“Yeah, I hope I can make a difference,” Han Li said, looking into the distance.

The Xiyang patriarch quickly brought people, nearly a thousand ancient books, and some jade slips and other things, including books, jade slip and other things seem to be rare.

There seem to be few people in the gray lizard who seem to like to read books. These books have not been preserved. Many of them are covered with dust and even many damages.

The Xiyang patriarch was quite embarrassed and apologized again and again. Han Li naturally did not care about these small things, and soon let the other party retreat.

These ancient books are very complicated, and the two are trying to understand the gray world from all aspects.

Nothing in the night.

On the second day, the gray lizard began to move forward, but made some adjustments in the direction of advancement.

Han Li has always been in the patriarch’s account, did not leave in one step, maintaining a sense of distance between the nobles, while carefully studying those ancient books.

The two seem to be two sponges ordinary, madly absorbing all the information about the gray world.

Time flies, more than three years passed in a blink of an eye.

After a long road, the Grey Lizard finally arrived at the destination, Lake Baling.

The Baling Lake is located in the central part of Prairie in June. It is large in size and has tens of thousands of miles. It is named after a special crystal stone and a wave stone.

“This is the wave of Lake!” Han Li and the stone pierced the empty account and looked at the huge lake in front.

The water in the wave lake is extremely clear, and a few scattered white birds slowly swim on the lake, bursting into the breeze, and the waves of the lake are undulating.

Han Li took a deep breath. In addition to the seemingly monotonous color of the lake, the scenery is rare and gives a feeling of openness, which looks like some of the vast lakes of Immortal Boundary.

A burst of moist aura rushed to the surface, and the spirit of the people was shocked.

On a huge flat on the south side of the lake, there is a lot of people gathering at the moment, although there is still a time since the holding of Gathering in Tamuda, but most ethnic groups have arrived.

A white cloud suddenly flew and stopped in front of the lizard.

Above the white clouds stood a few white silhouettes wearing white robes, these people are human bird heads, the bone eyes are bright, flashing the road crystal.

The white robes on them are of extraordinary quality, and they are embroidered with various patterns. They are shining and contrasting with the costumes of the grey lizards, which is ten times better.

When a tall young aura huge, it has reached the level of True Immortal.

This person has no feathers on his face, his cheeks are smooth, and the facial features are quite close to the human form, but the nose is still a little long, and the booth eyes are somewhat sunken, giving a feeling of cold and arrogance.

“You are the gray lizards?” The tall young man’s eyes swept the gray lizards and spoke, with a condescending tone.

“In the next gray lizard Xiyan, I have seen Miao Zun.” Xi Yan hurried out and went to the tall young man for a ceremony, apparently knowing this person.

“Xi Feng, who is this person?” Han Li asked a gray lizard outside the account and asked.

This person is an Integration Realm Elder of the Grey Lizard, and the patriarch of the Feng Xiuyan came to wait for this to explain the many things on Gathering for Han Li.

“The two exalted Immortal, who is called Miao Kui, is a law enforcement ambassador under the leadership of San Miao.” Evangelo Elder respectfully said.

“It turned out that the three Miao lords, it is no wonder that the show is so big.” Han Li smiled a little, did not think.


“It’s only two months from Gathering in Tamuda. It’s really early for you to come from the grey lizards. The good location on the venue has been taken up by other tribes.” The tall young man looked at Xi Yan and said faintly. .

“What, only two months? But according to past practice, Gathering should have at least a year to start?” Xi Yan chief changed his face and lost his voice.

In order not to affect the order of Tameda Gathering, the place where the various families are stationed, and the location in the trading area are all pre-defined, one-to-one correspondence.

If you are stationed, you won’t care, but the location of the trading area will have a big impact on the sale.

“The Lord of the Lord has orders, this time Gathering is held in advance, how, the order of the Lord’s adults still need to ask for your opinion?” Gaoda Youth sneered, said.

“Don’t dare, don’t dare to say anything, but also ask Miao Zun to be blame. This is some small meaning, please please accept it and give us a better position for the gray lizards.” Xi Yan chief hurriedly apologized.

Between the conversations, he stepped forward and took out a black pouch and stuffed it into the hands of a tall young man.

The tall young Spiritual Sense swept the bag, and the look was a little loose.

“Good places have been occupied by people. So, no one in Twenty’s second district will give you the gray lizards.” The tall young man took out a white jade token and threw it at Xiyan.

“Thank you for your respect.” Xi Yan looked slightly loose, took the jade token, and smiled.

The tall young man waved his hand and the white cloud group rays of light flashed and roared away.

Xiyan looks at a few people leaving, sighed in a low voice, waved with the gray lizard, went in one direction, and soon came to the designated station.

This place is not too far behind, but it is not a good place. One group after another is arranged in front, and the position of the lizard is very inconspicuous.

In the big account, Han Li and Shi through the sky looked toward the surrounding ethnic groups.

The ethnic groups here are different in form, but they let the two open their eyes.

The ethnic group that has arrived has two thirty.

Moreover, the size of these ethnic groups in the vicinity is quite large. Both the number of people and the expert within the family are above the gray lizards. Most of the ethnic groups have true Immortal Realm.

In contrast, the gray lizards are much weaker.

Han Li smiled a little and didn’t care. He turned his eyes and looked at another huge open space by the lake.

There are also a number of areas, each with a booth, filled with various items, it seems to be the place of sale and trade of all ethnic groups.

Numerous figures walked around and were very lively.

Han Li’s eyes lit up, and the stone pierced the sky and looked at it.

The team of the grey lizards suddenly stopped, and another team suddenly appeared in front and blocked the road.

“Hey, isn’t this the patriarch of Xiuyan? I haven’t seen it for more than a hundred years. How do you still have only such a person? It seems that there is no development at all. The four-sided gray lizards of Megatron were really unsuccessful. , really…tut tut.” A shrill sound sounded, and a middle-aged ugly man with scales in front of the team.

Big man cheeks are long and deep, but the nose is very flat, and the nose eyes are slender and look very ugly.

Although this person is ugly, the cultivation base has reached the true Immortal Realm. Although it is only the True Immortal Early Stage, it is stronger than the entire Grey Lizard.

“Yun Zhao, how do I have a lizard, have a What relationship with you, and let the road go!” Xi Yan face ugly, cold voice.

“Hehe, how can you say it doesn’t matter, when you and my booth race are good competitors, you guys like this, it really makes me embarrassed.” Middle-aged big man is full of ridicule, does not mean to open.

Xi Yan’s face is blue, but it’s not a word.

The nearby ethnic groups saw the situation here, and they all looked over. No one came forward to discourage them. Instead, they mostly looked at the excitement and rejoice in other people’s misfortunes.

“Xi Feng, who is this person?” Han Li asked slowly in the big account.

“禀Exalted Immortal, the man is the python patriarch Yun Zhan, the python family and our ash lizard had some battles because of a mineral, and they had a feud. This person must report every time, Tamuta Gathering will Come over and find 茬.” Xifeng face is also extremely ugly, said.

“Just rely on the strength of your grey lizards, and dare to fight with them?” Han Li wonders.

“This…not Exalted Immortal, the ceremonial base of the yam is also the cultivation base of the real Immortal Realm, and there are two Great Ascension Elders in the Grey Lizard, just a few hundred years ago, my family was subjected to an extremely powerful real Immortal Realm. The gray beast attacked, the two Great Ascension Elder die, the patriarch also suffered serious injuries. Although the rescue came over, the strength was greatly damaged and fell to the Great Ascension Stage. Otherwise, the gray lizards will fall into the present situation.” Xifeng is red. Face, argue.

“Oh, this way.” Han Li nodded slightly.

When Han Li spoke to Xifeng, the python patriarch was still in front and did not let it go.

“Yuan Zhao, I am too lazy to make a squabble with you today. Thameda Gathering is hosted by the Three Miao Lord. You deliberately block here, not letting my family enter the game, is it not to take the order of the three Miao lords? Xi Yan took a deep breath and said slowly.

“The elders of the Xiuyan made this statement, and they dared to violate the life of the three Miao lords. But they met the acquaintances and came over to say hello. Why did the Xiyang patriarch refuse to be a thousand miles away? Could it be that the trifling is under?” Yun Zhao heard the name of the three seed lords, and the face was slightly condensed, then he laughed.

Nearby people who watched the lively crowd also heard a lot of laughter and pointed at the gray lizards.

“You…” Xi Yan looked shameful.

The gray lizards are all ugly.

Han Li saw this scene and his face sank.

In the big account, Xifeng’s face was blue and green, and the whole body was trembled. He turned and turned to Han Li and gave a big gift: “Exalted Immortal, this python is deceiving too much, you might or not act…”

Han Li glanced at Xifeng and turned and walked inside.

Xifeng’s face suddenly became pale. If Han Li didn’t care about it, then the gray lizard could really lose face today.

“Xi Yan, I will arrange things all the time. I have no time to spend time with you and some ridiculous people.” Han Li sat down in the account and said.

Although his voice is not big, he reverberates around like a thunder, attracting everyone’s attention.

Everyone in the neighborhood heard this, and some people with great knowledge gathered up the ridicule.

Yun Zhao’s brow is also a wrinkle.

Xi Yan heard the voice of Han Li reprimanded, and he was overjoyed. He turned and walked toward the big account. He said, “Yes! Exalted Immortal.”

“Cloud call, let the road go, I have something to do, no time to fight with you here.” Xi Yan turned to look at Yun Zhao, coldly said, in the momentum and attitude and before the two.

“Oh, some people will immediately strengthen themselves when they support them. It’s a very good dog. You really invited someone, so let’s call it out, let’s have a look at it, how many pounds are there!” Yun Zhao’s eyes flashed Moved, and soon the face was sneer again, looking to the big account.

Some people with flexible minds in the vicinity heard this and couldn’t help but sneak in the clouds and shamelessly, and even wanted to drag everyone down.

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