the Stars in the void here. It is a little richer than before. We should be going deep in the big market. Besides changing the direction now, it may not be right, always Going forward is, don’t believe that you can’t get out of here.” Han Li looked at the sky in the distance and said.

“It’s also true.” Stone pierced this and nodded.


Han Li mouth lightly exclaimed, stop, move towards looking forward, revealing the color of surprise.

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