“It’s really hard…”

Han Li looked at the disappearance of the visible visible light, and the brow frowned.

Although there is no What Spiritual Wisdom in front of this thing, but the real strength of the body does not lose the real Supreme Unity Jade Immortal, only the one-off sacrifice Thunder Technique can beat it all over the body, but it is not enough to kill it.

At the moment, you can’t allow yourself to spend a lot of time.

Just as Han Li wondered if he would use the Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword, which was the longest-bred in the Profound Heaven bottle gourd, or called the flaming fire bird to burn it, his devil light suddenly sounded in his heart lake. the sound of:

“Fellow Daoist Han, although this thing is a haze ghost, but the cultivation base Realm is not low, for a certain kind of resistance to Lei Fayan fire, you have to collect it to spend a skill, it is better to give it to how do I?”

“Do you have a way to kill this?” asked Han Li.

“This thing is that the ghost can not be dissolved into the body, and it is made of baleful aura condense. I happen to know the key points of the dead, and there is a prescription to deal with it. As long as Fellow Daoist Han nods, I can kill it in a few moments.” Light responded.

Han Li hearing this, after thinking for a while, the right index finger and the middle finger shine brightly, and a flower pattern emerges from it.

In the void on his side, a silver light door about 3.33m high was supported.

At the same time, Han Li had a left-handed move, and the real-life treasure wheel immediately slid and slid, and flew into his sleeve under the sharp shrinkage, disappearing.

Without the help of Law of Time, the Taiji corpse immediately resumed its action, but still maintained an original dive posture and headed straight to Han Li forehead.

The sound of “嗖” sounded softly.

I saw a black figure coming out of the flashes of the silver light door. Under a vagueness, it came to the front of the Taiyi corpse, and the palm of his hand, a baleful aura condense, came out and the palm of the hand was dark red. The light pattern directly penetrates the position where the corpse charm meets the chest and abdomen.

The black silhouette is not someone else, it is the devil light that has been integrated into the body of the gray fairy.

At the moment, on the palm of his piercing body, he was clutching a piece of black meat with a fist size.

The meat is shaped like a heart, but there are seven baboons. Among them, the baleful aura is full of enthusiasm, and it seems to be beating and breathing.

“The real dead point and the key point of the corpse is not in dantian, not in the head, not in the heart, but in this thing called ‘abortion’, he relies on this thing to gather baeful aura to become a enchantment. But also Therefore, the key here is to prevent the sword and the sword, but can’t stop the baleful aura attack.” Devil light slowly pulled back and explained to Han Li.

The voice just fell, the corpse charm corpse is like a quicksand ordinary, turned into a myriad of purple and black particles scattered in one place, and then smashed into a piece of black smoke, dissipated.

“Fellow Daoist Han, this abortion…” devil light looks at Han Li, revealing some color of inquiry.

“Since it is the corpse of devil light Fellow Daoist, this abortion is naturally owned by devil light Fellow Daoist.” Han Li nodded and said.

“That’s a thank you.” Devil light thanked a sentence, raised his hand and grabbed the tire to crush it.

I saw the purple light flowing inside, revealing a round bead crystal of the size of a dragon eye. Before Han Li looked at it clearly, he was thrown into the mouth.

“Fellow Daoist Han, if there is nothing else, I will go back and continue to practice retreat,” devil light said.

“thank you for your trouble.” Han Li nodded.

Devil light hearing this, then turned and walked into the silver light door, returned to the Praying Mat in the main building, sat down on the knees.

Han Li’s fingers were slightly bent, and the silver light door gradually converges and disappears.

Seeing that the devil light silhouette disappeared, Han Li’s eyes slowly subsided, and he took a medicinal dress under his hand and stopped at the place for a while before continuing to walk deep into the palace.

In front of the stairs leading to the three-story palace, Han Li did not hurry upstairs, but let go of Spiritual Sense and swept toward the entrance.

The burly man who had previously had a wide sword on the door and the sword was entering the second passage. The entertainer should also be the palace. But he did not meet this person, but he did not even find the person left behind. The traces are really weird.

Didn’t he enter here?

After a few moments of viewing, Han Li did not find any eccentricities before he continued to pick up the stairs.

Entering from the entrance of the third floor, Han Li looked at an old screen not far from the front. The picture of the landscape drawn on it was so fading that it could not see the original appearance, leaving only a rough outline.

On the broken canvas, there are criss-crossing mouths everywhere, and even the shallow and shallow sword marks and cracks on the shelves can stand still, which is a miracle.

After Han Li stepped forward, the brow inadvertently provoked it.

His pace stopped slightly, and he looked back as usual, and he continued to go inside.

When he came to the screen, he saw through the mouth of the screen that there were several shelves in the hall, with a variety of flowers and birds, and some black and blue books. It seemed to be A study.

However, when he bypassed the screen, he discovered that there were nearly a hundred such ancient shelves, but most of them had been completely destroyed. He saw only a few of them through the screen.

Han Li walked slowly from the collapsed Bogu frame and picked up one of the complete blue ancient books. He found that the cover of the book was written in the ancient Chinese font with the words “Jin Shi Lu”.

After he opened it again, he discovered that the book was actually just a book on the study of the Golden Stone Collection. It was not a What cultivation method cheat.

After that, he picked up a few books in succession and found that they were all ordinary books of various categories.

“It seems that this should be someone’s place to live. It seems to be a fun and interesting person.” Han Li muttered and continued to walk inward.

After passing through a heavy palace gate, Han Li came to the deepest part of the Third Layer Palace.

As soon as he crossed the palace gate, Han Li immediately fell into a enchantment and immediately felt a strong Law of Time coming in from the front.

His eyes glanced and looked inward. He saw the water in the middle of the main hall. There was a blue pool of the size of the two thirty feet. It was sparkling and looked very transparent.

Han Li’s heart is tight, and the words “time water” appear in the mind.

The power of Law of Time is so rich?

Is the blue water in the Small pool the water of the time?

Han Li thought, and after the Spiritual Sense looked carefully in the blue pool for a while, the brow couldn’t help but wrinkle. He found that there was a strong life-force in the pool except for the Law of Time. Aura.

He walked a few steps to the front and looked into the pool. Only then did he find that there was a body suspended in the place where his sight was blocked.

“Is it actually him?” Han Li couldn’t help but be surprised to see the body.

The body is only five feet long, and the body looks so thin and thin, but the head is very big, giving a very unbalanced feeling, it seems to be ready to be planted into the underwater ordinary.

However, it did not look unsteady, but it was so calm and lying on the water, the bone eyes were slightly stunned and looked like they were asleep.

This big head Doll looks like a weird interracial, and the statue that you saw at the entrance of this Shui Yan Palace is the same.

It was just that Han Li didn’t expect to meet him again in such a situation.

Big head The body of the young child is well preserved, and there seems to be no damage on the surface, but the aura of the body is completely undone. It looks like just a moment ago. It doesn’t take long to die. It is a far cry from the white bones that Han Li saw before. .

Han Li looked at the flashes, his eyes slowly moving from the face of the young child, and fell on the water beside him. I saw a blue shield with two feet square, which was engraved with complicated patterns and sparkles. Crystal light.

At a distance of three inches from the shield, there is also a blue crystal flute with a row of round holes and a stalk of seven or eight bamboo leaves hanging at one end, which looks quite delicate.

These two things look like Spiritual Qi, and there is no slight weakness due to the passage of time. On top of it, there is a strong Law of Time aura, obviously the Law of Time Immortal Tool.

For these two things, Han Li is naturally a bit hot, but he does not slam the act, but is slightly sideways, the purple light flashes in the eyes, and the line of sight is offset by a circle toward the northwest corner of the hall. Stone pillar looked away.

The former burly man named Ren Hao, who was behind the broadsword, did not know what made the Magical Treasure, and merged his body shape with the entire water blue stone pillar. The aura was almost completely obscured.

Han Li’s Divine Technique Fifth Layer has made a difference. The Spiritual Sense sensor is more sensitive than before. So when you stepped on the third floor of the palace, you have already noticed the aura fluctuation of Renhao, but you can’t determine where.

At the same time, he also knew that the other party had also discovered his own trace. In order not to stun the snake, he had been pretending to have nothing to look at, and searched the entire three-story palace in a big way.

At this moment, Han Li’s brow suddenly picked up, and his body suddenly became blurred, and disappeared from the place.

After the moment, his silhouette landed on a beam above the palace, and Aura was stunned, and even the Spiritual Sense fluctuated, as if suddenly the humans evaporated the ordinary.

Not long after he hid his body shape, there was a bright red silhouette at the stairway of the three-story hall, which was Feng Qingyuan.

I saw that his face was white, his look was a little nervous, and he walked slowly toward this side.

As he walked through the collapsed shelves, he also looked at the scattered books in the same place as Han Li ordinary. After discovering that it was not the What Immortal Family cheats, he threw them aside.

Then, the nervous look on his face eased slightly, but the speed of progress was slower.

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