Not long after the cloud call voice fell, a faint voice came out of the gray lizard account:

“If you don’t want to die, just let the road go.”

The voice is not big, and without a trace of emotion, full of unquestionable tone, so that the originally awkward scene suddenly disappeared, everyone’s eyes were first attracted by the big account, and then they fell on Yun Zhao. .

Yun Zhao’s pupils shrank, his eyes fixed on the direction of the gray lizard’s big account, but his face did not show any thoughts. I don’t know what to think.

The atmosphere in the neighborhood became a little dignified at a time.

“Your Excellency is really a big tone, but what is the meaning of the hidden head? What is the ability to show up.” Yun Zhaowei silently, or sneer a sneak.

As a result, his voice did not fall, a gray light immediately flew out from the big account, and instantly crossed the sky, appeared in front of the cloud, and turned into a gray sword light.

The color of the cloud call changed dramatically, and the black light was released. The black light was suddenly attached to the body, and it was attached to the body.

There are countless twisted faces in the black flame, making a scream of screams.

But at this moment, the gray sword light is impolite under the arm, while a vague, turned into nine identical word light, from all sides.

When the black flame hits the sword light, it immediately collapses and does not work at all.

“Ah!” Yun Zhao Dawei, opened mouth spit, black light flashes in the mouth.

But before he squirted What, nine words of light have pierced his body.

There was a scream in the mouth of Yun Zhao, and there were already nine large holes dripping from the blood drip. The man had already turned over and fell to the ground.

Nine swords light flashes, disappeared from the air, it seems that there has never been an ordinary.

The whole scene is dead!

The crowds around were stunned, and Zhang Dazuo looked at the scene, and some of them didn’t respond.

After all, in their minds, the true Immortal Realm Early Stage cloud call is extremely powerful, it is a real immortal, but the result is one person, it is knocked down, and even the power to fight back, the act of the person is strong To what extent?

They can’t imagine, don’t dare to think about it.

The shock of these people at the moment can be imagined.

Now everyone looks at the eyes of the gray lizards, and it suddenly changes.

The grey lizards, including the patriarch Xiyan, were shocked and happy after a short embarrassment. Looking at the cloud call to the ground, there was a feeling of exuberance.

“Xiyan, don’t delay, hurry up.” A cold voice came out again from the big account.

“Yes!” Yu Yan was overjoyed, and hurriedly promised a big hand.

The gray lizards are reddish at the moment, full of excitement, and the team continues to move forward.

The pythons in front of them rushed out, and the two Great Ascension Stage Elders set up a cloud call on the ground and hid.

Some of the other nearby ethnic groups, Immortal Realm, also looked at the big account, and their faces were awe-inspiring.

Just a moment ago The sword is fast and thunderous, and the might is even more awesome. They are hard to pick up.

“What people dare to make troubles here!” At this moment, a roar of thunder and thunder, white light flashes in the air, several figures appear out of thin air, it is the people of the previous three Miao lords, the roaring person is That Miao Kui.

But Miao Kui is next to him, and at the moment there is a girl wearing a white robe.

This female head wears a five-bright Phoenix crown. The facial features are almost the same as the Human Race ordinary. There is no such thing as an interracial feature. It is also a rare beauty in the Human Race, but its expression is extremely dull and gives people an inaccessible Sense.

Xi Yan saw several people appear, and his face changed immediately.

In order to maintain the order of Gathering of Talmuda, Gathering has regulations that prohibit private fights.

However, all the ethnic groups on Prairie in June are bloody and aggressive, and there are still some disputes, but as long as there is no human life, the people of the three seed lords will basically close one eye, but now it appears.

“Miao Zun, this fact is due to the fact that…” Xi Yan rushed to go up.

“Yu Yan, you gray lizard just a moment ago came here, immediately provoked the wrong, do not want to participate in the Tameda Gathering!” Miao Kui coldly interrupted the words of Xi Yan.

“Don’t dare…” Xi Yan hurried to bow.

“Then hand over the fight people.” Miao Kui snorted, his eyes looked at the big lizard’s big account.

“This…” Xi Yan’s face was hesitant, and the most worrying scene in his heart still happened.

Miao Kui’s eyebrows have been raised and are about to attack.

“The person who fights is me, Your Excellency can come to me, but you want to catch people, but also look at your ability.” At this moment, a voice came out of the big account.

White robe The girl looked at the big account where Han Li was, and frowned.

Miao Kui’s booth eyes are like electricity, and when they are in shape, they have to fight.

“It’s a little thing, you don’t have to make a big move. You bring the patriarch to cloud and heal it. I will hand it over to me.” The white robe girl raised her hand and stopped Miao Kui, faintly said.

This female voice is like a yellow scorpion out of the valley, can not tell the sound, but also gives a sense of calm and tranquility.

Surrounded by the murderous aura, as the female opening quickly began to subside.


Miao Kui seems to be quite awed by the white girl. Although she seems to be reluctant, she nodded her head and agreed to fall down on the ground. She will soon take the cloud and fly away.

“Little female Miao embroidery, Your Excellency Divine Ability is amazing, I don’t know where the high-ranking person is, can you see your face.” The white robe girl looked at Han Li’s big account, said slightly.

“No, there is only one passer-by in the next place. It will come to see Tameda Gathering. I will leave soon. You and I are still not good.” The account was slightly silent for a moment, and a cold voice came out.

The crowd in the vicinity heard this, and the face was surprised, buzz talked.

In the June Prairie, the three seed lords were heaven, and some people dared to refuse face to face unless they were impatient.

“Your Excellency If you don’t want to show up, the small female will not be reluctant. But Thameda Gathering is my prosperous June Prairie, Your Excellency also wants to converge, my three Miao collar’s magnanimity has its limits, please also Your Excellency is self-respecting.” The white robe girl is still dull as water, not happy, and turns into a white light and flies away.

With the departure of Miao embroidery, a group of people watching the neighborhood are also scattered, but they look at the gray lizard’s gaze, which is completely different from the previous one.

Until now, Xi Yan took a heart and slowly let it go, and immediately proceeded with the gray lizard.

In the big account, Han Li looks the same, but his heart is slightly loose.

With the strength of the two men and the stone, even though they are not afraid of the three seed lords, they even want to escape, and no one can stop them, but their purpose is to stay for another purpose, and it is better to be able to avoid conflict.

The gray lizard soon came to the designated place and began to camp.

After a short time, Xi Yan came to Han Li’s account, and a grateful color was a big gift. He said solemnly: “Thank you for the Exalted Immortal act. Helping me to get rid of the gray lizards, Da Ren great kindness, I The Grey Lizard is unforgettable. Exalted Immortal has any past, I am going to go through water and tread on fire.

Xifeng in the account is also grateful to worship.

“Yuyan patriarch is polite, get up,” Han Li said.

Xi Yan thanked him again, and he stood up.

The gray lizard was oppressed many times. Today, I always figured out a bad smell, and the morale of the entire tribe increased greatly.

Yunzhao has consistently bullied and feared hardships. Today’s creations are so heavy. In the future, they will not dare to bully the grey lizards any more. The days of the grey lizards will be much better.

“Two Exalted Immortal come to this Talmuda Gathering, can have anything to do? I am willing to do it.” Xi Yan said diligently.

“We’re just here to see you, don’t use them, go on.” Han Li waved his hand.

“Yes.” Xi Yan did not dare to violate, and quickly retreated.

As soon as they left, Han Li immediately rolled over and took out a black robes and put them on, and took out a bucket-like magical tool to put them on, and covered them all over the body.

The stone piercing also changed slightly, concealing the figure.

The short clash of just a moment ago is just an episode. The main purpose of the two is to collect intelligence from the gray world through the Gathering of Tamuda. It is better to show up in the form of Human Race, or to hide it.

There are also many concealing transvestites in the trading area that will not look awkward.

The two looked at each other and the silhouette was slightly swayed. It turned into two shadows that disappeared into the ground and disappeared. The next moment appeared near the trading area.

Just a moment ago Looking from a distance, it is not very real. The trading area is very large. The area is dozens of miles in size and is divided into areas. There are many “back” shaped paths.

Most of the things on the stalls are a variety of minerals, gray beast materials, spirit grass and so on.

Countless people are surging and picking what they need.

“This Gathering is really lively.” Han Li looks at the scene in front of him, with a smile on his face.

Stone wears empty look at everything in front of me, and both eyes also reveal a strange excitement.

“This place is very big, you and I will separate actions and collect intelligence separately, which is more efficient.” Han Li sound transmission.

“Alright.” Stone nodded and nodded, turned and walked in one direction.

Han Li walked around the trading floor and looked at the stalls next to him, and soon stopped in front of a large stall.

The quality of the various items on this booth is excellent. There are three big mans standing behind the booth. Everyone is two feet tall and full of pressure. It is really great. Ascension Stage cultivation base .

Han Li came along this way and studied a lot of ancient lizards’ ancient books, which have been able to identify many ethnic groups on Prairie.

These three people should be the Yinhu people. The Yinhu people are the most important people in the ranks of Prairie in June. They are far above the gray lizards. Just like the people who were blocked before, it is absolutely impossible. Occurred on this family.

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