“Your Excellency, but what do you think of here?” asked a big man with a scar on the face of a big tiger, Han Li buzz.

“I am not here to buy something, can you buy something here?” Han Li asked.

Three big man hearing this, looking at each other, slightly surprised.

“If it’s a good thing, we naturally buy it.” The big man looked up and down Han Li and said.

Han Li smiled and took a palm-sized black Jade Box and handed it over.

The big man took the Jade Box and opened a gap. The face changed immediately and the lid was immediately closed.

“Your Excellency, please come with me.” The big man made a pleasing gesture to Han Li and introduced it into a dark room behind the booth.

After Han Li’s observation, it was found that behind each of the basic group stalls, there was such a black house for private transactions.

The interior is extremely simple, with only one table and two chairs, and a rune inscribed on the walls, I don’t know what restrictions.

The two sat down face to face, face big man, this is aok a deep breath, open Jade Box again, I saw a box of dark gray crystals lying in the box, covered with countless small holes, looks like a hive.

From time to time, there is a trace of gray mist coming out from the honeycomb crystals, which looks a bit mysterious.

“The quality of your bee nest crystal is very good, it is counted as top grade, we have received it, how much gray crystal you want, or you want to use barter.” The big man looks eagerly at the depth of the box. Gray crystals, said.

“Your Excellency is really real. It seems that it is a wise choice to find you Yinhu. So, we will open the door, I want three hundred crystals.” Han Li smiled and said.

“This… three hundred are a little expensive, one hundred Sixty we have received.” The big man in the face is embarrassed, compared to three fingers.

“Two hundred and seven!” Han Li said.

“One hundred and eight is the most!” The big man shook his head.

The two men bargained and finally settled on the two hundred ash crystals.

After the big man waved his hand, he took out a storage bone ring and handed it over.

Han Li took the storage bone ring and the Spiritual Sense swept inside.

Inside is a small pile of gray crystals, each with a half fist size, which is faintly visible to see the flow of gray gas.

This material is called gray crystal, which is the currency circulating between the cultivators of the gray world. It is something similar to Immortal Boundary, but the internal implied is the power of the extremely pure Qianyuan.

The bee nest crystal was a piece of gray material obtained from the Storage Pouch of the gray fairy body.

It took some money to inquire about the information, and Han Li sold the honeycomb crystals in exchange for some gray crystals.

He turned his hand and closed the storage bone ring, and his heart was secretly delighted.

This honeycomb crystal is just one of the many precious materials of the Grey Poetry Storage Pouch. It is a very inconspicuous one. It can sell two hundred ash crystals.

Other materials are less valuable, and the value of the Storage Pouch seems to be far above his expectations.

“This Fellow Daoist, you can also have a bee nest crystal? Or other cherish materials, and it is more difficult to find other sellers, it is better to sell them to my Yinhu family, you don’t have to worry about the price, the Yinhu people have a reputation. It’s great, it won’t let you down.”” big man collects the bee nest crystal, looking forward to the at at Han Li.

“This is just something I stumbled upon, there are more.” Han Li shook his head.

Big面 big man hearing this, a flash of disappointment in the eyes.

“I don’t have anything to sell to you, but I want to buy something from your Yinhu people.” Han Li said with a slight smile.

“Oh, Your Excellency wants to buy What?” said the big man on the face again, said.

“I want to buy some ancient books from your Yinhu people,” Han Li said.

“ancient book ?What ancient book ?” big big big man 怔 怔, then the eyes of the police.

“Your Excellency rest assured, what I want is not the cultivation method Secret Technique of your Yinhu people, but the ancient books such as human geography, material illustrations, etc., preferably outside the June Prairie, even outside the black teeth. It’s the big family on the Prairie in June. The scientific book in this area should be quite a lot.” Han Li said with a smile.

Just a moment ago He walked all the way, there were only a variety of materials on the booth, and an ancient book book was not seen.

It’s no wonder that Talmuda Gathering is mainly trading various materials, who will spend their time collecting What ancient book.

Han Li wants to collect all kinds of information, only using this method.

“It turns out that you want these ancient books, but you can sell them to you, but these ancient books are also collected by my family. The price is not cheap.” big man hearing this face loose, then look deep Han Li glanced and said.

“As long as it is valuable scientific book information, it is better.” Han Li pointed his finger at the table and smiled.

“Well, Your Excellency waits a moment.” The big man stood up and turned and went out.

After half an hour, Han Li left the Yinhu booth, and the mouth corner revealed a smile.

From the Yinhu people, he got a lot of ancient books.

He just read a moment ago, many of them are outside of Prairie in June, and some are outside the black-toothed area, which is quite valuable.

Han Li didn’t stop and went on.

In a blink of an eye, most of the time has passed.

The sky was already dark, and a huge cage was hung around the trading area, which contained a white worm, emitting a bright white light, and illuminating the trading area.

As the night darkens, the trading area is more heated.

Han Li walked along the stalls and was in a good mood.

For most of the day, he found two more ethnic groups, sold some materials, and bought some books about the gray world.

The three ethnic groups selected by Han Li are all ethnic groups. They have bought a lot of materials, far better than the books of the gray lizards.

In his mind, he decided to stop buying books for the time being.

The information he bought was almost enough, and the information of the various families of Prairie was closed in June. The books and materials stored in each family were similar, and many were repeated.

And on the Gathering of Tamuda, it is quite a weird thing to buy an ancient book everywhere. If you do more, I am afraid it will attract the attention of the people.

Han Li put aside his mind and looked at the goods on both sides of the booth.

Along the way, he studied the various ancient books of the gray lizards. He already had some appraisal ability for the gray world, and his Spiritual Sense was powerful and found a lot of good things.

“Oh, this is!” He stopped in front of a booth, and there was a hint of excitement in his eyes under the cloak.

The stalls here are not very large, most of them are spiral grass, there are not many ore materials, etc. There are two first-born two horns standing behind the booth, with fish scales, which looks like a fisherman.

“This friend, but what about What?” A fisherman’s interracial enthusiasm greeted.

Han Li looked into a box at the corner of the booth, where dozens of translucent plants were placed. The leaves were thin and thin like ice crystals, and the veins were clearly distributed inside.

He is very familiar with this grass, it is the main material bitter flower of the refinement.

These extremely precious materials in the Immortal Boundary were piled up quite casually at the moment.

“How do you sell these spirit grass?” Han Li points to those bitter flowers.

“Oh, you want these ice crystal grass? Three ash crystal one.” The fisherman said casually, it seems that he has gone to the enthusiasm.

“Three gray crystals…” Han Li was speechless in his heart.

Bitter flower in the Immortal Boundary is top-grade spirit grass, which is of great value. Many times, even if there is a fairy stone, it can’t be bought. It is so cheap in the gray world.

“Ice crystal grass, seems to have heard this name…” He moved in his heart and recalled the ancient lizard ancient book he had seen in the past few days. There is a book in it that seems to mention this grass.

He thought a little bit, and some of the vague memories in his mind quickly became clear.

According to the ancient book, the grass grows in the chilly land. In the depths of June Prairie, there is a bottomless swamp, which grows a lot of ice crystal grass.

However, this ice crystal grass is of no use to the gray world, so the ancient book is only a brief description, and did not draw graphics, otherwise he has already recognized that ice crystal grass is bitter.

The effect of bitter flowers is to dispel the baleful aura, which is harmful to the gray world, no wonder so cheap.

“Is there only this?” Han Li thought of it, and his heart stunned and asked.

The two fishermen interracially heard this and their faces were surprised.

These ice crystal grass can only be used when refinment several poisons, and this kind of thing is not uncommon. Anyone who goes to the bottomless swamp can pick a lot, and some people want to buy it in large quantities.

“I am sorry, this item is not widely used. We only picked these.” Another slightly older fisherman shook his head.

“Okay, then give it to me.” Han Li did not ask again, said faintly.

He has taken the map of June Prairie from the gray liga, and understood these bitter flowers from the bottomless swamp, he can pick a batch at any time.

And the dozens of strains in front of him are enough for him to use Alchemy.

The two fishermen indifferently hurriedly wrapped these bitter flowers and handed them over.

The two sides handed over the money and delivered the goods in one hand and quickly completed the transaction.

“This friend, you can also have other spirit grass. We admire the fishes who are good at planting various kinds of spirit grass. You can look at this orchid, which is more than 10,000 years old, and these dried grasses are Just a moment ago, the medicinal properties were not lost in the slightest.” Old fishermen enthusiastically introduced other spirit grass.

Han Li saw the orchids on the ancient book of the gray lizard. The records of the dry grass are rich in bare aura, which is quite precious in the gray world.

But these things are not useful to him, he naturally will not buy.

Then Han Li shook his head and shook his head. He quickly left the booth and walked toward the front, but his eyes flashed with rays of light.

The experience of buying bitter flowers this time gave him a wake up.

The gray world and True Immortal Realm belong to two realms, and the material is not available. In the gray world, it is worthless to get True Immortal Realm.

Now that he has come to the gray world, he may wish to collect more things like bitter flowers and return to True Immortal Realm in the future.

Speaking of it, although he is not lacking Xianyuan Stone, this thing is naturally not too much. When God knows What, it will be a big need, and when it is needed, it will be somewhat passive.

It’s just that the two worlds have different names for these materials. It’s not good to follow the picture. You can only look for luck by yourself.

He recalled the dark grasses of the Immortal Boundary’s spirits or the ore. At the same time, he thought of the Spiritual Sense slightly, and carefully explored the surrounding stalls.

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