The face of the blue mermaid finally showed a strange look, waving blue fish, and seemed to want to do another.

But under the cover of Han Li’s time, its movements were extremely slow and unresolved, and the attack of Han Li three people had already hit those blue vortex.

Just listening to the “bang” sound loudly, the dazzling array of light of the sky, the ray of light, almost people can not open their eyes.

The blue vortex trembled fiercely, and a crack appeared on it. It spread quickly and quickly collapsed, revealing the shape of the blue mermaid behind.


In the eyes of Fenglin, Liman’s flashes, the arm immediately pressed.

Suddenly the black light of the square was once again full, and there was a burst of wind and thunder between the flashes, and once again, the blue mermaid slammed down.

Ren Hao also has a low roaring sound, one-armed and one wave.

The blue giant sword also flew down, making a terrible screaming sword and screaming at the blue mermaid.

The blue mermaid’s expressionless face finally showed a flustered, opened mouth spurting a thick blue mist, greeted the black stencil and the blue giant sword, then turned and flew toward the pool below.

At the same time, its body blue light flashed, the body of the Law of Time violently fluctuated, and the originally slow body quickly became flexible.

“Hide off!” Han Li saw the scene, his eyes slammed, and he turned his hand to the golden lock.

His opened mouth squirted a golden light, flashes and disappeared into the golden lock, the small lock suddenly golden light, turned into a dazzling golden light, under the flashes, immersed in the time the soul disappeared .

The next moment, the blue mermaid next to the gold light flashes, a golden lock emerged out of thin air.

Just listening to the sound of “咔”, the golden lock locked the blue mermaid arm.

The dazzling golden light emerged from the golden lock, and then flashed into a huge “lock” that enveloped the body of the blue mermaid.

Han Li urged the golden lock with the power of the spiritual domain. This “lock” word was several times larger than before. Not only did the blue mermaid be banned, but even the blue mist that it spewed covered most of it.

Those fogs suddenly solidified in the air, as if frozen ordinary.

The next moment, the black stencil and the blue giant sword flew down, pierced the remaining blue mist, and hit the blue mermaid.

The sound of “砰” sounded, and the body of the blue mermaid burst open immediately, turning it into a blue liquid and splashing it around.

The three-person Immortal Tool was sputtered with a lot of blue liquid, making a squeaky sound.

The black stencil, the blue giant sword, and the golden lock, the surface of the Spiritual Light flashed quickly and then blew and seemed to be greatly corroded.

Ren Hao saw this scene, heartache, and hurriedly recalled the blue giant sword to view.

At this moment, two screams of “嗖嗖” came from the side.

However, Han Li and Feng Lin ignored the damaged Immortal Tool and flew out to the blue pool.

Ren Hao saw this scene and immediately reflected the past. He screamed and looked like a battery, but his reaction was slow. Han Li and Feng Lin had already flown over the blue pool.

Feng Lin waved a black light and rolled the blue jade flute.

Han Li’s eyes flashed slightly, raising his hand to make a green light, turning it into a blue palm, grabbing the other side of the blue small shield, and earning it.

The tentacles of this object are cool, and they are soft in the hand, but with some toughness, but they are a soft shield.

There was a hint of joy in his eyes, and he was about to take it away.

At this moment, his gaze of Yu Guang suddenly saw the volatility around his body, and there was a red-red round bead out of thin air.

Han Li’s face changed, and the golden light was released.

But before the golden light was completely bloomed, the “bang” sounded loud and loud, and the red round bead suddenly burst open, turning into a round of red sun and sun, drowning his silhouette.

In the red sun and the sun, a white flame emerges, and the crazy interweaving flashes, emitting a terrible hot aura.

After a burst of humming in the vicinity, they were directly melted into holes.

Originally covered in the time of the main hall, the moment disappeared without a trace, the time flow rate in the hall, returned to normal.

A violent airflow went to the surrounding spread, forming a violent hurricane, violently spread towards the surroundings.

The hall swayed a few times, but it did not collapse.

Here, the hall does not know what kind of materials were built, and it has been ruined by several people.

A group of blue lights rolled in midair, it was the blue small shield.

Ren Hao silhouette swayed, and appeared in the blue small shield, grabbed, and his face showed a happy color.

“Ren Hao, what do you do?” Feng Lin evaded in time, not affected by the blue sun, fell on the first floor of the main hall, cold and shouted.

The black enamel and the squatting door flew back and hovered over the top of the head.

The blue fisherman was killed, and the blue light that had been shackled into the door of the plaque disappeared.

“Dry What? This is still used to say, treasure!” Ren Hao sneered, spouting a blue light wrapped in the blue small shield in his hand, and it was included in the body.

“This is the nine 湮流焱珠! It is rumored that the Taiyi cultivator can also strike the treasure that will kill. I can’t think of this thing on your body! It seems that I was a little bit stunned before.” Feng Lin’s eyes are more heavy and turn around. I saw a red sun shining in the flash, and the cold said.

Han Li was hit by this object, I am afraid it has been fierce.

“Hehe,entering this mantra door ruins treasure hunt, how can you not have the means to press the bottom of the box? I believe that Feng Fellow Daoist also has such treasure in his hands, but it is not yet time.” Ren Hao Hehe smiled.

“We have previously agreed to join hands with the blue mermaid, and each has its own talent to win the treasure. You have sneaked on the companion regardless of the faithfulness. The members of the Yipao Club are really the kind of goods!” Fenglin coldly said.

“Exploring the treasure, this is the case. With a fellow cultivator that can motivate Law of Time, it is a bit uncomfortable. Only by letting this person disappear forever, you and I can feel at ease. Are you saying no? Having said that, the man has already been recruited, and his skills are not as good as people. If his strength is higher than that of Ren, he will take away everything from me.” Ren Hao said with a smile, it does not matter.

“Yes, it’s much easier…” A coldly snorted sounded, but it came from the red sun, it was Han Li’s voice.

Ren Hao and Feng Lin heard this sound, and the face was discolored at the same time. The former was even more stunned.

I saw a figure in the red sun and slowly stepping out, it was Han Li, which was unscathed and the clothes were not damaged in the slightest.

A golden round wheel emerged from behind him, gently turning, and the circumference of the body was covered with golden ripples.

Where Han Li passed, the flames that emitted the horrible high temperatures immediately solidified and stopped there, and they returned to their original state after they passed.

“You…” Ren Hao’s stunned look at Han Li, then turned into a blue shadow, and shot away from the entrance to the main hall.

Han Li sneered, his hands squatting, and his golden light was released. He instantly opened the time and covered the scope of the circle.

The silhouette of Ren Haofei’s cockroach was immediately a meal, and it was more than ten times slower.

In the front of Ren Hao, the golden glow glows, Han Li’s silhouette emerged.

His one-sleeve robe moved, and the nine-handed blue flying sword appeared in front of him. Then the Spiritual Light was released and then condensed. It instantly condensed into a cyan sword and marched toward Ren Hao.

A loud noise!

Ren Hao’s body turned back at a faster speed and slammed into a wall on the main hall, and the whole hall shook.

Then, Ren Hao stood up and stood on his face full of fear.

At this moment, he has a set of blue battle armor. The battle armor is made up of a blue scale of copper coin size. The helmet is a Dragon Head. The legs and legs are covered with a dragon claw-like protective armor. It seems like a dragon with a blue dragon incarnation.

The blue head armor’s Dragon Head opens and closes. It seems to be breathing the ordinary, a dragon shape blue light flowing on the battle armor, emitting the huge dragon aura.

However, at this moment, a scar appeared on the shoulder of the blue battle armor, and the scales were all broken. It was obviously just a moment ago caused by a sword.

“This is the dragon phase battle armor of the Black Earth Immortal Territory!” Feng Lin saw this blue battle armor, lost the channel.

Han Li heard this and there was a hint of accident.

Since he came to the black soil Immortal Territory, he has also collected various ancient books and knowledge of the black soil Immortal Territory along the way. He also has a general understanding of the major forces of the black soil Immortal Territory.

The Temple of the Holy Dragon is a large gate of the Immortal Territory of the Black Earth. Its founding father is a high-ranking person with the blood of True Dragon. Therefore, this sect is based on the dragon and has a powerful force, which can be ranked in the top five. I can’t think of this Ren Hao as a person in the Temple of the Holy Dragon.

Moreover, Shenglong Temple is good at refining various Immortal Tool battle armors, the quality is high, and it is not inferior to the battle armor of Baishan.

When Han Li talked about Dao of Refining in Yukun House and Jingyang Reverend, he vaguely listened to the other person’s mention of the sect. This is also very appreciated.

Ren Hao’s body is very strong and can block his full strength.

“You thought you could escape your life with a battle armor!” Han Li sneered, but didn’t press it up, and there was a clear cry in the body.

In the next moment, nine different colored light clusters emerged from their bodies. After a sloppi turn, they turned into Tianlong, Zhenfeng, Thunder Roc and other True Spirit Phantom.

However, compared with before, there is a Phantom of the five-pronged gray dragon, which is the “nightmare” of the True Spirit of Qu Ling.

One of the changes in the horror of the twelfth is the nightmare True Spirit.

When Han Li first killed the scorpion, he took up his body. When he crossed the Savage Wilderness boundary, he refined the true blood of the nightmare True Spirit and integrated it into the body.

Han Li’s hands are drawn, and these True Spirit Phantom flashes are integrated into him.

His body suddenly burst into a purple gold rays of light that couldn’t be seen directly. The body suddenly rose and instantly turned into a three-headed Six Arms purple gold Devil God.

Han Li wrist trembled, and nine Law of Time crystals flew out and merged into the cyan sword.

The cyan giant sword immediately gave a “buzz” trembling, and the sword appeared a row of golden runes.

Near the heaven and earth Spiritual Qi, it turned into countless five-color spots, and it converges toward the blue giant sword like a tide, making the cyan giant sword soar.

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