Han Li’s eyes flashed, and there was a word in the mouth, and then a one-handed sleeve robe.

Three cyan giant swords immediately fired out, showing a zigzag shape to the blue mermaid, the golden lightning ray of the blade, and a large golden glow.

The blue mermaid faced a three-person thunder-like joint attack, and the face became more and more stunned. The blue wand in his hand slammed a slam, and the sound of the blue scorpion appeared in the shadow of his body. Condensed into a thick layer of light barrier, and the three-person attack collided.

Han Li and other three people this act, whether they really make their own full strength is still unknown, but the offensive is like a storm, ordinary, one wave after another, even the Eastern Stage cultivator of the ordinary may not be able to resist.

“Holly” a series of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering’s roaring sound came!

Although the blue shadows seem to be indestructible, they are still being crushed, and the light barrier quickly becomes thin and quickly collapses.

The staff in the hands of the blue mermaid also shattered by flashes, but immediately after the blue light flashes in the other hand, there was an equally quaint blue fishing rod with a thin blue fish line hanging on it. .

The mermaid squid squid, the fish line immediately flew up, and it quickly jumped in its body.

Where the line of fish passes, the blue sky and waves burst into the sky, and the space is also distorted, forming a blue vortex that rotates rapidly.

Three-handed Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword 斩 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 那些 A A A A A A A A A A

The vortex just shivered and immediately returned to its original state.

Han Li felt that the three-handed sword seemed to be in the vast expanse of the sea, and its peaceful splitting earth shattering could be swallowed up by the endless sea water and then completely resolved.

At about the same time, the blue giant sword that Ren Hao sacrificed also fell on these blue vortex with the momentum of the scorpion, and was immediately blocked. All the sword light powers were swallowed up, no A little effect.

On the other hand, the black light column shot in the black giant door, although blocked by the blue vortex, but the maple forest, this woman seems to have already anticipated this matter, the two hands quickly smashed the law.

With the sound of “嗡”, the surface of the black giant door surfaced with a silvery pattern, and numerous silver runes sprang from it, blending into the black light column.

The black light column immediately became a semi-transparent state.

“噗嗤” whispered!

Although it was a little difficult, the black light column still penetrated the blue vortex, and it drowned the body of the blue mermaid.

Enclosed by the black light column, the blue mermaid has a painful color, and it seems that the action has been hindered.

Fenglin’s hands jerked, the black light column shook, and then a “squeaky” sound, a huge silhouette of Devil Qi lingered from the light column.

The devilish creature ferocious-looking is about ten feet tall. The full head has two blood red bent horns in the blood, and the hands and feet are covered with scales. The hand holds a black steel fork and the black glow is swallowed.

Although his body shape is not very large, but the body exudes the fierce aura of Huge, instantly filled the entire hall, and the mouth is even more embarrassing sneer, let Han Li and Ren Hao also smell the heart.

“This is one of our thirteen kings of Heavenly Devil, one of the thirteen devils! Fellow Daoist Han. Beware, the king and the extravagant Heavenly Devil are different from Hearth’s Demon Illusion Technique. It can directly hurt people, it is very difficult to deal with! The sound of devil light rang in the heart of Han Li, full of shock.

Han Li heard this and his heart glimpsed.

“go with!”

Fenglin has a low roaring sound.

The black light of the steel fork in the hand of the king of the king was put on the blue fisherman who was still in a state of delay.

“砰” is a muffled sound!

The blue mermaid suddenly burst open and turned into a blue mist.

Feng Lin saw this scene, his face was a joy, and his hands changed.

A black qi separates from the black light column, like a black big hand, and the two treasures in the pool.

Ren Hao sees this scene, his face is in a hurry, but those blue vortex have not disappeared, he can only look at everything at all.

Han Li saw this scene, after the light flashes, did not move.

Seeing that the two treasures are going to be in the black qi volume, at this moment, the change is sudden!

The blue mist of the group of blue fish people suddenly condensed, and once again flashes into the silhouette of the blue mermaid, it seems that there is nothing at all.

The mermaid’s mouth slammed, and the blue fishing rod in his hand waved, and a blue shadow flashed.

The sound of “砰”, the black light burst open.

“How is it possible!” Feng Lin saw this scene, his eyes showing an unbelievable look.

This “door of the door” is the refinement method of an ancient Immortal Tool that she had in a ruins from Devil Territory in the early years. It took countless thoughts to refine the life of the Immortal Tool.

For this Immortal Tool, Fenglin almost spent all his savings in the first half of his life, but the treasure of this treasure did not make her regret.

The devil light alone is enough to hurt the spirit of the same cultivator, and the illusion of the singer, even the existence of the Taiyi territory can also be injured.

At the same time, the devil light and the squatting king were hit, and the blue mermaid was nothing!

At this time, the blue mermaid arm waved again, and the blue fish line flew out again, instantly intertwined into a blue fishing net, and covered the door of Fenglin.

Fenglin was shocked by a wisp of soul, and the life of the Immortal Tool was actually imprisoned. The face immediately changed color, and the hands were as fast as the wheels.

The voice of “whistling” is a masterpiece!

The black light of the door is violently trembled, trying to break free from the restraint of the blue fishing net.

But no matter how struggling, the blue fishing net became more and more tight, dragging the door of the cockroach, as if dragging a big fish, flying quickly toward the pool below.

At the same time, the blue fishing rods flew out two blue fishing lines and smashed the two blue fish lines of Han Li’s three-handed Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword and Ren Hao’s blue giant sword.

Han Li saw the might of this blue fishing line and hurriedly slammed it.

The three-handed Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword has a golden lightning ray, which is back in the air and escapes the entanglement of the blue fishing line.

On the other side, Ren Hao also hurriedly recalled the blue giant sword and escaped another blue fishing line.

The two looked at each other and saw a glimmer of shock in the other’s eyes.

The strength of this blue mermaid is so powerful, and facing the three of them, they can still get the upper hand.

Han Li’s eyes are glittering, and I wonder if I should use Law of Time. Otherwise, it would be impossible to beat this blue mermaid.

At this moment, a loud roar came, but it came from Fenglin.

I saw this female body black light, then formed a black light wave, quickly spread around, instantly forming a black spiritual domain, instantly enveloped the entire hall.

Countless black spectre flashes in the spiritual domain, and a painful scream is made in the mouth, making the head skin numb.

The black spiritual field is open, and the door of the squat seems to resonate with the ordinary light, and the black light that blooms several times. The two Devil God embossings on the top also seem to be alive and writhing, giving a loud roar.

The violent force burst out from the door of the squatting door, causing the nearby void to tremble and slammed.

Under the black spiritual domain, the blue vortex of the blue mermaid body is also faint, and seems to be suppressed by the power of the spiritual domain.

Ren Hao saw this scene, his eyes lit up, and his hands jerked in his chest.


The blue light on his body was released, and the large blue light went to the surrounding spread, and the spiritual field was opened in an instant.

Countless blue water waves roll in its spiritual realm, rumbling loudly, like a sea of ​​anger, the blue vortex rays of light of the mermaid’s body once again.

“Fullow Daoist!” Ren Hao looked at Han Li and said it was self-evident.

Han Li’s eyes flashed, but it was still two-handed, and the golden light was released in the week, and numerous golden runes were rolled in it.

With a wave of his sleeves, the golden light rune slammed and opened the time.

“this is……”

“Law of Time!”

Ren Hao and Feng Lin felt the shock of the Law of Time in the Han Li spirits.

After all, World Daoist magic is three thousand, each of which contains the mystery of World Reincarnation. It is extremely difficult to change the various changes in it. It will take a long time to use it. Law of Time, as one of the three Paragon rules, is even more mysterious. Not to mention the insight, it is difficult to speculate the sect.

Han Li, as a cultivation base and their similar gold Immortal Realm cultivator, not only cultivates Insight’s Law of Time, but also from the versatile spiritual domain, the insight of Law of Time is obviously not shallow, how is this? Don’t surprise the two?

The blue mermaid was shrouded in the time of the release of Han Li, and the blue vortex of his body slammed again and again, and it has become looming.

At this time, Han Li’s eyes flashed flashes, one-handedly slammed Sword Art, the green light flashed, and the nine-handed Azure Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword slid out of his sleeve, dripping down. Turned into a nine-handed cyan sword.

“Hey!” he waved.

At the same time, the nine-handed sword slammed into the blue vortex.

Ren Hao has already returned to this moment, and a shouts out in the mouth, and the blue giant sword suddenly flew out and burst into the blue light.

In his mouth, he quickly mourned the spell, and the blue wave Phantom in the spiritual domain swarmed toward the blue giant sword and merged into it.

The blue giant tremble trembled, and the blue light on the surface was released again. After the tremor, it suddenly disappeared. The next moment appeared in the blue vortex, and it has become a huge sword of the size of the feet, most with Han Li’s. Nine-handed cyan swords, slamming down!

Although Fenglin’s Immortal Tool was trapped, it was also a white teeth bite and a pair of sleeves.

A fist-sized black cymbal spurt out, with a black crystal on it, and a black tiger shadow emerges.

He has a word in his mind, and one-handedly presses the black stamp.

Suddenly, a terrifying tiger whistle came from above. The black tiger shadow circled around the stencil, and the big mouth slammed, and the many shadows in the spiritual field immediately rolled into the black stencil.

The black seals quickly rose and turned into small houses, bursting with a solid black glow, and slamming toward the blue vortex.

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