“Fullow Daoist, but what’s the discovery?” Stone looked through the air and asked.

“There are some discoveries, come with me.” Han Li nodded and stepped up.

After about a quarter of an hour, the two stopped in tandem and moved towards the front.

I saw the desert end where the gaze was in front of me, and there was a huge river.

The river is quite magnificent, and it is more than ten miles wide. The river water also presents a red beauty beauty, rolling up countless waves, and moving toward the front.

Han Li walked over to the river and briefly tested the scarlet river.

The scarlet river is filled with a hot force, as if flowing a magma ordinary, a flash of surprise on his face.

“I don’t think there is a river in the desert… I think we are going down the river and going downstream. The river is weird, and there must be a ripple in the downstream.” After the stone pierced the air, it said.

“I am also doing this.” Han Li nodded.

The two then changed direction, along the scarlet river, moved towards the downstream, and walked for four or five days, and soon discovered that a huge oasis appeared in the front.

Although it is an oasis, the above plants have a large logarithm of red beauty, and the others are all white.

The vegetation in the oasis is tall and dense, red and white, and looks quite beautiful.

When the two saw the oasis, they were quite happy, but they did not have the urge to look at each other and then ahead the aura, boarded the oasis, and moved toward it.

“Fellow Daoist, look!” The two men moved toward a distance, and the stone pierced Han Li, pointing to the dense jungle ahead.

Han Li looked over and saw that there was a vaguely visible footprint in the jungle. It looked quite new and should have been left before.

“It seems that someone first came here, I don’t know if it’s an enemy or a friend, so be careful,” Han Li sound transmission said.

The stone wears a hollow head.

The two continued to move forward, keeping an eye on the feet, and the more they went forward, the more similar footprints were found.

Judging by the number of footprints, they should first be a group of people, and the number is estimated to be four.

The two quickly passed through the dense jungle, and the scenery in front was suddenly open, and a huge city was located in front.

There is a building in the city, the roof is pointed, like a handle giant sword straight into the sky, the whole body is red.

Han Li and Shi through the air look at each other, quietly faintly forward, from the half-open city gate into which.

The buildings in the city are also somewhat decaying, but they are much better than the ruins in the past, and the main body of the building is mostly intact.

The two searched for a building near the city gate, where many buildings were also empty, and they were able to see the traces that were searched for by the group of people who did not find anything.

“It’s weird, isn’t it true that there are countless treasures in the big market? We have been here for a while now. In addition to finding two pieces of stars, we didn’t find What treasure at all.” Stone’s unsatisfactory sound transmission said.

“It is no small gain to get one or two pieces of stars. Let’s go, it has been searched by the group of people in the past. It is estimated that there will be no What is left. We will go directly to the city center to see if we can Find something there, but be careful.” Han Li laughed at the sound transmission.

The stone wears a hollow and this spirit is shocked, and the answer is complied.

The two moved toward the city and dive in the city. The city was not big. They quickly reached the center and their faces changed at the same time.

I saw the center of the city is a large square, a huge altar towering here.

This altar body is also red-red, just looking at the appearance, very similar to the silver-gray altar that was previously encountered in that ruin.

A plaque hanging from the entrance of altar, with the three characters of “Yingming Temple” written in Xuanwen.

“The altar looks a lot like the previous one. There should be some good things in it. Would we like to go in and see?” The two hid in a building near the entrance to altar, the entrance to the open door at the attar, the stone pierced Some screaming sound transmissions say.

“Let’s go in and see. But just a moment ago, along the way, I didn’t meet the people in front. I think they are still in the middle of this moment. I am still careful about the sentence.” Han Li looked at the front altar, and said after a slight indulgence.

“Do not worry, I will be careful.” Stone pierced the chest and said.

“Let’s go.” Han Li glanced at his chest and the sound transmission said.

The two people swept out of the building and turned into two blue smoke. One flashed into the altar entrance.

Shortly after the two men swept into the entrance of the altar, the white light flashed on the entrance floor, and an elliptical shape appeared.

This elliptical pattern is composed of eight star runes, each of which is intricate, far above the star rune that Han Li learned from Mrs. Liu Hua.

The ellipse pattern slowly illuminates, a path of white light emerges from it, and the moving towards the center gathers to form a white vertical pattern with an outer oval frame that looks like an eye.

The white vertical grain shivered a few times, and it looked like the moving towards the entrance of the entrance looked at the eyes, and soon dimmed, disappeared.

Han Li and Shi Shaokong knew nothing about the situation of behind. After entering the entrance gate, they moved toward the depths.

Behind the entrance of altar is a number of feet with long feet. The passage is the same as the silver gray altar. The walls are covered with lines and there is a force of restrictions. The power of Spiritual Sense is blocked.

Only the strength of the restrictions here is slightly weaker than the silver gray altar, and Han Li’s Spiritual Sense is still barely about two or three feet away.

The two carefully walked through the ramp, and a giant hall with the size of thousand zhang appeared in front.

Here, the light in the hall is quite bright and empty, but there are a number of zhang high square pits on the four walls, which are two or three hundred, but the inside is empty.

And the things inside, lying on the floor of the hall at the moment, are a red red, seemingly humanoid, and have been demolished.

The pits on the ground were a mess, full of traces of battle.

The scarlet inwithin the body is well-organized, and the large silver mucus rushes out of its ruins and flows through the ground, but it is the same as the black cock that Han Li first encountered.

The previously battled wolf Puppet Beast, the tiger’s first scorpion, etc. is not the case, with the body is not five dirty, just the body of the material refinement.

Han Li saw this scene, and his mind turned and he had a layer of cognition about the faintness in the big market.

He picked up a piece of 傀儡Fragment and looked carefully with his eyes. His eyes flashed.

This Fragment seems to be made of fire jade. Although it is already a Fragment, it still flashes with fiery red light. It seems that the spiritual intelligence is very, the quality is extremely out of the ordinary, far from the materials used in the black scorpion. On the strength, I am afraid that it is also above it.

Fortunately, these cockroaches have been ruined by the people in front of them. Otherwise, they will be besieged by dozens of such beggars.

But thinking farther, the people in front can get rid of these flaws, the strength is certainly not the same.

“There is some danger here, be careful.” Han Li eyes light flashes, slowly said.

The stone wears the air and seems to be understand the information conveyed by the scene, and the face is dignified.

The two did not stay here, and walked towards the depths of the giant hall.

There is a threshold behind the giant hall, behind which is a faint passage to the deeper.

Han Li walked between the sights and the shards of the surrounding area, and there was a trace of doubt in his eyes.

The cockroaches here are being dismantled too much. It is not like a fierce battle. It seems that some people want to find What is in these shackles. After the war, they will smash these one after another and make it look like this.

These 傀儡within the body have What stuff, it is worth the trouble to find?

The two quickly passed through the hall and entered the passage inside.

Han Li immediately shook his head and took the mind, no longer thinking about the other, while carefully moving forward along the passage, while concentrating on the situation around him.

Passage is not a straight road, it is curved, and the terrain is sinking.

After turning a corner, three identical ramps suddenly appeared in front.

The light in the three ramps in front is also quite dim, not far away.

The stone pierced the first look at towards Han Li, did not speak, but the gaze was obviously asking: “Which one?”

Han Li glanced over the three ramps and quickly stopped on the ground in the middle of the passage.

Although extremely vague, here you can see a few footprints that lead to the depths.

The two passages next to it are clean and there are no traces of people passing by.

“Go on both sides. The passage in the middle is where the group of people walked before. There are good things, and they must be taken away by those people. It may be a bit of a gain on both sides.” Han Li said, sinking.

Stone pierced the air and thought about it, there was no objection.

The two were slightly negotiable and stepped into the passage on the right.

The passage is quite spacious, enough for four or five people to walk side by side. As you go deeper, the area of ​​the passage is faint.

The white white light shines through the passage stone, and the light is brighter than at the beginning.

As a result, the two did not go far, and a sharp whistle suddenly came from the front.

Han Li and the stone piercing face changed slightly and immediately stopped.

Waiting for two people to sit in What, front white flashes, a white clothed man, such as electric fuzzing, holding a white light sword, now turned into a cold light, straight to the front of Han Li chest stabbed.

The sword was lightning fast, and Han Li was shocked. He hurriedly made a mistake and evaded the past.

At the same time, his white light flashes, already with the handle of the white scimitar, turned into a thunder-like blade light, in the moment of the staggered two people, kneeling on the white clothed man’s chest.

A strange scene appeared!

The blade light penetrated through the white clothed man, as if he was in the air, and there was no sense of force.

Han Li sees this scene, and can’t help but lightly exclaimed.

The white clothed man did not change his body shape, and he rushed to the stone behind him. The light sword in his hand was turned into a cold light and stabbed his chest.

Stone wear is first startled, but the reaction is not slow, the body rushed to the side of the flashes, can not escape this sword.

The white clothed man was extremely fast, and the force of the strain seemed to be a little worse. After the attack of Han Li and the defeat of the two men, they rushed forward a certain distance, which stopped the figure.

But he immediately turned around and rushed toward the duo again.

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