“Third Prince, if you want to know, why not explore it yourself? But don’t blame me for not reminding me that it is safe to have no Devil Territory in the scales, it is very possible to stay in the first place, First Prince is not What about the car?” Han Li said with a slap in the face.

“The stone hurricane is really dead, but unfortunately.” Stone broke frowned, said solemnly.

The two people around him are hearing this and the expression is a change.

Han Li stands still, looks at the stone, and no longer speaks.

“Fellow Daoist, in fact, there is no such thing as a deep hatred between you and me. I am more eye-catching to you. Now that the situation in the sanctuary is still unclear, I believe that the Fellow Daoist is a smart person. Can’t you see that I have a bigger win with the 13th brother?” Stone broke his eyes and said.

“How about your Devil Territory, this Li doesn’t care. As long as you don’t interfere with High Priest’s rescue of Weeping Soul, I can’t care about the previous stormspace. After this, I will leave Devil Territory. Don’t mix up with your family’s bad things. How did Third Prince think?” Han Li asked, picking his brow.

“Fullow Daoist, I don’t even say that I am embarrassing you, all the things happening in the scales, you can not tell me, just the news of the thirteen brothers, but also trouble you to give a message, whether he is dead or alive, Is there a return to the sanctuary?” asked the stone in the empty expression.

“The words of this Li have been made very clear, you don’t have to take a chance, I don’t know what to do.” Han Li’s face suddenly turned cold, cold voice said.

In a word, Han Li’s figure suddenly became blurred and disappeared into place.

In the next moment, his silhouette suddenly appeared in front of a temple on the left side of the behind great hall.

I saw it lifted up in a casually, and went to the ground.

A loud bang of “hong”!

At the foot of the black stone paved plaza, suddenly a fierce violent wave, the smoke from the underground impact, fan-shaped expansion to the front, the ground black slate as the tide ordinary layer of upwelling, the inch burst.

A wolverine silhouette, then flew out of the rolling smoke, his face full of blood, and his body covered with mud land moving away in the distance.

Han Li is only a foot, if it is not afraid of hurting to behind great hall, only the upper five points strength, this person will never escape the possibility, just like the collapse of the slate, sleep underground.

The silhouette is small and thin, and the body is full of black scales. The both hands have a blade-like sharp claw. At first glance, they are very good at sneak sneak. After looking at the number of feetand feet, the body hands will explore again. Drilled underground.

However, in a blink of an eye, a daoist silhouette appeared in front of him, lifting his toes up and picking up his blade-like claws and picking it up in the air.

Then, the man only felt that his throat was tight and he was caught by a big iron-like hand.

“The sneak skill is good, I almost gave you the door.” Han Li carried his neck, and the flashes returned to the front of the stone-breaking three, said with a cold laugh.

The man was shackled in the air, as if he had raised a chicken, and he was trembling.

Stone broke his eyes and looked at Han Li, looking at gloomy.

“Bold Human Race, let go of the staff…” The Devil Race man, who looks like Iron Pagoda ordinary, shout out loudly.

The skinny old man, who looks like a teacher, has a brow in his eyes and an anger in his eyes.

“Let’s let go?” Han Li asked with a brow and smiled.

Waiting for the other party to answer, he twisted his wrist, and the “click” broke the man’s neck.

Later, he threw away and threw the skinny Devil Race man, who was named a member, at the feet of the Iron Pagoda man.

“You are courting death ……” Iron Pagoda men’s booth eyes suddenly rounded, angry shouted.

Under shout out loudly, his body suddenly black light a big magnificence burst, Devil Qi rolled, the body shape also skyrocketed, under the nails, there was a root apex, and turned into a number of ten zhang high magic armor giant .

Magic armor The giant raised his hand, the light flashes in the palm of his hand, and a black octagonal hammer that Devil Qi entangled emerged.

I saw a single hand licking a law, and there was a circle of red light rays appearing on the body. There was a circle of strange undulations outside the body, such as the water surface ordinal spread to all directions.

The area under the foot of Han Li was covered with light lines, and immediately I felt that my legs were sluggish, which seemed to be as heavy as lead.

The magic armor giant stepped out in one step, and the earth shook in the ground. The black stone floor with more than 100 feet at the foot was cracked, and there were countless flying stones.

With a big hand, the huge octagonal giant hammer on the rune rays of light masterpiece, moved towards Han Li head down.

Han Li’s top Void is like a tear, and the whole curls together. The layers are pressed down, not only wrapped in the force, but also all the space is blocked.

The magic armor flashed a slap in the eyes of the giant, and the heart of the subordinate family was regarded as a dead person.

However, just as his conscious effort was at his fingertips, his gaze suddenly blossomed, and he saw that the Human Race was as a leisurely step, and took a step toward himself.

Then, seeing his body shape slightly, the body robes have no wind and drums, and on the body surface under the clothes, there seems to be a place where white light is lit up.

“That is…” The magic armor was puzzled in the heart, but the movements on his hands did not stop.

“Not good, retreat!” At this moment, the skinny old man was suddenly changed in expression and shouted.

It’s too late, but it’s too late.

I saw that Han Li’s slightly flexed body suddenly straightened, and Heavenly Demon’s prisoner’s work started. The peng peng on the arm was loud, and the Force of Stars in the profound aperture burst into a huge shape outside his arm. The white boxing shadow suddenly slammed up.

“hong long” screams!

The octagonal giant hammer of Devil Qi was severely hit, and it broke directly from the joint of the head shank. The huge hammer head flew away, like a meteor plundering, and an arc in the night sky, I don’t know. Where did you fall?

There was still a huge force on the hammer hammer handle, which directly entangled the arm of the magic armor giant, like a noose ordinary climber, and went straight to his shoulder bag.

“peng peng peng ……”

A series of buzzing sounds continued to sound, and the armor on the arm of the giant armor, together with the flesh and blood, was twisted into pieces by the giant force, and even the barely white bone, which was barely exposed, was twisted and deformed, almost twisted. It became a twist.

At this time, the azure robe old man suddenly shape flashes, came to the shoulder of the magic armor giant, raised a palm and moved towards his shoulder and patted it.

I saw the green light on the palm of my hand. It seems that there is not much power outside, and the power contained in it is very amazing.

Magic armor The giant’s shoulders were thunderous, and the green light slammed from his shoulders and slammed into the air with Han Li’s, bursting open and blasting the arm of the giant armor giant into powder.

However, it is precisely these two forces under the violent impact, Han Li’s temperament is completely tempered, otherwise let the force continue to move upwards, but the twisted one is not known to be the entire arm of the magic armor giant.

“many thanks 曲老…” The magic armor giant Devil Qi shrinks, and the silhouette is also quickly restored to its original state, and it is respectful.

Although its expression is a bit miserable, no matter how severe the pain in the shoulder, it never makes a half-voice.

“This person’s fatigue strength is almost completely offset by me, but there is still some residue in your wounds. Before this power completely disappears, don’t try to regenerate flesh and blood, or you will endless troubles.” The skinny old man falls in front of him, warned repeatedly.

Han Li saw the situation, he received his palm and held his hand, and he did not continue to pursue it.

“Fullow Daoist has twice injured and hurts people. It is too much to put our night city in the eye?” Stone broke up and sneered, said.

“I left them two lives, and Third Prince should be grateful.” Han Li said with a smile.

“It seems that Fullow Daoist has gained a lot in the scales of the air. Now that she has the confidence to scream with our entire Saint Race?” The more serious the expression of the stone, the more scornful, squinting fingers, slowly said.

“Third Prince doesn’t have to use Devil Race to scare me. This Li is also unintentional with Devil Race, but if Third Prince wants to force this Li today, I don’t mind playing in this night city. I know that as In the night city of the capital, naturally, the senior expert of Beyond Heaven is in the town. For example, the old man in front of him is not ordinary.” Han Li said, licking the skinny old man.

The latter’s eyes are like stars, and the eyes are on Han Li. The more invented, the momentum has also climbed to the apex, the momentum of the whole human has changed, not the appearance of harmless to human and animals.

“But what about that? As long as this Li wants to say the fish dies or the net splits, even if he can’t destroy the half-night city, it also destroys the Half-Imperial Imperial City. By the time, Third Prince is the Lord. I am afraid that it is hard to blame the people of politics. What’s more, when the first Prince was in charge, what kind of Haiqing River was, how many years later, Third Prince ruined the Imperial City, and it was better and worse. So, hehe… I don’t need to say more.” Han Li smiled indifferently and continued.

When the stone breaks this, the expression remains unchanged, but the heart is indulged.

For what Han Li said, he already thought that even after the completion of the outcome, it would be that the father was angry and removed his position as a ruling party. Shi Jingzhen would definitely rise up.

In this way, he worked hard to get rid of the hurricane, but he was just making a wedding dress for others.

All of him hesitated, just because he still has one thing that is still unclear. Is that Han Li really capable of destroying the Half City Imperial City?

“This person has a great skill, it is far more than me. It may not be difficult to defeat it, but it is very difficult to kill it. He said that destroying the half-seat Sacred Palace Imperial City is not a false statement…” At this time, his voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

After the silence of the stone, I suddenly showed a said with a smile:

“originally want to slap Fellow Daoist to his majesty, to create a brilliant foundation, now it seems that I am wishful thinking. Since Li Fellow Daoist must insist, I am not good enough, but this is a matter, and I hope that Fellow Daoist will abide by the agreement. , leave the sanctuary immediately.”

“This is natural, but it is only time to borrow the cross-border distribution of great formations in the nobility.” Han Li said with a smile.

“Tomorrow’s morning, Li Fellow Daoist comes to Sacred Palace, I will send you away.” Stone breaks naturally hope, as soon as possible to send Han Li this god is wonderful, agreed.

“That thank you for your trouble Third Prince… There is nothing wrong with this, please come back.” Han Li smiled, just like Master ordinary, and ordered the order.

The stone was empty and stiff, biting his teeth, carrying a few people, and turned away.

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